3 Fun Ways To Be A Frugal Yet Creative Mom

frugal creative mom

This is a guest post by Cym Marzan, of Cymplified.com. She wrote this post after attending a creative writing workshop with me last year. One of the things that give moms like me a sense of fulfilment is to be able to accomplish family-related tasks while working on a limited budget. To be able to complete projects without putting in a lot of money is a ... Continue Reading

4 Causes of Bloggers’ Burnout and their Solutions

Blogging Burnout workshop

Perhaps — like me — you've encountered "bloggers' block" or blogging burnout. You know, when you sit at your computer, open your blog's dashboard, and stare at an empty screen wondering why you began the blog in the first place and what the hell  you should write about next? You know: Those days. (I wrote about this some time ago, so it happens from time ... Continue Reading

A quiet makeover of Make it Blissful

The new-ish Makeitblissful.com

You may have noticed that the site looks new! Ever since I launched Make it Blissful on the first day of 2014, I have grown to love its new direction and slight diversion from the blog that started it all: Dainty Mom. Make it Blissful was the first blog design I'd ever designed for myself, and at the start of the new year, it was also like a "resolution" of ... Continue Reading

Blogging and Personal Boundaries

Source: TopazKitchens.info

A few months ago, I downloaded the Pippit app, after Erin of Design for Mankind hinted about it during her workshop in Singapore. Naturally, I went to read the reviews online, after I had downloaded the app. Backgrounder: This app was founded by two of the most influential and inspiring bloggers I know, Oh Joy! and Love Taza (Rockstar Diaries). Sidenote: If ... Continue Reading

Lavender Lovin’ – Lavender picks for preggy moms

essential oils

I'm feeling the pregnancy more and more now that I'm in the second trimester. I started to feel subtle "popcorn-like" taps of the baby just a few days ago; the OB-Gyn said it's normal to be able to sense them earlier now that this is my second pregnancy. With each little flutter, I feel even more anticipation for this second baby! I can't wait to know what he ... Continue Reading