I wrote to announce the Get Blisstified workshops a few months ago. Little did I know that I would be starting on a journey that would get me on my own personal path to healing and wholeness. (I’ll get into that later in the post).

How do I describe this amazing workshop that has touched over 40 women in just two runs last September? (We were overbooked both times, by the way.) I can go on and on about how inspiring both workshops were, but I know you expect something specific and useful. So I gathered some of my thoughts after processing the workshops and have written them down here. You tell me if these are useful and informative, OK?


1. A passion project doesn’t have to be a business.

Forgive me if I’ve let it come across on this blog that your passion project should be a hobby that you should monetize; that’s not what I’ve ever meant by “following your bliss.” In the Get Blisstified workshop, we are very clear to our classmates that having a passion project means committing to achieve within a time frame, something that we feel strongly about that we should take action on. For some, it’s a business. For others, it’s an advocacy. For the handful who happened to be moms, it was to work on their parenting, or possibly raise a family/get pregnant. The point of the workshop is to infuse each person with such a great sense of possibility and purpose, that they will pursue this passion with a full heart and mind and spirit. (I believe we all felt this way after each class, wouldn’t you agree, classmates?)



2. “Wherever you are, be all there.”

This isn’t advice from the workshop, but it could have well been. This quote is famously attributed to Jim Elliot, a Christian missionary who was killed for his faith in the 1960s. He also said, “Live life to the hilt.” And these mindsets don’t just apply to missionaries, they apply to everyone. During Get Blisstified, we always tell our class participants, “You are meant to be here, because you are here now. Some people couldn’t be here, even if they signed up, so maybe they are not meant to be here, but YOU are.” And so during the workshop, everyone is fully invested in the activities, everyone is committed to beginning (and finishing) this year-long support system we have set up so that everyone can really hit the finish line for their passion projects. Being all there, wherever we are, means we embrace everything in that moment and squeeze the purpose out of it. Such an important mindset to have for anyone beginning a passion project!



3. Thinking positively isn’t about faking happiness.

One of the things people have an issue with me throughout my blog’s life (and recently, my Instagram @makeitblissful, would you believe) is that “it’s too positive. No one and nothing is ever that positive.” Yes, it’s true. Nothing and no life is ever free of all negativity and downsides and setbacks. In fact prior to launching the workshop, I experienced an onslaught of self-doubt and personal defeat. Weeks before the workshop, I was reminded of all the people I’d let down, of my “annus horribilus” last year as a blogger, and I had all these haters of the blog resurface. I felt super small and and felt like I had no reason to keep on going. So Kimi “blisstified” me for some days, over chats and over Whatsapp (can you imagine), and she brought me to a place of possibility. This quote by Jordan Belfort was my “word” for that time:


Isn’t it so true, if you believe it? I claim it for everyone who thinks they cannot start something or begin again. When you are blisstified, nothing can keep you from moving forward! Basically, you can decide to stay in your place and let things keep you down OR you can create a new outcome that you would like to achieve, create the steps towards that, work on those steps daily, and step into your new possibilities. We definitely learned how to shatter many of our limiting beliefs!



4. Community is key.

After each batch of Get Blisstified, Kimi and I created a secret Facebook support group where the entire class could meet each week. We have weekly check-ins so that we are accountable to each other for the goals we’ve set. It’s an addicting group, you always want to log in to see how everyone is, what everyone is up to and how everyone is progressing. I’m filled with joy each time I log in. I love seeing everyone working hard, or barreling through seeming obstacles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more vibrant, active and intentional group that is committed to see everyone succeed. My heart is full.



5. Documentation delights.

Each classmate in Get Blisstified documents her passion project progress in these pretty, personalized journals. We started the first page during the gathering, because it’s such a great way to concretize the personal branding aspect of this workshop. I know “personal branding” sounds very market-y, but for the workshop, personal branding was all about getting our core values and harnessing them towards a tangible expression. Everyone’s pages looked different, and were very personal to them, naturally because the colors, the photos and the styles each one chose reflects her personal values, her core beliefs. As a blogger, I’m a big believer in documentation, so having everyone do so with a journal is part of making the passion project completion deliberate and delightful. We get to share our journal pages in our secret group, yay!



We’ve only just begun our journey “getting blisstified.” I can’t describe the details of the rest of the workshop, except that everyone who attends is equipped with the ability to see their passion projects completed, right here, right now. Thanks to Kimi’s training in neuro-linguistic programming and hynpotherapy, we can all “call into the present” this state of having completed our passion projects, we “see” it already, therefore we can do the work we need to do so that we can “actualize” it, make it come into being. And we have the next 11 months to do it, together. Because together, we are a force and we can be strong when others are weak, we can be an encouragement to each other, we can cheer each other on.

So. Would you like to Get Blisstified?

Would you like to have the mindset tools, and the strategies to help make your passion project a reality?

Then reply below in the comments and let us know! We’re planning the next one and we’d LOVE for you to be there!

A thank you to our Sponsors!

We’d like to thank the special brands who sponsored goodies for our first two Get Blisstified classes!


Batch 1: Thank you Origins (@originsPH), Simple Mama (@simplemamaPH), Wishlist Studio – journals (@wishliststudio), Balay Kandila – candles (@balayKandila)

Batch 2: Thank you BC Scent Studio (@bcscentstudio) for candles, Eden Street (@edenstreet) for the fun stationery, Wishlist Studio (@wishliststudio) for more journals, 360 Fitness for 1-week all access passes, and Little Whisk for the word cookies.