I sound like a broken record when I say the word “resolution,” but I still believe in making them. I mean, what could be better than purposely setting aside the first few days of the year to actually plan for some changes, right? But most of us (myself included) give up because we have told ourselves “I’m going to get distracted” or “I’m not going to lose that much weight, so why try?” or “Resolutions are stupid, nothing ever changes.”
The key to making resolutions that actually pull through? CHOOSING. If you choose to succeed in what you set out for yourself to do, then you have already chosen to be that person, you have already chosen to be in that place or situation that you desire in your heart.

Let me explain what I mean, inspired by my “quote addiction” (!):


1. Decide.

In my first year offering my blog coaching sessions (as a “side hustle” to my regular job as a digital strategist), I remember deciding to simply “make it my full-time hustle.” I knew I wanted to create a job that I enjoyed doing, doing something that was both fulfilling and fun for me. So even if in the beginning I had to juggle the side hustle and work double the time, it was because I had decided I wanted to make this job sustainable enough for me to replace the income I was making in the company I was employed in. Eventually the hustling paid off after a year or so, when I was able to resign from employment and do my blog coaching and blog sponsorships on a full-time basis. It wasn’t without the long hours, the time and effort invested in courses and trainings to help me in the areas of branding, consulting and coaching. But that’s because I had already decided where I wanted to be. All the hours put into making the side hustle work, in the end, paid off. (And here I am still, going on five years!)

2. Commit.

Without commitment, all we have are wishes and dreams, no plans. I saw this on one of those Facebook quotes some time ago and it stuck. We can say “I’m going to do this, one day,” but if we never commit to actually doing what it takes to see the dream come true, then we will never be more than just dreamers. (And dreamers are, well, asleep.)

I was watching a viral video on Facebook about Martin Strel, a 60-something year old who holds the Guinness World Record in long distance swimming in open water. This man is a total animal who has some kind of surreal, innate power in him, I believe! He has defied all limits when it comes to swimming in open water (yes, including the most polluted bodies of water on earth). Just watch:

Water usually kills people. Not me,” Martin says, after sustaining sickness, life-threatening diseases and all sorts of bodily challenges during his torturous swims. (He has at times swum for sixty days straight!) What struck a chord with me most was when he talked about the water being his strength, particularly when he’d escape his abusive father by swimming off. (That, and getting attacked by flesh-eating fish while on a swim!) The biggest deal? It’s that each river or sea he committed to swim across or through, he’s done it.There’s a reason he’s been able to withstand the most awful conditions and limiting beliefs.

“It’s in your brain,” Martin says simply. “I am still a simple man, and I can change the world.”

Commitment to being what you want to be is what takes you one step closer each day to your goal. Like Martin! He would like to swim the Grand Canyon one day, maybe even swim across the planet. I’m sure he’ll be able to do one or both, because heck, this guy is all about dreaming and doing what it takes to meet his goal. We can have all the pretty dreams in our heads, but wouldn’t it be a whole other level to LIVE them?

3. Succeed.

I’m not yet where I want to be, even though I am doing work that I enjoy, or I have “made my passion my paycheck.” To be honest, my passion isn’t something I want a paycheck for: want to be a full-time mom. Sounds big coming from a known work-at-home mom like me, a promoter of women empowerment, right? I know I’ve often written about and talked about making things work, and they can, but I’ve dared myself to dream bigger and plan better so that I can design my life a better way. I’ve been a mother for seven years now, and to be honest, I don’t want to be a working mom my whole life. I’d like to do other things, too, and find solutions to how I can activate income streams, without trading hours for time. That’s what 2017 will be about, and I have decided to work on priming my new passive income streams. I know it is hard in the beginning, but like one of my favorite people says, “Work hard now so that you can reap the benefits later” (Pat Flynn). I’ve decided I will succeed in setting up successful passive income streams. I’ve seen what life can be when that goal is reached, and it is too good to pass up the opportunity to really design my life the way I want to, the way my family deserves.

Bottom line? Everything that will go through when we run for our goals — the hard work, the perseverance, the mistakes and failures, the progress — are chapters in our success stories. I don’t consider my becoming a full-time housewife, or an established blogger, or a small business owner a “success.” As another famous man said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” (Winston Churchill).

I hope this new year, you will CHOOSE for yourself what you would like your life to be like. That you would shift your mindset to one that says “I can and I will,” because once you have chosen, you have already decided to succeed.


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