I’ve been blogging since 2010, and since then, I’ve pretty much written about (or posted on social media) about my life. Not everything, of course. Blogging has changed so much since the days I first started! It’s been about four years since I stopped posting journal-style entries; you know, the kind wherein I tell you all about what we did today or where we went or what I tried and what I bought. (Maybe I post a bit more about those things on my Instagram. Follow me there: @martine.is.happy)

I got burned out eventually from the blog soon after 2015 kicked in. Yes! That far back! Between the time Krista was born, I pretty much could not handle all the roles I had meant to play. Eventually a period of stagnation began, which was between the time Krista turned one year old in January 2016, and lasted until recently, when I decided to start writing again after about a year of reflection.

Believe me, I tried not to stop in 2015. But my heart and my present realities were all calling at me to step away from being the blogger to being everything else that I am: a wife, a mom, a friend, a new business owner to an amazing lifestyle-changing program that has changed me and my husband’s life (more on that later), and, well, ME outside of the Martine De Luna people knew on the blog and on Instagram.

So why start again here? I was very happy just running my small workshop company here on Make it Blissful, collaborating for the Get Blisstified workshops, and doing small pocket training events. I loved simply being a working mom (whether at home or outside the home, doesn’t matter). I loved being on a personal journey to reinvent myself from the inside out. I loved the times I got to travel and learn and develop myself in leadership and business skills. What a fulfilling and very full chapter in my life that 2016 to 2017 was… so why would I want to take up the pen (or more literally, dust off the keyboard) and write again.

One, because I missed it!

Secondly, because there are new things for me to share, new lessons I’ve learned, new facets of life I’ve experienced… and hey, I already have the platform for it, right here.

Third, because I believe in keeping on. I wanted to shut down this blog after we lost everything in the end of 2015, because I believed life wasn’t worth hacking anymore. And yet, people were still emailing me and messaging me privately to help them to keep going with their blogs or their passions. I wanted to also prove to myself that I don’t have to stop doing what I love, even if I stopped believing in myself for a time.

And so, here I am.

If you are reading this and you are starting 2018 afresh, with the hopes that this year will begin, progress and end well; if you are looking to what you want 2018 to be and keep it clearly in front of you, motivating you and keeping you focused on the hard work that it takes to get to your goal…. then hooray! Keep going. Even when you feel like stopping and never working hard again or putting in the effort because the goal seems too damn hard.

Because let me tell you:

I wanted to quit on life in November 2015. But I kept on going.

I made big mistakes as a wife and mother. But I kept on going.

I failed in business, hundreds of times. But I kept on going.

I made lots of unhappy clients, many times. But I kept on going.

I asked myself several times if I would ever succeed. But I kept on going.

I’ve experienced public humiliation. But I kept on going.

I’ve been told over and over even by friends and loved ones that my business wouldn’t work. But I kept on going.

I’ve been gossiped about and spoken about. But I kept on going.

Friends stopped being friends. But I kept on going.

There were times no checks or payments came in, and I was fearful my kids would starve. But I kept on going.

One time, I had less than $10 in my bank account, and the other one was empty. But I kept on going.

A few people don’t like me. But I kept on going.

I wanted to shut down this website many times… but I never have because I KEEP GOING.

Hey, I am HERE.

I am valued and loved.

Compared to all that I have experienced in the past almost two years of losing a home, losing jobs, losing incomes (plural!), and almost losing my sanity: I.Am.Still.Keeping.On

As long as you don’t check out of life, you can keep facing your problems head on. Each time you work to conquer them, you strengthen yourself for the next big challenge.

Absolutely do not let yourself be stopped by situations or people or your own thoughts of defeat and failure. If you see everything in life happening FOR you instead of against you, then you will get through each day you are alive,


with WISDOM (if you learn and don’t repeat your mistakes),


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