Frequently Asked Questions About Blog Coaching (and my answers)


I'm writing this as a general response to the questions I get via email, which ask, "What exactly is blog coaching, Martine?" I explain the inclusions in my mentorship program for bloggers, but I felt that a blog post would best express what my work is really about. So here goes! Why did you get into "blog coaching"? What is it? "Blog coaching" is what I ... Continue Reading

The one thing that will get rid of social media envy

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My job requires me to spend a lot of time online, researching personal brands on blogs and websites to understand how the vast wave of digital creators out there are building up their platforms. (I joke with clients that it's my excuse to be on Pinterest and Instagram all day, which is actually true in a sense!). During my research, I often find myself ... Continue Reading

My 2015 Blogging Outlook


I've actually never had the guts to do a "blogging forecast" or trends post, simply because I never really saw myself as being in that place. I look to my mentors for that, people like Holly, Tsh, and the ProBlogger team, to name a few of the pro-bloggers out there. I still don't see myself as being fit to do anything of the sort yet, except to maybe share ... Continue Reading

Women, United in Bliss: The Blissmakerie 2014


Humbled and grateful. These are my "parting" words as I look back at 2014. It was this year that I  — - rebranded myself from "the Dainty Mom" to Make it Blissful; - introduced The Blissmakers, a wonderful tribe of women who believed in collaborative blogging; - began doing Workshops with other creative collaborators; ... and a host of other ... Continue Reading

The Sweetest Blog Launch Party Ever –

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I don't think I've ever attended a "blog launch" party by any of my clients for blog coaching, but I absolutely love the idea! What a great way to launch something you're passionate about, especially if it's among the people who share your love for your blog. So when Patty Laurel sent me an invitation to the launch party of her newly-revamped blog, ... Continue Reading

What I’ve Learned About Blogging, So Far

I’m so thankful I get to interact and learn from the people I meet in blogging workshops and events.

This is a guest post by Carmel David, who completed her blog, Pink My Ride, after she took a Build Your Blog blog coaching course with me. “So, how’s your blog?” People ask me this question a lot.  See, around this time last year, I made the deliberate decision to finally take blogging seriously.  It’s not that I wasn’t serious about it before. I just ... Continue Reading