When I first met with a coach, it was in 2013. I invested in sessions with Jess Lively, who is now known in the online realm as an intention coach. My coaching with her really defined the vision I wanted to create with the brand “Make it Blissful.” You can back-read at the journey I took to get to this brand, in these posts:

My goal at the cusp of 2013 and 2014 was to create a brand that was different from the “Dainty Mom,” which is where I began in 2010 as a mommy blogger. So from 2010-2013, I really embraced that life. But after reaching a turning point in 2013, I felt I needed to change things up, not just for my blog but for myself. But inasmuch as I tried to do things on my own, I was too close to my passion project (the blog) to make a clear and objective decision. Hence, the coaching. That first experience of coaching made me more open to a growth mindset.

Since working with Jess, I’ve had a more open mind towards coaching.  I enrolled in other online classes, such as Holly Becker’s Blog Boss and then her Brand Photography courses (also in 2013). I also have enrolled in Sha Nacino’s 90-Day Book Writing Course, where I was equipped and coached to write my first book (which I still have to publish with a company I wrote it with). I invested in Blog Coaching with one of the gurus in blogging, Jeff Goins’ Intentional Blogging course.

I must have invested thousands of dollars already in training and coaching for my brand.

And that’s why I have a strong brand and business to go with it, TODAY.

Coaching has helped me to level up every year. In 2016, when I was battling emotional turmoil because I was in a very low point in my blog and business, I invested in coaching and mentoring to change my mindset. From the time we had to move out of our home of five years (towards the end of 2015), to about May 2016, I was in a downward spiral emotionally. I wouldn’t call it a depression, but I did have some issues that prevented me from moving on. Coupled with a lot of self-doubt as a person, as a blogger, I felt like I had no purpose anymore in life.

It was the mindset coaching that elevated me, and it helped me to see my life in a new way. At that time, I felt like I had many “blockers” to my  moving on with my life. These were things like —

  • my past: the people I disappointed, the relationships and friendships through the years that I’d not nurtured,
  • my work: the failed projects and collaborations, some of which were closely connected to me that I was completely jaded by my job
  • my own insecurities as a wife and a mother
  • my self-esteem, due to my body issues and perception of myself

I learned how to have a growth mindset: to learn from everything that was holding me down, so that they wouldn’t hold me down anymore. From failures, coaching helped me to make myself the solution. I learned to get up, learn the lessons, commit to never making the same mistakes again, and to move forward.

I learned to stop trying so hard to please people: I had let blogging make me a people-pleaser. It wasn’t the fault of my readers or followers; it was me. It was a switch in my head that set off some vanity, some need to be accepted. I can talk about it now without any emotion (thanks to coaching!), but I didn’t realize I had this until I let people down, most of all my family. Coaching taught me how to stop caring about what others think of me and ask myself “If I were to be this way, would the “ME” I am like ME?” I started to work on things like my mindset towards money, towards work, towards relationships and connections. Whenever I found something I needed to change, I had the grit to accept the wrong things, discard them and replace them with something new.

I learned that the only thing I needed really to accomplish ANYTHING of value in this life was to work on ME.

I also had the chance to be coached and blisstified by my now friend and collaborator, Kimi Lu. She is one of the BIG REASONS I am alive and kicking, why I believe we can be so lost and yet still find our purpose and restore our being. That’s what she helps us do: To CREATE the outcome we want for ourselves, to live our best lives and to be able to work through the blockers.

This is why my Branding work also aligns much with her way of coaching. In the almost two years Kimi and I have been doing our workshop Get Blisstified, I’ve learned so much about being the person I need to be for myself, not anyone else. Because when I work on me; when I am teachable and let life send me lessons to learn; when I am able to stay in a season and just open myself up to what life is letting me experience then and there (with the intention to learn from it); when I am open to the mindset that YES, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR ME, if I choose it, be it, work for it and then believe I have it… then no matter how low things can go in life, I know how to climb up from it.

Getting blisstified — that is, creating the vision for what I want my reality to be — has helped me to channel even negativity into something that is eventually positive and allows for growth.

Getting blisstified means being able to develop a mindset of POSSIBILITY, that no matter what life throws our way, we can still choose to have that vision of the future that we create.

Getting blisstified means having the tools to use in our journey towards an outcome we want to be living, after a specific period of time. It enables smart goal-setting, so it is the ULTIMATE productivity tool!

I could go on and on. But hey, we’re holding Get Blisstified this February to April 2018, starting with a live workshop on February 17th (where you’ll meet us!), an online course from March to April, and an event in April where those who have completed a passion project will be celebrated.

You can join in all or in one (but we recommend ALL if you’re seriously wanting to break-through!), over here: Join GET BLISSTIFIED: Goal-Setting Passion Project Workshop

The LIVE, on-location workshop is a venue for you to connect with your coach-guides, as well as with a bevy of blissful women (guys you are welcome, too!!) who are seeking validation and equipping of mindset to START & COMPLETE A PASSION PROJECT, whether it be a business, self-improvement, or whatever.

The ONLINE 6-WEEK COACHING COURSE goes specifically into Mindset, Habits, and Personal Branding, so that you have Tools to help you bring PROGRESS TO your Plans. We help you keep on track with the Goal, and accountable to your actions, in a loving, accepting and nurturing community.

The LIVE, on location LAUNCH is when we celebrate your passion project WITH OTHERS in the Get Blisstified community: potentially over 80 other past participants can join you in a hybrid selling-celebration event, where everyone supports everyone else’s small business and success. (* In these photos are our participants from last Get Blisstified LIVE!)

IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?If you are: – wanting to start something for yourself
– stuck in a rut in your business
– unfulfilled in ANY area of life: job, money, body, status,… really Anything!
– you want to develop yourself in Mind, Body and Spirit…. Then life coach Kimi Lu and I invite you to GET BLISSTIFIED!

* Live Event, FEB 17 at Local Edition

*Online Coaching, beginning MARCH 2018, private online community

* LAUNCH event, April 2018

REGISTER VIA VIBER at 0917 493 0722 to book your slot & make that pivot in what’s POSSIBLE for you!!!!