Blissful Business: Elin Women’s Apparel


  One of my favorite brands these days (well, for the past over-a-year, to be exact) is Elin. They've been my go-to apparel line ever since I got pregnant again, but I loved their pieces even before I found out I was pregnant. (Check out my #blissfulInElin tags on Instagram for a rundown of my Elin picks.) Since this year, Elin chose me to be their ... Continue Reading

Are You Fashioning the Life You Want to Live?

life is what you make of it

by Mariel of The Learning Basket I was the most miserable person in all my years of working in my previous career. But money, job security and fear of the unknown made me stay for more than a decade. What a waste of time, right? It was also because I felt guilty for wanting to do away with the opportunities that my “exclusive” education has given me. I ... Continue Reading

What’s in a Name: How we named our kids

make it blissful martine de luna

Naming both our kids was something Ton and I looked forward to. I realize, I've never really shared about it! And so while I have the time to blog right now, I thought I'd tell you about how we chose their names and why. As is "tradition" in our little family, we wanted to give our kids names that had meanings and yet sounds beautiful when said out loud. ... Continue Reading

Blissful Business: Bodyfood by AnaGutch


The following is a guest post by Ana Niguidula of Body Food All-Natural products. Rather than my usual take on the businesses I interview, Ana desired to write her thoughts about her blissful business.  "Making it Blissful for Myself" by Ana Kamila G. Niguidula As women, we can manage wearing many hats at the same time. How awesome is that? Like most ... Continue Reading

More kids? No thanks, and that should be OK.


Ton and I were pretty, er,  sharp shooters planning both my pregnancies. Haha! There were no problems with how to make babies, we just didn't want a lot of kids. That is cool with us. Through the years, people have asked us, "When will Vito have a brother or sister?" and we'd always wonder why he had to have one. Was baby-making a competition? Was I ... Continue Reading