Upcycling with Class

Upcycling with Class

Upcycling materials

by Audrey Angcos of Cheerful Journey

Some call upcycling as ‘salvage art’- taking something that would otherwise be thrown out and making it into something better. It helps put our ‘creative juices’ into good use. It is like hitting two birds in one stone! Aside from doing our share to lessen the garbage that adds to the mountains of trash in the landfill, we will also have a new object that is made with love and can be put into a good use.

Let me share with you some of the upcycled materials that I made these past months.

From Bottles to Vases


These bottles were used as containers of fresh buko juice that I bought from the supermarket. Since the bottle is nice and big enough, I decided to upcycle it and make a pretty vase. I just painted it with gold and pink and now, it sits on one of the corners of my room.

Gold and pink vase

I just added some handmade paper flowers to complete the look! What do you think?

From Empty Containers to Travel Essentials

candy can

These empty candy containers sit on my dresser for few weeks already. Then, as I was packing for an out of town trip, a colorful idea appeared! With the use of paint and fabric tapes, I transformed these candy containers into something that I can use whenever I travel!

Q-Tips and Hair Pins Holder

I always have dozens upon dozens of bobby pins. However, I always misplaced them! Hence, whenever I need to use some bobby pins for my hair, I will turn into a detective and search each crevices of my dresser just to find some. This tin candy container is a good size that fits my bobby pins! I just painted it to make it more dainty and I had an instant Bobby pin holder!

Whenever I travel, I usually wrap some Q-tips/cotton swabs in a piece of paper together with my toiletries. Whenever one of my toiletries would spill, my cotton swabs usually became one of the victims. What a waste! — Not anymore! This plastic candy container fits around 15 cotton swabs! I just put some fabric tape on it and it was turned into a nice waterproof travel essential. I don’t need to worry of spillage and I’m sure that it will keep my cotton swabs sanitised as well!

From ‘Common-Looking’ to ‘Something Striking’


Monogram letters can really spice up and personalize your table or corner. However, when I saw the price of the pretty letters, I could not say goodbye to my hard-earned money for that. Time to use my creative juices! I bought these recycled papier-mâché letters for Php5.00-Php10.00 each. I put my left over paints to good use then… I have my own monogrammed letter display!

Monogram display Ampersand display

Those are just some of the upcycled things that I made. Now, you might ask, how could you start upcycling. I am not a master of this trade, like you, I am also in the process of learning. Let me share with you some of the things that helped me upcycle things.

1. Look for Inspiration

One of the things that I enjoy doing online is creating Pinterest boards. Pinterest is bursting with beautiful inspirations! Whenever I see something beautiful and useful, I will just pin it to my board then revisit the board whenever I am ready to do a DIY project.

2. Don’t Throw Things that Can be Put into Good Use

Other people might see it as a clutter-hugging spree. This is not an excuse to live with clutter. You should know what to keep and what to throw – or else your home would end up like a junk shop. As for me, I only allot one box to hold all the materials to be upcycled. Whenever I see the item, I know within me whether it could be put into something useful or not. Remember, we want to make something useful and not to hoard trash in our homes.

3. Be Creative

Before buying something for the home, (new vase, new magazine rack, etc.) check first if you can make it yourself. DIY things are just a few clicks away! You can watch some tutorials in youtube or other arts and crafts websites. The materials that you need might already be within your reach.

4. Enjoy the Process

Rather than seeing it as a task that you need to do, try to look at it as a hobby that you will enjoy. Positivity will help you be more creative at the same time, enjoy the process of creating!

5. Share your Discovery

There are a lot of Facebook groups where like-minded individuals share their crafts and discoveries. This might be an avenue to meet new friends and to get new ideas.

As for me, there are times when I would meet with my friends (who also love arts and crafts) and we will just create things over a cup of coffee. 🙂

You could also give some of your upcycled items to your friends (who will appreciate it) as a gift! Knowing that you made it yourself will make them appreciate the gift all the more!


How about you? Are you also into upcycling?

What are the things that you were able to create? You might want to share some of your tips with us.

Don’t forget to share it by commenting below. 

The Blissful Box: Meaningful Curations

The Blissful Box: Meaningful Curations

Blissful Box

by Audrey Angcos of Cheerful Journey

After every Blissmakerie, participants would rave about inspiring stories, uplifting conversations, new found friends and the Blissful Box. For those who are asking, the blissful box is a curated box of delightful, handpicked items from brands that are practical and pretty yet truly inspiring. Each brand that was chosen to be included in this special box has an inspiring story to tell.

The Blissful Box that was given during the first public Blissmakerie was curated by Martine, Carmel, Rikka, and yours truly. Yes, we all selected the brands of each products, put the products in the box, and designed the box. Indeed, the blissful box is a labor of love.

Blissmakerie - stage

Here’s who curated what:

Martine:  A Vanilla Story Lip Scrub, 23060PH Notebook, and Passion Cards (Bliss Edition)

Audrey:  Paper Pliers wired bookmarks, NiQua Ovile Tote Bags, and Girl Stuff Forever Nail Lacquers

Carmel: Urban Ashram Yoga passes and Lulu Swing envelope clutches

Rikka: Philosophy Samples and Elin multipurpose wraps

Below, we give you the reasons why we chose what we did for this edition of the Blissful Box. We hope you’ll be more enlightened by the process for the Box, and that it will somehow also inspire you to know more about these lovely brands! Enjoy!

Martine’s Choices:

A Vanilla Story Lip Scrub

A Vanilla Story

“I adore A Vanilla Story’s lifestyle and body care products, but more than these I admire their entire ethos about slow, meaningful living. They keep their products thoughtful by making them in small batches (like the bodycare) and making them by hand (such as the Vanilla Bears). For our Blissmakerie, Andrea (the brains & beauty behind AVS) decided to create a product just for the Blissmakerie: This gorgeous lip scrub that is so yummy you could eat it!” 

23060PH Notebook

23060PH Notebook

“I adore paper products, especially notebooks, because I feel you can never write better than on excellent paper. I have admired the branding of Two Thirty Sixty for quite some time now, and when I was thinking of paper products for this edition of the box, they immediately came to mind. I love how thoughtfully each collection is created, and how when you hold one of their notebooks in your hand you are immediately inspired!”

Passion Cards – Bliss Edition

Make it Blissful Passion Cards

“I wanted to give each lady a packet of Passion Cards: Bliss Edition, which is a collaboration between Make it Blissful and Chasing Dream’s Rhiza Oyos. These cards have been snapped left and right on social media, most notably on the Pursuit Manila’s community events and hubs. I hope that those who received the cards in the Blissful Box will find these a soothing balm or a helpful tonic when they need a bit of inspiration or encouragement in their day.”

Audrey’s Choices:

Paper Pliers Wired Bookmark

Paper Pliers

“Arts, crafts and dainty things make me happy! When I saw the wired art of Paper Pliers, I instantly fell in love. Anrea of Paper Pliers makes stylish bookmarks made from wire. I immediately thought that the ladies at Blissmakerie would be happy to have a wired-written bookmark memento from the gathering that would remind them to follow their bliss.”

Niqua Ovile Tote Bag

NiQua Ovile Tote Bag

“I love supporting home-grown brands that adhere to good quality and timeless style. Niqua is a chic brand crafted in the Philippines. This bag is made with genuine leather and could be rolled into a small piece so you could just carry it in your bag anywhere you go. Then whenever you go shopping, you could easily get it from your bag and use it to carry your stuff in a fashionable way.”

Girl Stuff Forever Nail Lacquers

Girl Stuff Forever Nail Lacquers

“I told myself that if ever I will include nail lacquers in the Blissful Box, I want it to be safe, high quality, and trendy. I’m glad that Girl Stuff Forever adheres to these standards. They import their nail polish from France and it does not contain chemicals that would harm our nails. With a wide array of palettes to choose from, we can now enjoy having trendy nails in a safe way.”

Carmel’s Choices

Lulu Swing Envelope Clutch

Lulu Swing Envelope Clutches

“When I’m not working, two of the things I find bliss in are travel and yoga. Visiting new places and exploring cultures are passions of mine, and I appreciate brands that share the same world view. Lulu Swing has a variety of stylish yet practical travel essentials for the young female traveller.”

Urban Ashram Yoga Passes

Urban Ashram Yoga Passes

“As for yoga, I’m honestly not very flexible and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a headstand. Urban Ashram believes that yoga is for everyone, and that learning mindful living through yoga is just as important as yoga’s physical benefits. Beginners may attend the Flexibility Not Required classes in UAM branches.”

Rikka’s Choices

Philosophy samples

Philosophy Samples

“I chose Philosophy to be part of Blissful Box because of their simplicity and advocacy of celebrating beauty of the human spirit. I am amazed that their products give you a fresher and newer perspective in life. From their simple branding, inspiring readings on the packaging and wonderful results. I wanted to share what I felt the first time I tried Philosophy. It was more than just a skin care line. I gained my confidence to follow my bliss and to become a better version of me.”

Elin Multipurpose Wrap

Elin multipurpose wrap

“Elin understands the everyday, modern woman. Their clothes let us be comfortable in our own skin. Their gift — the Billie wrap — is a reminder that you can make something useful, even stylish, with a well-designed piece that serves a purpose.”

Aside from the wonderful products that it contains, the Blissful box has inspiring stories to share. Stories about life and success that can serve as inspiration for us to follow our bliss.

Now that you know why we chose each product inside the Blissful box, what do you think of each items? Do you already have a favorite? Do you have other products in mind that should be included in future Blissful Boxes? Let us know through the comment box below.