Last Saturday was a bright and early day for me and ten other ladies who wanted to get their writing on. I held my second “Write Blissfully” workshop for this mix of bloggers and small business owners, where we enjoyed a whole day of real learning and straight up workin’ it!

Why a writing workshop? Because even after loads of blogging workshops, people still get stuck on the writing. It becomes a challenge for people to sit down and really get to writing a quality article that they actually want to post on their blogs. 

V-Office in One Global Place was a wonderful venue for this learning event. I usually have my blogging workshops in restaurants and cafes, but since this one is about getting some real output, I have done it in professional venues. It’s also part of the mindset that if you want to grow your blog and leverage it towards building a brand or a business, you have to treat it professionally. The fun is there, of course, because it can be really fun to have a blog! But starting strong and beginning professionally can often separate the working blogs from those that really work and create opportunities for the one behind the blog. 

(I love V-Office’s functional space and speedy wifi! Everyone was able to reference the blogs I cited as examples, while they scrutinized their own blogs. Thanks, V-Office!)

Expectations are always important when starting these workshops, so that’s what we did first. Everyone had a chance to share their purpose for being at the event, which gave me a better idea of how to go through the workshop so that everyone could get something meaningful from the lessons. I love finding out about each and everyone’s mission and purpose for their blogs. I just thrive on listening to their reasons! This is why I love blogging, because everyone can really bring something new to the table. Everyone can be a storyteller, an expert in their own right, a creator of their unique profession, a business owner.

The system that I used as the framework of our blog writing lesson is something that I use in my one-on-one writing coaching sessions. It’s very different in a group setting, because everyone works at the same time, within the same time frame, to get their output for the day. Once the system was taught, everyone had a chance to clarify the components and the methods they would each use, to come up with their blog posts.

I love how everyone just embraced the process. It wasn’t an easy system to “teach,” because what I did was I “dissected” my own writing process, put it into 4 steps, and taught it as a method
During the afternoon, everyone had around 1 1/2 hours to just write. Why the time constraints? Because if we compel ourselves to write at a specific time, within a specific time frame, we can really create a habit of writing. If you want to use blogging as a way to grow your brand and get collaborations; if you want blogging to be a key component in growing your business, then the writing can’t be something you do “when I have the time.” It’s got to be part of the business, the overall plan.

I’m happy to say that everyone accomplished a well-written blog post at the end of the session, and we were all able to share the completed posts to our group mates. As an added value, I also offered each participant a complimentary blog critique and editing session, after the workshop! So each one came out of the session with (1) a system of writing posts that makes blogging easier and even meaningful and (2) a completed blog post that they can publish on their blogs.

And here is our happy second batch! Congrats, ladies!

I would like to thank Alfox Printing Services for providing our printed materiels, modules and certificates! They are such a wonderful workshop partner, and I can’t wait to have them as future workshop collaborators. (They have a wonderful online ordering system that makes it easy for business owners to create collaterals and other printed matter!)

I’d also like to thank v-Office for the wonderful venue and services. I highly recommend their instant office facility for small businesses and startups who are looking for office solutions and secretarial services!

Thanks also to our Yashica Skincare and Neutraorganics Aromatherapy for our care packages!