Workshop – Courageous Content Creation


One of the things bloggers and social media managers struggle with is creating constant streams of content for their channels and platforms. Blog posts need to be written, but what should one write about? Social media updates and content needs to be produced, but what do you create, so that your brand increases its values. Bloggers and small businesses face ... Continue Reading

Blissful Reads – Wifely Steps’ Reads


There’s nothing quite as indulgent as sneaking a few chapters before the work day begins, or cozying up with a good read after my boy and my husband have gone off to dreamland. Reading is my personal bliss. While the stories are read by many people, my experience with the book is all my own. I make up the visuals in my head as plots are unfolded. I visualize ... Continue Reading

How to Cope with and Celebrate Expat Life


By The Diplomatic Wife (Berlin, Germany) I am not going to lie. I never dreamt of traveling and living in different cities all over the world. I find the concept of uprooting and restarting our lives in a new country, with a foreign language and strange customs, quite daunting. Packing, making new friends, reorganizing (and consequently losing) stuff, ... Continue Reading

Pregnant Blogger Roundup 2014

Photo by Benjo & Raniel. Location: Slate Studio

There are pregnant bloggers all over, it seems! I thought it might be fun to compile a rundown of some of my favorite preggy bloggers this year, who are all expecting babies within the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. It's amusing to see how each mom documents her pregnancy, both on her blog and on Instagram (for some of them). It can be lots of fun for ... Continue Reading

Workspaces That Inspire Me

via Little Bits of Lovely blog

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know one of my favorite and most active boards is my "Home Office Inspiration" board. I seldom pin anything else but home offices these days, and why not? There are so many that inspire me and make me want to improve my own little corner of our home. I'm still not 100 percent convinced I have my space down pat, but for ... Continue Reading

Getting Over the Fear of Starting a Business

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By Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage I have started many different kinds of businesses, before I finally found one that I truly enjoy and love. Was I hesitant and fearful when I was starting up each one? …Yes I was!... I figured that there are ways that we can overcome this fear and I want to share  them with you, and maybe help you out and give you that ... Continue Reading