Women, United in Bliss: The Blissmakerie 2014


Humbled and grateful. These are my "parting" words as I look back at 2014. It was this year that I  — - rebranded myself from "the Dainty Mom" to Make it Blissful; - introduced The Blissmakers, a wonderful tribe of women who believed in collaborative blogging; - began doing Workshops with other creative collaborators; ... and a host of other ... Continue Reading

The Sweetest Blog Launch Party Ever – PattyLaurel.com

ZAM_7494 copy

I don't think I've ever attended a "blog launch" party by any of my clients for blog coaching, but I absolutely love the idea! What a great way to launch something you're passionate about, especially if it's among the people who share your love for your blog. So when Patty Laurel sent me an invitation to the launch party of her newly-revamped blog, ... Continue Reading

What I’ve Learned About Blogging, So Far

I’m so thankful I get to interact and learn from the people I meet in blogging workshops and events.

This is a guest post by Carmel David, who completed her blog, Pink My Ride, after she took a Build Your Blog blog coaching course with me. “So, how’s your blog?” People ask me this question a lot.  See, around this time last year, I made the deliberate decision to finally take blogging seriously.  It’s not that I wasn’t serious about it before. I just ... Continue Reading

Blogging Blissfully, On Purpose


By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality This is dedicated to all the bloggers, both new and tenured who want to find inspiration, focus and purpose on your online craft. Do you remember the first few posts on your blog when you happily hit the post button after finishing the article?  It felt so fulfilling and you even wore a proud grin of accomplishment ... Continue Reading

Workshop – Courageous Content Creation


One of the things bloggers and social media managers struggle with is creating constant streams of content for their channels and platforms. Blog posts need to be written, but what should one write about? Social media updates and content needs to be produced, but what do you create, so that your brand increases its values. Bloggers and small businesses face ... Continue Reading

Pregnant Blogger Roundup 2014

Photo by Benjo & Raniel. Location: Slate Studio

There are pregnant bloggers all over, it seems! I thought it might be fun to compile a rundown of some of my favorite preggy bloggers this year, who are all expecting babies within the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. It's amusing to see how each mom documents her pregnancy, both on her blog and on Instagram (for some of them). It can be lots of fun for ... Continue Reading