A Simple Happy Day of Hearts

valentines features

We spent Valentine's Day at home today. Nothing special; just made some more Valentine cards for each other and our loved ones (which we've been doing the past two days), and this afternoon, we hied off to the nearby mall for some dessert. Ton and I had a fun time scanning the mall crowd for mushy couples and starry eyed high schoolers and college students ... Continue Reading

And the soul felt its worth.


It's a different type of Christmas this year: My little boy has a fever. As I write this, he's lying in bed, finally asleep after fidgeting for a while. I suspect he's just fatigued, after a long day yesterday. (We spent the morning in Makati at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, where he played all morning; evening was spent at a party with Ton's relatives.) At ... Continue Reading

Christmas Decorations at Home


We don't have a big home, but I enjoy keeping our home a happy, cozy abode, especially during Christmas time. If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know our house is in full-on holiday mode. I've been posting photos of our home, and of the little spaces within that I've decorated. This is my fifth Christmas I'm preparing for in my own home, with my ... Continue Reading

Advent Actitivies with the Kids


The Advent wreath on my mom's dining table in their home; my niece, Summer, blowing out one of the candles after the Advent prayers. In our family, the season of Advent is a whole different experience. The traditions around this season of the Church year have been ingrained in us since we were kids. My first memory of us saying prayers around the Advent ... Continue Reading

Vito’s Funtastic 4th Birthday

vito cake 3

There were so many emotions going through me this year, Vito's 4th year. I'm stumped that I have a four year old right now. I know I've been a mom for about five years (I include the pregnancy!), but it all seems so much more real and urgent right now. I know it's just me being my usual self (read: panicky, obsessive, etc.), but as I look at my growing boy, I ... Continue Reading

Cadence’s Easter Breakfast Birthday Party

DIY easter bday brunch

My goddaughter, Cadence Hope, celebrated her 2nd birthday last March 31. Since it coincided with Easter, her awesome parents Amy and Kiddo decided to go with an Easter Breakfast Birthday Party. The menu was a simple but lovely homemade brunch spread, courtesy of the grandparents on both sides of the family. The details and theme of the party were handmade and ... Continue Reading