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MAKE IT BLISSFUL is more than a blog, a website, an online magazine. It is a movement, a collective of women who advocate meaningful living.

We believe that all situations have silver linings; that imperfection is not simply a condition, but a necessary process and soul-beautifying agent; that in all things, we can find reasons to be grateful, to gain wisdom, to grow.

We believe that there is a method to the madness of life, family, work and pleasure; that there is always a reason to enjoy life and to find meaning in our circumstances.

We believe that this process — this journey towards completion and wholeness — is best travelled with other women. We believe in a sisterhood that champions intention over ambition, authenticity over social dictates, and “he(art)-ful” living over passivity.

Above all, we believe in “you-niqueness”: that God “makes all things beautiful in His time” (Eccl. 3:1-2), and that life is a constant process of “bliss-finding,” of being fashioned into a whole, entire being with a soul-purpose in this world.

We aspire to live meaningfully. We are bliss-makers.

about make it blissful

I am Martine de Luna (known in the blogosphere as “The Dainty Mom”). I am self-professed “bliss-finder”, a miner of memorable moments, and a believer in intentional living. I am foremost a wife and mother, with a heart for nurturing the home and for enjoying meaningful work. Work-wise, I am a blog coach, digital media consultant, and website management expert, which I conduct through my online-based consulting boutique, I am a workshop director for the Blog Bliss workshops and WAHMderful Workshops, and now, I am the chief “bliss-maker” and editor-in-chief of, the Philippines’ first website dedicated to the study of meaningful living.

I first entered the blog-world as “Dainty Mom” because the “dainty mom” was me. Since I was a child, I’ve always I had a knack for all things sweet and elegant. From the minute details of my wedding to the my favorite leather-jeweled bookmark, I have a penchant for pretty little things, details, even facts and trivia. (In fact, here are 25 Random Facts About Me.)

Dainty Mom has now evolved into a platform for me to share about meaningful living, as a woman, wife, mother and writer.  This blogging journey has been all about my collective bliss.

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