4 Ways You Can Raise Mighty Girls


  By Cheryl Goodman of Not Just Yum What does it mean to raise a mighty girl and how do you raise one to be such? Mighty girls are strong, powerful, and competent. They know who they are, what they love and what they are good at. They can make positive choices that reflects who they truly are. They can speak for themselves. Mighty girls are ... Continue Reading

Strength of a Warrior Princess

princess of bliss

by Toni Tiu of Wifely Steps I was raised in the company of strong women. There was no shortage of womenly examples to live by, and at a young age I witnessed and experienced the innate power women have. No one has influenced my concept of womanly strength more than my own mother. But now, as I grow older myself, I am beginning to realize how I am growing ... Continue Reading

5 Meaningful Dates for Moms and Daughters


  By Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage I believe in having individual dates not only with our husbands but also with each of our children. I am guilty of not being able to do this often as we always go out as a family. Having one on one time with our kids is very important as this is the time that we can talk about things in their lives that they ... Continue Reading

Blissful babies are Pampers Babies


It's been almost two months since Krista was born, and this mama's back to work! Last week, my family and I — along with several other mommies, bloggers and media — attended Pampers' ultimate baby shower. The baby shower was for blooming new mom and Pampers' celebrity endorser, Andi Manzano-Reyes; she gave birth just a few days after the event to a wonderful ... Continue Reading

A reminder to care


It's been seven weeks since I gave birth, and to be honest, there are days when I wonder if I look scary or unattractive to my husband. I mean, seriously! There are days when I feel too tired to step out of my pajamas and into one of my comfy nursing tops and some cute shorts. There are days when I forget to brush my hair and rely on my stringy elastic band ... Continue Reading

Simple floral & lemon DIY arrangement


On my usual nightly pinterest-pinning session , I came across this arrangement and found it really pretty. I set my heart on doing it. So, as soon as I found lemons in the grocery, I bought a bunch —even if Lemons costs an arm and leg here in Bangkok! Next stop was the nearest flower stall.  Tip: Because the Lemons were already  quite costly I made sure to ... Continue Reading