Being Made Whole: The 100 % Whole Mom Media Launch


  I became friends with Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio last year, when we started talking about blogging and the blog scene here in Manila. Naturally, we gravitated towards each other as writers, so we talk and chat on Facebook a lot about what it means to really write something well, something worthwhile. I also started to have chats with her about ... Continue Reading

Come have brunch with Oster and Make it Blissful!

Oster x Martine de Luna_Blissful

Well, you all know I love smoothies and anything easy to make (and eat!) I've posted a number of my smoothie concoctions on Instagram (because, I am an IG addict like that), and I can promise you that I have at least three of them a week. I have been making these drinkable meals in my trusty Osterizer, which was an anniversary gift seven years ago. I've been ... Continue Reading

New mom essentials

new mom essentials 2

Krista is turning 5 months old this week, and I'm rattled by how quickly the time's gone by. Rattled, yes! (Hmmm, I realize Krista doesn't have a rattle yet! Where's my shopping list...) The last few months have had me on kind of a routine when it comes to shopping for essentials. With my first baby, Vito, I was a sucker for everything on those "newborn ... Continue Reading

Make it Blissful With Elin: A Celebration


  This 2015, I'm blessed to be the Elin Brand Ambassador, and last May 27th, Elin celebrated its 2nd anniversary in collaboration with Make it Blissful. The always-charming La Creperie served as our venue, and the guests were Elin's regular customers as well as some blogger friends and acquaintances. During the meetings online and on-location that ... Continue Reading

An Unexpected Mother’s Day Treat, Long Overdue #LoveYouMom


by Vanessa Salas of When the chance to have a day of pampering presented itself, my first reaction was not relief, or delight, or excitement. It was guilt. You see, on that Mother's Day weekend, my husband told me that he was going to be busy, that he will be juggling work demands and school requirements for his doctorate degree. There was ... Continue Reading