Many people, when they think about their lives say, “I don’t really need to be so rich” or “I don’t really care about money”. Perhaps you’ve thought this? I know I have. It wasn’t until I learned a very important mindset shift from financial wealth expert T. Harv Eker that I began to see my “money blueprint” in a new way. 

What is this truth? Having money makes you more of what you are. So if you are a helpful, giver-oriented person, more money makes you more helpful, giving and able to bless others. If you are an evil person, well then, money can make you more greedy, selfish and unable to help others.

Sometimes the people who say “no thanks” to business opportunities (especially the idea of residual income) are people who think nothing of putting in more and more time at an office job or contractual gig, just to get a big paycheck that will eventually run out. (I am guilty of this). Some people are willing to live their entire adult life jumping from one company to the next to augment or jack up their income. (Guilty, me.) Some will willingly put their savings into a business that can’t even give them a guarantee of returns and where they have no real prior experience of success in. (Guilty of this, too! And broke. Such a pity.) I thought putting a business based on my passions would be the answer, only to find after six years of blogging that, well, it’s not enough. I love it, but I’d rather do blog coaching for free that make a living out of it. But I can’t do that unless I find a solution in residual income. Because I believe we were meant for more than just to work 40-hour work weeks, for forty years! I don’t know about you, but I’d like to LIVE more than I work, because that means more fully alive days with these people. Why work so hard for decades, only to realize we were never truly with the ones we are working so hard for?

We grow up thinking that life is what is handed to us. “This is just how life is. Hard. That’s what it was for my parents, so it’s what it will be for me.” But really, life is what we make it to be. THAT is what being blissful truly means. Believing our loved ones deserve to have the best, and not being limited by what we haven’t finished in college, or achieved in business, or what is dictated by our savings. 

Being able to DESIGN A LIFE WE LOVE is not about working until the day we die, according to greats like Warren Buffet and Jim Rohn. Designing a life you love is about believing that we deserve to have what the 5% of the world have….not be content with living like the rest of the 95%. “I can’t be in the 5% of those who are financially free” is just a limit. We can get over it, if we choose. We have to get to such a mindset that living in freedom is more than money. We have to believe our children, parents, friends, colleagues and, country can be better — the best, in fact.

Can you see your life as it is SUPPOSED TO BE, not what it is right now? If you’ve felt like you just have to work and grind and hustle til the day you die or get too sick or too old, then think again. There is a MUCH better way. And I can’t wait to share it with you more through this blog.