Collecting Krista’s Firsts with Firstbook


Having a baby means one important habit change for parents: We become photographers! Haha! If you have gone through my social media accounts (yes, even back to when my eldest was a baby), you'll see that I'm diligent about taking and posting photos of my babies. I had an album for every month of Vito's life for his first year (and he even had his own blog, at ... Continue Reading

Blissful Business : An interview with Constance Event Styling


As I write this — three months into 2015 —, I am still basking at the success of our first Blissmakerie gathering last December. The Blissmakerie is a gathering of creative, bliss-making women — bloggers, small business owners and creative entrepreneurs — who believe in authentic community and collaboration. A huge part of the success of this event was ... Continue Reading

DIY Family Valentines Date: Movie Night!

DIY Movie tickets!
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By Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage If you are like me, I do not want to go out on valentines because everyone is out! All the restaurants are full, parking is super hard and the malls are full of people! Here is a solution that you might want to try this weekend! ....Movie night with the family! I am not talking about hauling our troop in a car and ... Continue Reading

7 Practical Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Husband


By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality When you and your ex-boyfriend (because he’s now your husband) were still dating, Valentine’s Day is indeed a big deal for both of you. Such a big deal that you save up for a nice shirt to wrap for him while you expect so much more than just a gift from him. (Talk about a grand bouquet to be sent to your place of work ... Continue Reading

Unexpected Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day


via by Rhiza Oyos of It's the month of love, and the debates are on. To celebrate or not to celebrate? Make it festive or forget it? Plan a date in a fancy restaurant, or stay at home and avoid traffic? Make Valentines Day special or make everyday Valentines Day? The truth is, my stand on Valentines Day changes every year, ... Continue Reading

What To Do With All Those Holiday Gifts


By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality Let me start this article by greeting you a warm Happy New Year! As I write this, I am certainly back to work from my well-spent and fully-enjoyed holiday break. Up until this morning while preparing my son for school, cooking breakfast and packing my and hubby’s lunch packs, I asked these in my mind: “Is it ... Continue Reading