Summer DIY Project: Dainty Fabric Bunting

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Summer is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to craft and make projects! It can be a great bonding activity with the family or with our friends. There are a lot of simple and easy to do projects out there that we can make! Let me start you off with this very easy and fabulous no-sew dainty fabric bunting! This project can make a boring window … [Read more...]

Can one really be a domestic goddess?

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By Denise Rayala of In this modern world of canned, bottled and processed foods, preparing a bountiful feast for our loved ones can be done gracefully in a jiffy. Say, dialing the phone with manicured finger nails? Culinary-impaired individuals would say “it’s the thought that counts”, but those who could whip up gourmet dishes with one eye … [Read more...]

Juicing Up with Spruce

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I recently ordered a day's supply of Spruce Cold Pressed Juices after months of following them on Instagram. Naturally, the first thing I did when the orders arrived at my house was to — you guessed it — Instagram them! Here's the roster I bought: Lady Luck (red), Martian Milk (light, opaque green), The Fighter (yellow), Almond Nut Dream (white), Skinny Bitch … [Read more...]

How To Decorate Your Home With Mementos.

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By Marilen Faustino-Montenegro of Decorating your space with sweet reminders of happy moments, traditions passed on, and memories made is what differentiates a house from a home.  Every family has got a story to tell, events celebrated, and accomplishments realized.  A great way to make sure these memories are never forgotten would be to create … [Read more...]

How to Start A Small Crafting Area at Home

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By Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage inspiration & lifestyle Starting a craft area at home doesn’t have to mean that you will have a craft room of your own to use as your creating space. Though that would be great, it is not a necessity. A crafting area can be as simple as one table, a wall space, a shelf or even a basket or bin that is dedicated to … [Read more...]