Get a Blog Makeover, Free! Here’s how.


Y'all know me: I love blogging. It is, to me, a craft and a job at the same time. More than anything, it is a passion for me. Blogging opened so many doors for me to design my life the way I wanted to. It helped me to be a work-at-home mom, a freelance writer, a magazine consultant, an editor, a copywriter, a workshop director, and a location-independent ... Continue Reading

4 Causes of Bloggers’ Burnout and their Solutions

Blogging Burnout workshop

Perhaps — like me — you've encountered "bloggers' block" or blogging burnout. You know, when you sit at your computer, open your blog's dashboard, and stare at an empty screen wondering why you began the blog in the first place and what the hell  you should write about next? You know: Those days. (I wrote about this some time ago, so it happens from time ... Continue Reading

Blogging and Personal Boundaries


A few months ago, I downloaded the Pippit app, after Erin of Design for Mankind hinted about it during her workshop in Singapore. Naturally, I went to read the reviews online, after I had downloaded the app. Backgrounder: This app was founded by two of the most influential and inspiring bloggers I know, Oh Joy! and Love Taza (Rockstar Diaries). Sidenote: If ... Continue Reading

Life Documented Manila x Make it Blissful Memory-Keeping Workshop!

life documented manila 1

Remember that scrapbooking workshop I attended some months ago? I loved it so much, that I wanted one of my own, haha! And so, I'm so excited to announce my next collaborative workshop, this time with the wonderful ladies of Life Documented Manila! We are holding a Beginner's Memory-Keeping Workshop on September 20, at Slate Creative Studio in Mandaluyong. It ... Continue Reading

Make it Blissful on Instagram! {Giveaway}


I've been having such a great time on Instagram, and so I decided to hold a simple giveaway to say "thanks" to this wonderful community of image-loving individuals. In the almost two years I've been on this platform, it's become the social media platform that has been the most logical for me. I'm very much a person driven by inspiration, and Instagram is ... Continue Reading