How Blogging Changed The Woman In Me


 By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality I have already been fond of writing my thoughts and feelings long before The Backstreet Boys became popular.  Maybe it stemmed from having no sister to tell me daily adventures as a child.  Maybe when I was starting to have a crush I cannot contain my shiver-to-my-spine and butterfly-in-my-stomach feelings that I had ... Continue Reading

Blog Love: Bethany Morris of The Free Woman


  Blog Love is where I feature a blogger or a blog that I admire. After a long hiatus, I’m so pleased to resurrect this feature again (hooray!) with my guest for this month, Bethany Morris, creator of the inspirational women's site, The Free Woman. I first "met" Bethany via Instagram, inspired by her beautiful images and motivational posts. We ... Continue Reading

How to Find your Unique Blog Voice


By Ginger Arboleda of Mommy Ginger I remember back in 2005, there were just a few people who were into blogging. I noticed that in 2008, that’s when people started picking up the trend and they started creating their own blogs. Nowadays, blogging has become prolific. It seems like each individual that I have come across either has a blog or wants to have ... Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions About Blog Coaching (and my answers)


I'm writing this as a general response to the questions I get via email, which ask, "What exactly is blog coaching, Martine?" I explain the inclusions in my mentorship program for bloggers, but I felt that a blog post would best express what my work is really about. So here goes! Why did you get into "blog coaching"? What is it? "Blog coaching" is what I ... Continue Reading

The one thing that will get rid of social media envy

comparisons bloggers 2

My job requires me to spend a lot of time online, researching personal brands on blogs and websites to understand how the vast wave of digital creators out there are building up their platforms. (I joke with clients that it's my excuse to be on Pinterest and Instagram all day, which is actually true in a sense!). During my research, I often find myself ... Continue Reading

My 2015 Blogging Outlook


I've actually never had the guts to do a "blogging forecast" or trends post, simply because I never really saw myself as being in that place. I look to my mentors for that, people like Holly, Tsh, and the ProBlogger team, to name a few of the pro-bloggers out there. I still don't see myself as being fit to do anything of the sort yet, except to maybe share ... Continue Reading