5 Tips to Taking Better Blog Photos (with Fuji X-A2)

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Whoa. That last week went by like a whirlwind. I'm getting busier and things are getting more challenging for me now that Krista has started on solids and is getting to be more active. She'll be crawling in no time, I can see! I've been more active at gatherings and teaching stints lately, hence, the pause on the blog. Every time I try to complete a blog ... Continue Reading

Blogging can launch the work you love: The Blissful Blogging Workshop


Two years ago, I held my first workshop in Kuppa Roastery. It was called "Write On, Mom," and it brought together 10 or so mommy bloggers for a writing workshop. My goal then was to teach some creative writing techniques to bloggers who wanted to tell better stories through their blog posts. Since then, I've had nine more workshops on blogging. I even got ... Continue Reading

Grace’s Bliss: The Launch of Grace Home


It's always great to see someone following their bliss, isn't it? Especially when that someone has always known what she wants and has gone for her dreams, without forgetting who she truly is and where she began. Today, the blissmaker I'm talking about is Grace Barbers-Baja, a.k.a, The Spoiled Mummy. She was one of my very first blog consulting clients, and ... Continue Reading

More a “live-er”, less a blogger

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Those of you who have attended my blogging workshops will know that I'm not obsessed with blogging "rules". If you look through my blog throughout the years, you'll find that I've tried everything from list posts, how-to's, tutorials and reviews, event posts, etc. I've written some pretty decent articles outside of my blog for other blogs, too, like ... Continue Reading