Quieting Down Before Christmas

christmas at home make it blissful

Happy holidays — I'm officially off work! Yay. Well, it was more of like I decided I wouldn't work anymore for the next two weeks, especially since Christmas is a time of hectic frenzy for a lot of people. Prior to this, I just had some of the busiest weeks ever this year, with workshops one after the other, blog projects to wrap up, and the other things like ... Continue Reading

Blissfully Wrapped and Meaningful Gift-Giving (Workshop)


I have always been a giftwrapping junkie. There's a certain therapeutic thrill I get from wrapping presents, a natural high, a delicious feeling. I actually prefer the wrapping process more than the shopping, haha! So when Manila Workshops' arts & crafts arm, Memory Crafters, asked to collaborate with me on a holiday giftwrapping workshop, I immediately ... Continue Reading

5 Blissful Holiday Traditions that Will Bless You and Your Family


Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us may already be feeling the holiday rush — and may even be ranting about it on Facebook. (Don't worry — I'm not judging you! :P ) Now, I know Christmas is usually known to be the season of parties, reunions, gift-giving (and receiving!), and general merry-making, but let us not forget the true spirit ... Continue Reading

Thoughtful Gifts from the Blissful Box

Blissful Box Gifts 1

  I've been getting emails from people and private messages on Facebook and Instagram, asking about our Blissful Box. It really began as something I wanted to do for the people who had been most supportive and active in the Make it Blissful community of bloggers and creatives. It So, I know it's just 7 days til Christmas, but you can still get ... Continue Reading

Women, United in Bliss: The Blissmakerie 2014


Humbled and grateful. These are my "parting" words as I look back at 2014. It was this year that I  — - rebranded myself from "the Dainty Mom" to Make it Blissful; - introduced The Blissmakers, a wonderful tribe of women who believed in collaborative blogging; - began doing Workshops with other creative collaborators; ... and a host of other ... Continue Reading

Of Baby Showers and Birthday Blessings

makeitblissfulbaby shower 17

I had a pretty sweet but busy November. Busy, because I was beginning to feel the rush of the 3rd trimester dawning, and I wanted to pick up the pace to finish some lingering blog coaching projects. Busy, because I ended up doing three workshops (!) within a span of two weeks. Busy but blessed, because in the midst of all the flurry, my pregnancy and ... Continue Reading