Blogging Blissfully, On Purpose

Blogging Blissfully, On Purpose

By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality

This is dedicated to all the bloggers, both new and tenured who want to find inspiration, focus and purpose on your online craft.

Do you remember the first few posts on your blog when you happily hit the post button after finishing the article?  It felt so fulfilling and you even wore a proud grin of accomplishment that you indeed finished one!  You even wondered, will anyone read this?  And you didn’t mind if it was read by a few as long as there was at least one reader (who usually is your mom or your husband or your best friend.)

Recalling how I was starting out as a blogger, I would write about anything that concerns being a mom.  Back then, my only objective was to keep on creating content for the blog.  I didn’t even check regularly the count of hits per post.  Admittedly, my posts were like haywire, going in all directions and in no order.  It didn’t have focus.

The only thing that was clear that time was my PURPOSE.   My purpose for blogging, for creating those content, and for staying up late sometimes just to share my experiences on motherhood, relationships, and practical life choices.

I have three: To Inform, To Inspire and To Empower.

Now, as I matured through my blogging journey, I am happy to say that I practice regular curating of my blog posts.  All leading towards my blogging purposes.   I am still a work in progress because learning should be continuous and never stop.   I also admit to being lazy and unmotivated on occasions, but I shake up and remind myself that I am accountable now to the readers who regularly check my blog and wait for post updates.   I’ve been asked by many this question: “How, in your busy life, do you still manage to blog and actually come up with inspirational, blissful posts?”  Let me answer that question with this short blogging list.


How To Keep Blogging Blissfully On Purpose, Even When You’re Busy

1.  Know your purpose.

Take time to find the WHY of your blog.  This way, all your posts will lead you back to that mission of your blog.  This will be the heart and soul of your online home which then becomes your unique identity.

2.  Know who you want to talk to.

Do you write just because you want to share about your child’s development or pregnancy journey?  Do you write about your fondness of children’s parties or love for DIYs and crafts?  When you write about topics close to your heart, then more or less you already have an idea who you are targeting to talk to.  These are people who like you, are interested in what you are interested in.  When you know your target, talk to that reader in mind like how you converse with a friend over coffee.   When you actually “talk” to your readers there will be a certain connection that links you to them.

3.  Be Real.

Showing who you really are in your posts does not equate to revealing everything about you and your family’s life to the public.  It’s your blog and it’s your decision to write as much or as little as you want about your personal life.  Being real is also not trying hard to sound like somebody else.  It is not trying to write like somebody else’s tone.  Being real is writing using your own voice.  Your voice is how you should communicate your message to your readers which is uniquely you.  Ask yourself when reading your draft, “Is this how I talk?”  If yes, then you’re doing it correctly.

4.  Be Intentional.  

After knowing the WHY of your blog, your target readers, and your voice, you should also know the WHY of your blog post.  What is your intention for writing that new post?  Is it to preach?  Is it to teach?  Is it to promote something you believe in?  Know it, use your unique voice when you write it, then post it.

5.  Find the silver lining at all times.  

No bloggers’ life is perfect, that is a fact.   But as stated in #3, it’s your prerogative to write about your life challenges or not.   It’s your blog, you own this online home.  But should you decide to write about some challenges you overcame, make sure you find the silver lining in your life’s downs and share the learning of that moment.  Write with the intention of inspiring and giving hope.  Don’t end your post that will leave your readers feeling down, sad or worse, depressed.  Find a way to still blog blissfully amidst life’s uncertainties.

6.  Find Time.  

Busy?  Who isn’t?  As a working mom, I’m in the office more than eight hours a day for five days a week.  I get up early everyday to prepare my son for school.  When I get home from work, I spend time to check assignments and lessons, prepare dinner, play with the little one and bond with the hubby.  I only get two whole days off from work to still spend quality time with the family and a little time for myself.  So how in my busy life do I manage to make time to blog?  I find time.  Like how I find time for the office, I make blogging a part of my life and find time to do it.  If you are passionate about something and really LOVE what you are doing, you’ll find time.  You’ll make an extra effort to set aside time to pour your heart into what you are blogging about.  Just like this post.  All heart into the content.

Are you now ready to start on a new blog post?  Remember to write purposely with all your heart.  Nothing’s going to keep you from writing that inspiring and powerful content for your readers.  When you blog with passion, believe me, you have found your writing bliss.   This is what blogging blissfully is all about. Happy blogging loves!

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Mommy, Don’t Worry, You’re Doing Fine

Mommy, Don’t Worry, You’re Doing Fine

By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality

I receive a number of messages from fellow working moms telling me that most of the time they feel guilty about being away from home for most of the days in a week, that how they wish they could take care of their kids themselves.  To make them feel better, it’s easy to say not to feel that way because honestly, I get guilt pinches once in a while too.  But when that happens, I carefully think things over and find the real reason why I do what I do and that reason is – it’s for my children’s future.

While it’s true that the best caretaking of the children only comes from the mother, how blessed are those who get to work or stay at home to be able to do that, not all moms get that privilege.  Working moms I see and talk to everyday wish they could spend more time with their growing children, I included.  They feel that they lack quality time and that they’re not giving what’s best for their family and that they are not doing enough and will never be able to because they are away from home.  They all share the same feeling of GUILT.

If you’re feeling that way too, as a working mom myself for 12 years, I want to tell you this – Mommy, don’t worry, you’re doing fine.

Don't Worry

It took me notable amounts of life experiences and wisdom before I could say that.  It’s not that I already perfected a working mom lifestyle because we all know there is no such thing as perfect.  It’s not that I am exaggeratedly career-oriented nor had become a little heartless.  I can say that now because I learned to accept that motherhood and parenting is unique to each family unit, just as how God created each one of us.

If there is one thing that’s similar between all mothers in the world, it’s the immeasurable love that we have for our children.  That alone should negate the feeling of guilt and here’s the good news, there are more reasons why you should not be feeling it:

  • NO MOTHER IS PERFECT.  As there is nothing perfect in this world, so is for a mother.  Every mother has different situations in dealing with their children like teaching values, preference of schooling, lifestyle orientation and many more.  There’s no point in comparing yourself from another because each motherhood experience is incomparable.
  • YOU WANT TO PROVIDE THEM A GOOD FUTURE.  We all have choices, true.  But for now maybe, the choice that works for your family is the choice that you made, which is to have a career outside home.  Whatever choice we make as mothers, it all boils down to this one reason – to be able to provide them a good future.
  • EVERY MOM NEEDS SELF-LOVE – Loving oneself doesn’t mean you’re being selfish.  If you’re working out of home it partly means you’re also pursuing a dream or a professional ambition and there is nothing wrong about that.  If you fill your tank with self-love, you have tons of love to give to everyone in the family.  More love, more happiness!

If those aren’t enough, here are some ways you could try doing if you want to be MORE present for them even when you’re busy earning a living for their future:

  • TIME MANAGEMENT – The reason why journals and calendars are made is for moms like us to make use of it for proper scheduling of life events, work priorities and plotting our leaves.  As working moms, we are entitled to vacation leaves, let’s make use of it.  Come to work and leave on time, do what you can do for the day and if rendering overtime could be avoided, come home soon.  Don’t forget to consistently call home every now and then to check on your kids.
  • KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES AND LEARN TO SAY NO. – If there are work or outside work activities that are not value-adding to your job and would take away time for the family especially for the kids, you could always skip it.  What you’ll miss in those events you will gain a hundredfold at home.
  • PLAN AN AWESOME WEEKEND/VACATION/TRIP – This is what “Work hard. Play hard, “means to us working moms.   It doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to go out.  You could plan an awesome lunch or dinner or do some arts and crafts activities during the weekend with the kids or if budget permits, have a memorable weekend getaway.  Every weekend becomes special and memorable to the children.
  • BE REALLY PRESENT – When you’re home, having dinner, playing with the kids, doing activities with them make sure you are REALLY PRESENT by disconnecting from work and by putting your gadgets away.  When they tell you something, LISTEN and be really interested in what they are sharing.   When you’re together with the kids after work, shower them with your hugs and kisses.  Remember to always keep your promises.  In the most important days of their lives, be PRESENT.

It’s easier said than done, but it can be done.  Motherhood, just like marriage, is a continuous work in progress.  This holds true to any mothering situation one could be: work-out-of-home, work-at-home or stay-at-home moms. So relax, take a deep breath, don’t stress too much nor pressure yourself in trying to be a superwo-MOM, because there isn’t one.  Stop comparing yourself to other moms who rock it in homemaking or to those who have the pleasure to home-school their kids, because you are a rockstar mom yourself in your own momma stage.

You know why?  It’s because there can only be one superstar mother for your children and that is YOU!

So dear Mommy, don’t worry, you’re doing fine.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t doing “enough” to be a “good mom”? How have you dealt with this issue? Can we help? Let’s talk about this in the comments.