How To Decorate Your Home With Mementos.

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By Marilen Faustino-Montenegro of Decorating your space with sweet reminders of happy moments, traditions passed on, and memories made is what differentiates a house from a home.  Every family has got a story to tell, events celebrated, and accomplishments realized.  A great way to make sure these memories are never forgotten would be to create … [Read more...]

Home Office Inspiration: Oh Joy’s One Desk, Two Ways

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I  haven't done a home office inspiration post in a looooong time, but I do keep my Pinterest board peppered with my current inspirations. Today, I swooned over this workspace setup by Joy Cho, one of my favorite bloggers. She presents two ways for dressing up this Office Depot desk, which has mid-century inspired design that I absolutely adore.  Here's … [Read more...]

Creating an Intentional Home

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It was around mid last year when I first stumbled upon Jules' blog, Pancakes & French Fries. It was one of those blogs recommended to me by a fellow homemaking blogger, but I've forgotten how I originally landed there. All I know is that when I found out about her William Morris Project to create a more intentional home, I was intrigued. For my part, I … [Read more...]

Organized organic: 3 Sprouts

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I'm SO thrilled to be announcing a new partnership on Dainty Mom: Give it up for 3 Sprouts, an amazing Canadian company that makes eco-friendly organizing solutions for kids and babies.     My son Vito seems to have inherited my knack for organizing. At 2 years and 1 month, he knows (apparently!) how to sort things by color, kind and … [Read more...]