Blissful Finds: Things I Love and Use

BLISSFUL FINDS by martine de luna

There are so many lovely things I discover these days, thanks to the online community. Blogging has introduced me to small businesses and thoughtful brands owned and operated by passionate people. Now, I am not the most savvy of shoppers and trendspotters (in fact, I don't think I enjoy them as much as I'd like to!), but I do know that when I like ... Continue Reading

Taking a writing time-out so that I can write

writing to journal

I have been in sort of a writing slump, if you can believe it. If you blog regularly, you need stuff to write about each week. That can be hard, I know. You know what's even harder? Getting into the zone to write something worthwhile. I've been challenged about my blogging productivity ever since life changed five months ago. I used to be able to ... Continue Reading

Blissful bites, with a few shortcuts

mondelez foods

Feeding a family while caring for a new baby has its ups and downs. I have to say, sometimes I need more “ups”! I often don’t have the time to prepare meals these days, and if ever I still need to make sure those meals are made thoughtfully, using as many things as I can from scratch. I know my family appreciates anything I make anyway, and they would really ... Continue Reading

Movie(ng) moments.


“Two more sleeps, and then it’s Minions, Mom,” Vito reminded me a couple of days before Saturday. He had already prepared his H&M shirt, the one with the long sleeves, anticipating the airconditioning in the cinema. “I’m going to get a hotdog and popcorn,” he mused, the night before while we had dinner. “That’s great, babe,” I said. Looking back, I ... Continue Reading

Patience and the process

unschooling thoughts philippines

The other week, my son wanted to know how bread was made. After many trips to the supermarket, a lot of snack sessions in places like the French Baker and Sonja's and Bread Talk, he was curious about the process enough to ask me to teach him. He made sure to remind me daily to buy all we needed: yeast, flour, baking soda, sugar, oil, salt, and milk. (We were ... Continue Reading