Sitting in my mom’s dining room this afternoon, with then ladies joining me to learn about blogging…. and I am re-learning what it was like to start from the very beginning.

I have to admit, the early days of blogging are now a thing of memory. I can hardly remember anything except what it was like to pull up my Acer netbook and snuggle up on our couch in our first home, blogging about whatever came to mind on my then-Blogspot free blog. I didn’t think of where blogging would take me: here, eight years later, in a room of ladies wanting to learn how to start.

It’s so different now. Blogging has evolved to more than just an online diary. Blogs have become platforms for people to talk about things that matter, where conversations take place and where politics even, become heated topics of discussion that tear up a nation. People blog to get a message out there, to talk about something they feel the world needs to hear. But sitting here in this room this afternoon, I see that there are still people who want to keep it simple:

  • To document life and leave a legacy
  • To activate a platform and talk about a passion, have a purpose
  • To compliment their business through blogging
  • To use it for their personal pleasure.

I like this little group of women here. Everyone has the purest of intentions; everyone is really seeking to learn. I’m reminded of how hungry and eager I was in those beginning days, devouring every bit of knowledge and information I could about blogging. I don’t want to take these past eight years for granted. So with these ten women today, I’m starting anew. Blogging again, this time with a new direction and passion, just to learn and re-learn again. Because times have changed, and I have changed. It’s about time my blog changed, too.

Thank you, Myka, Annalyne, Mara, Tammie, Apple, Steph, Kim, Richelle, Nish, Jill and Aireen for partaking in this workshop!

Thank you to Curves Magnolia, Daily Bar, House of Style, and Messy Bessy for the goodies our participants took home with them.