Blogging Blissfully, On Purpose


By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality This is dedicated to all the bloggers, both new and tenured who want to find inspiration, focus and purpose on your online craft. Do you remember the first few posts on your blog when you happily hit the post button after finishing the article?  It felt so fulfilling and you even wore a proud grin of accomplishment ... Continue Reading

Workshop – Courageous Content Creation


One of the things bloggers and social media managers struggle with is creating constant streams of content for their channels and platforms. Blog posts need to be written, but what should one write about? Social media updates and content needs to be produced, but what do you create, so that your brand increases its values. Bloggers and small businesses face ... Continue Reading

Pregnant Blogger Roundup 2014

Photo by Benjo & Raniel. Location: Slate Studio

There are pregnant bloggers all over, it seems! I thought it might be fun to compile a rundown of some of my favorite preggy bloggers this year, who are all expecting babies within the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. It's amusing to see how each mom documents her pregnancy, both on her blog and on Instagram (for some of them). It can be lots of fun for ... Continue Reading

Blogging, Slogging and Keeping On


If you're a hardcore blogger like me (admittedly so), then you would have no doubt heard about the recent New York Times article on blogger burnout, as well as the blog post by Young House Love that spurred the whole matter. I read the "feeeeeelings" post on YHL, because I've been following them since their beginnings, but it was through one of my blog ... Continue Reading

Get a Blog Makeover, Free! Here’s how.


Y'all know me: I love blogging. It is, to me, a craft and a job at the same time. More than anything, it is a passion for me. Blogging opened so many doors for me to design my life the way I wanted to. It helped me to be a work-at-home mom, a freelance writer, a magazine consultant, an editor, a copywriter, a workshop director, and a location-independent ... Continue Reading

4 Causes of Bloggers’ Burnout and their Solutions

Blogging Burnout workshop

Perhaps — like me — you've encountered "bloggers' block" or blogging burnout. You know, when you sit at your computer, open your blog's dashboard, and stare at an empty screen wondering why you began the blog in the first place and what the hell  you should write about next? You know: Those days. (I wrote about this some time ago, so it happens from time ... Continue Reading