Why do we work? Simply to get by month by month, day by day? Often, we will think nothing of putting in more and more time at our job, just to get that next paycheck, or go from one company to the next every in order to bump up our salary bracket. Sometimes we willingly put our life savings into stocks, real estate or a business venture that can’t even give us a guarantee of returns and where we have no real prior experience of success in.

Do we really BELIEVE that our lives are what we make it to be? Or do we read motivational quotes, feel good for a while, but go back to the same old grind, hoping for change? If we really do choose to believe our loved ones deserve to have the best, doesn’t it follow that we would choose to do things differently? If we sincerely believed our families deserve the best quality of life, is that “best” only dictated by how much of our income we can bring home every month, or how much we can save for a rainy day? 

Making an IMPACT on our family’s possibilities is and should be more than increasing our income. In being ABUNDANT and financially FREE, we believe that we deserve what the most impactful people in this world have: financial freedom and the ability to help many more people, because they have been blessed with much. 

The action of WORKING for income should help us and our families achieve the BEST QUALITY OF LIFE possible. It isn’t about just making money. People rich & poor make money all day, every day, but few are financially free because that’s all they work for: to pay the bills, pay the school, pay the food. The impact is “just enough”, never abundant. If we truly understood the meaning of living a truly FREE life, we would see the clear difference between abundance and simply having lots of money. 

So… are you working for income, or to make an impact? If you know the secret to abundance, the answer would be easy.

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