Make it Blissful on Instagram! {Giveaway}


I've been having such a great time on Instagram, and so I decided to hold a simple giveaway to say "thanks" to this wonderful community of image-loving individuals. In the almost two years I've been on this platform, it's become the social media platform that has been the most logical for me. I'm very much a person driven by inspiration, and Instagram is … [Read more...]

Blog Love: Erin Loechner of Clementine Daily

erin loechner blog interview

Blog Love is where I feature a blogger or a blog that I admire, and today, I'm so pleased to have as my guest, Ms. Erin Loechner of Clementine Daily, ( a fascinating-yet-real women's destination set to "inspire the everyday." She first launched into the blogging world with her highly successful design blog, Design for Mankind … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Surrender

the beauty of surrender - make it blissful

By Toni Tiu of Wifely Steps  Control is present in our days more than we think. There’s the to-do list, a calendar of activities, even the clothes laid out the night before. Planning gives me a structure to my day which, truthfully, keeps me sane. That’s why when things don’t go my way, I get easily frustrated. Can you relate to this feeling? I’ve been … [Read more...]