Getting Blisstified, twice over

Getting Blisstified, twice over


I wrote to announce the Get Blisstified workshops a few months ago. Little did I know that I would be starting on a journey that would get me on my own personal path to healing and wholeness. (I’ll get into that later in the post).

How do I describe this amazing workshop that has touched over 40 women in just two runs last September? (We were overbooked both times, by the way.) I can go on and on about how inspiring both workshops were, but I know you expect something specific and useful. So I gathered some of my thoughts after processing the workshops and have written them down here. You tell me if these are useful and informative, OK?


1. A passion project doesn’t have to be a business.

Forgive me if I’ve let it come across on this blog that your passion project should be a hobby that you should monetize; that’s not what I’ve ever meant by “following your bliss.” In the Get Blisstified workshop, we are very clear to our classmates that having a passion project means committing to achieve within a time frame, something that we feel strongly about that we should take action on. For some, it’s a business. For others, it’s an advocacy. For the handful who happened to be moms, it was to work on their parenting, or possibly raise a family/get pregnant. The point of the workshop is to infuse each person with such a great sense of possibility and purpose, that they will pursue this passion with a full heart and mind and spirit. (I believe we all felt this way after each class, wouldn’t you agree, classmates?)



2. “Wherever you are, be all there.”

This isn’t advice from the workshop, but it could have well been. This quote is famously attributed to Jim Elliot, a Christian missionary who was killed for his faith in the 1960s. He also said, “Live life to the hilt.” And these mindsets don’t just apply to missionaries, they apply to everyone. During Get Blisstified, we always tell our class participants, “You are meant to be here, because you are here now. Some people couldn’t be here, even if they signed up, so maybe they are not meant to be here, but YOU are.” And so during the workshop, everyone is fully invested in the activities, everyone is committed to beginning (and finishing) this year-long support system we have set up so that everyone can really hit the finish line for their passion projects. Being all there, wherever we are, means we embrace everything in that moment and squeeze the purpose out of it. Such an important mindset to have for anyone beginning a passion project!



3. Thinking positively isn’t about faking happiness.

One of the things people have an issue with me throughout my blog’s life (and recently, my Instagram @makeitblissful, would you believe) is that “it’s too positive. No one and nothing is ever that positive.” Yes, it’s true. Nothing and no life is ever free of all negativity and downsides and setbacks. In fact prior to launching the workshop, I experienced an onslaught of self-doubt and personal defeat. Weeks before the workshop, I was reminded of all the people I’d let down, of my “annus horribilus” last year as a blogger, and I had all these haters of the blog resurface. I felt super small and and felt like I had no reason to keep on going. So Kimi “blisstified” me for some days, over chats and over Whatsapp (can you imagine), and she brought me to a place of possibility. This quote by Jordan Belfort was my “word” for that time:


Isn’t it so true, if you believe it? I claim it for everyone who thinks they cannot start something or begin again. When you are blisstified, nothing can keep you from moving forward! Basically, you can decide to stay in your place and let things keep you down OR you can create a new outcome that you would like to achieve, create the steps towards that, work on those steps daily, and step into your new possibilities. We definitely learned how to shatter many of our limiting beliefs!



4. Community is key.

After each batch of Get Blisstified, Kimi and I created a secret Facebook support group where the entire class could meet each week. We have weekly check-ins so that we are accountable to each other for the goals we’ve set. It’s an addicting group, you always want to log in to see how everyone is, what everyone is up to and how everyone is progressing. I’m filled with joy each time I log in. I love seeing everyone working hard, or barreling through seeming obstacles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more vibrant, active and intentional group that is committed to see everyone succeed. My heart is full.



5. Documentation delights.

Each classmate in Get Blisstified documents her passion project progress in these pretty, personalized journals. We started the first page during the gathering, because it’s such a great way to concretize the personal branding aspect of this workshop. I know “personal branding” sounds very market-y, but for the workshop, personal branding was all about getting our core values and harnessing them towards a tangible expression. Everyone’s pages looked different, and were very personal to them, naturally because the colors, the photos and the styles each one chose reflects her personal values, her core beliefs. As a blogger, I’m a big believer in documentation, so having everyone do so with a journal is part of making the passion project completion deliberate and delightful. We get to share our journal pages in our secret group, yay!



We’ve only just begun our journey “getting blisstified.” I can’t describe the details of the rest of the workshop, except that everyone who attends is equipped with the ability to see their passion projects completed, right here, right now. Thanks to Kimi’s training in neuro-linguistic programming and hynpotherapy, we can all “call into the present” this state of having completed our passion projects, we “see” it already, therefore we can do the work we need to do so that we can “actualize” it, make it come into being. And we have the next 11 months to do it, together. Because together, we are a force and we can be strong when others are weak, we can be an encouragement to each other, we can cheer each other on.

So. Would you like to Get Blisstified?

Would you like to have the mindset tools, and the strategies to help make your passion project a reality?

Then reply below in the comments and let us know! We’re planning the next one and we’d LOVE for you to be there!

A thank you to our Sponsors!

We’d like to thank the special brands who sponsored goodies for our first two Get Blisstified classes!


Batch 1: Thank you Origins (@originsPH), Simple Mama (@simplemamaPH), Wishlist Studio – journals (@wishliststudio), Balay Kandila – candles (@balayKandila)

Batch 2: Thank you BC Scent Studio (@bcscentstudio) for candles, Eden Street (@edenstreet) for the fun stationery, Wishlist Studio (@wishliststudio) for more journals, 360 Fitness for 1-week all access passes, and Little Whisk for the word cookies.


gentle birth story philippines 1

When I look back at the births of my children, I remember being absolutely happy, nothing could bring me down. The first birth, of course, was an experience like no other as I had no idea what was going on most of the time. I only remember being under a lot of lights, breathing through an oxygen mask and then hearing Vito’s voice for the first time before sinking into a feeling of elation. With Krista’s, I had more clarity and presence, having done everything according to my birth plan, thanks to the support and education of my doula, Irina Otmakhova of Conscious Birth Manila.

As part of her post partum services, Irina is again pioneering a new artisan craft, “DNA jewelry.” What makes these jewelry charms unique is that they are crafted using either preserved dried placenta, dehydrated breastmilk, umbilical cord or even baby hair. These precious articles are molded into charms of different colors and are suitable for bracelets and necklaces.

Here are the charms that Irina made as a way for me to keep my children close to me.

 These are using the breastmilk I currently give to Krista. I sent a small batch to Irina, who dehydrated it and formed these sweet pendants.

 This K & V charm bracelet contains a blue charm with Vito’s baby hair, clipped from when he had his first haircut at four months old. The pink charm contains placenta powder. 

Another charm containing placenta powder, which Irina accented with this tree pendant to symbolize the circle of life.


Thank you, Irina, for these beautiful reminders of my children and of my goddess mama power! I always feel affirmed by your positive and life-giving energy, and now, by your talent with these creations.

 To order your own set of DNA jewelry, contact Irina through Conscious Birth Manila.

Blooms and Brews

Blooms and Brews


All photos by Lightkeeper Studios

I just had the most fun doing my first collab with my husband! Well, our most fun collabs have been our kids (haha!), but what I’m talking about is the recent Blooms & Brews Workshop we had this April 30th at the Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe. It was a partnership between me and his coffee company, Shophouse Coffee Co.. I would do a simple Floral Workshop while he would do a demo and coffee tutorial on specialty coffee.

Why coffee and flowers? Well, this workshop was part of our “Art of Homemaking” series, specifically the “Art of Floral Arranging” component. However, I thought to give it a twist by injecting a coffee angle to it, because wouldn’t it be nice to hand-brew coffee or tea for our guests while we entertain at home? I know I enjoy lovely flowers and a good serving of coffee any day!

My hubby began the afternoon with a demo using three coffee drippers: The Clever Dripper, the Kalita, and finally the Chemex. We used Shophouse Coffee Co. coffee single-origin coffee beans from Panama and Brazil.



Ton explaining the different methods, such as the Chemex, for brewing specialty coffee at home.





Make it Blissful also partnered with Extraction Coffee (purveyors of fine home brew coffee products), whose products we featured in our coffee demo. Everyone fell in love with the beauty of the Chemex coffee maker! (Trivia: For those of you who are Friends freaks like me, you’ll know that Monica always served their coffee in the Chemex, hehe.)


The Kalita dripper, ceramic version.


The Chemex glass coffee makers



Ton serving the Chemex brewed single-origin Panama roast, flash brewed over ice. Iced coffee was perfect for our summer afternoon!


Extraction Coffee also put their coffee makers on display for us to see and enjoy discounted prices during the workshop! Thank you, Keren, for popping up at our workshop! (Guys, she’s carrying the limited editio Chemex with the wood holder! Grab it while it’s available!)


The floral arranging component was actually my first attempt at demo-ing florals! I’ve been taking up an online course in basic floral arranging, and I’ve been learning a lot. I wasn’t about to give lessons, but I wanted to share what I knew about making arrangements for small home gatherings. I had with me my “floral mentor”, Edna Abellon, a family friend who has been in the floral business for 20+ years, and she did my wedding flowers and those of my brothers’ weddings. It’s all in the family!


Edna and I, talking about the floral choices.

For our gathering, we chose long-lasting flowers and greens. Seeing as the weather’s been SO hot lately, we wanted our participants to make arrangements that could withstand the heat. We chose a variety of florals that could last for at least one to two weeks: imported carnations, gerber daisies, and imported mums; China berries; misty blue, asters, local eucalyptus, iris stalks, and other green fillers which are found in most home gardens.

I was going to make a Provencal-type arrangement, one that favored a less “hot house” look (not so polished) and a more “field-inspired” theme that used lots of fillers and greens. It’s a personal preference!






After my little demo, everyone partook of the floral bar. Tip: If you want to save on costs, go for a natural, field-inspired arrangement like those we created. This means more greens and ferns, and a certain number of statement flowers. Less “wedding bouquet” and more garden-like, free-form and natural. It takes practice to get the balance right, but once you get it, it’s quite satisfying! Take a look at the arrangements that some of us created:









Thanks to all who came! We all had loads of fun sharing stories over coffee, yummy food by Mateo’s and our pretty arrangements. We also enjoyed such sweet take-aways from our partners Juice Hut (almond milks), Neutra Organics (organic aromatherapy & body care), and The Little Whisk (coffee-themed cookies)





Have a look at our Facebook album, “Blooms & Brews” for more photos of the event. Thank you to Lightkeeper Studios for sponsoring the photography for this gathering!

Our next workshop after this is “The Gathering Table: Tables styling for home gatherings.” That’s on May 28! Would you like to join us? Read about it here: “The Gathering Table Workshop” and sign up if you want to join us!


I’m finally killing the blog.

I’m finally killing the blog.

Martine de Luna - A Day in the Life Shoot - Photography by Lianne Bacorro-181

I am killing this blog.

There. I said it.

This blog has not been working and I couldn’t take it any longer, so I am killing it.

OK, ok, it all sounds emotional (and much like the beginning of a bad novel!), so let me take you back through the process of why I have decided to kill off some things on Make it Blissful.

First, a premise:

I am “killing” the way that I blog, not the blog itself.

If you’ve been following me for the past six years, you’ll know I started my blog in 2010, around the same time that I started offering my services as a freelance writer. I did this part time because I had other things to take care of, like a full-time job as a teacher (which I resigned from in mid-2010), a new full-time job as a content creator and copywriter for a startup, and a small family, too.

As much as the blog has grown, so has the work I have put into it. For perspective, here’s what the blogging journey has looked like for me so far:


The income from blogging started trickling in sometime end of 2010, beginning of 2011. Aside from my main job as a homebased content director for a company in the USA, I would take on writing jobs that I applied for on Craigslist and other online job listings. Combined with my regular work in the startup, I made a pretty good sideline income for the first six months of working from home that year. The blog was my “portfolio”, if you will. People could hop onto it, see my articles, and decide if they wanted to click my “work with me” tab and hire me.


Eventually, I started to take on more work related to the blog and being a blogger personality. I started to get recognized for my blog, too, bagging a 2011 Philippine Blog Award for Best Home & Parenting Blog, and a 2013 award by Little Steps Asia – Hong Kong for being one of their Top 10 Best Mom & Dad Blogs. It was during this time — mid 2011 to 2012 — that I did a lot of sponsored posts, branded content and gigs as a local blogger. Busy, busy, busy.


In 2012, I took on a new sideline around March, which I would call “blog coaching” because that’s what I felt I was doing. It began when bloggers would email me and ask me to critique their blogs. So I started to accept coaching clients once a week, doing blog critiques for them, and helping them to craft brands as bloggers so that they could attract their ideal readers and build their own influence. I got clients from Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia, as well as the Philippines.

I felt good about doing this. It eventually expanded into a full service coaching package, complete with guided modules and a shadow-coaching collaboration with a network of website designers.


As I got more into blog coaching, I also started my first workshop that was on blogging in 2013. The workshops were successful, always booked out, always fun for me to do. Again, these were another sideline that turned out to be profitable and a good fit for those who were in the beginning stages of blogging.

2014 to 2015.

Between 2014 and 2015, blog coaching and blog workshops became a full-time job, and for the first time, viable income streams. From the start of 2014 to the middle of 2015, I was able to take around 40 blog coaching and branding projects. It was a crazy time of growth… and as it turned out, a growth that I could not handle.

Hitting the ceiling

It’s been three years since I had my first client for the blog coaching, and frankly, the business model isn’t working as it once was. Having a second child really threw me a curve ball, and I  had to reassess my systems (and lack of some essential systems, I should say.). The latter part of 2015 was the most difficult time in my freelance career, when I failed on projects that could have been carried out better. I failed clients and felt the effects of these failed projects. As a result, I didn’t feel like promoting myself or getting new clients, despite being in some of the best groups on Facebook, like Heather Crabtree’s and Jaclyn Smith’s.

(Still, new clients come all the time, and I am grateful for them. Thanks to my past clients, I have many referrals who are very happy with my coaching.)

I’ve also tried to “marry” the lifestyle blogger aspect with my being a blog coach, ever since 2014. It was manageable for a time, but for a while I’ve been feeling like I have one foot in, one foot out. I decline so many lifestyle engagements, endorsement opportunities, and private events for bloggers, because, well, they aren’t important to me. The “no’s” to RSVPs, the “sorry, I can’ts” to requests, left me feeling bad for the people who wanted to work with the “blogger personality” part of me.

I was divided.

I wasn’t fully committed to either.

And so, I came into 2016, not particularly confident as a blogger or a blog coach. I felt like a failure.

It affected blogging for me so much that I even wrote about my blogging sentiments, which went viral. It’s May of 2016, I’m still feeling the effects of last year!

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about failure, it’s never to settle in it. John Maxwell’s adage, is to “fail forward” and let failure be a teacher, a motivator, a means.

In spite of the failures I had in the blogging department, I looked ahead to what could be done. I went back to the heart of Make it Blissful — to create something inspiring out of something imperfect — and looked to others. In spite of the failings with clients, the universe still looked kindly on me and kept me going.

As 2016 unfolded, I launched a new workshop series, one heavy on partnerships and community over collaboration. I’ve been so happy to produce events for my collaborators, and help grow the small businesses of others. It always feels good to lift others up!

On the blog coaching side, I’ve been working on my failures with my mentors (and soon, my business coach) to create more effective systems that will work with my clients, so that they will be completely satisfied.

Most importantly, I’ve been able to allot days l I don’t do anything blog and work related, so that we can homeschool (actually, unschool) as a family and live more slowly. This is something I didn’t balance well last year, and it affected both my work and the children. I’ve also worked up to having two days for real exercise, which is something I’ve neglected, too.

I am focusing on what matters.

I’m working with a very select few clients for the blog coaching, so that I can give the best of my abilities to them. I’ve screened the current batch of clients and made sure we were a good fit. It is absolutely crucial that I only work with clients whom I can really help. Not like last year, when I overloaded myself and failed certain clients because I wasn’t intentional about my on-boarding process.

Blog-wise, things are changing, too.

I don’t want to be a blog personality.

I don’t want to be recognized just for having a great blog, for having followers on Instagram and Facebook, and for having a nice social media feed. It’s just not me.

I am killing off my blogger personality. Her, along with a slew of blog posts that I believe are no longer relevant to the long-term plan of helping people.

I even have a eulogy:

Goodbye, Martine De Luna of the blogger-brand personality, the “dainty mom”, the “bloggy belle”, etc, etc.

Thank you for six years of blogging the way you’ve felt is best.

Thank you for your brand endorsements and sponsored posts. Thank you for attending the events and launches and media gatherings these past few years.

Thank you for making friends with bloggers (even though you lost some), and thank you for your years as a mommy-blogger-turned-lifestyle-blogger-turned-blog-coach. It was really fun, full of many memories, joys, heartaches and lessons. They shall be missed, but not in a sad way. They shall always remain a chapter in this blogging journey, and will serve as lessons for me.

It’s been great knowing you, and I am looking forward to the changes. I see only good things for you up ahead.


I am pruning. I am evolving.

It’s the right time for it.

Sometimes, it takes several tries and tests to see traction in a project, be it a passion project, a career, a business, yes, even a blog. It is like this because we need to improve our skills, learn from our failures, accept our defeats, and press forward to what matters most.

Sometimes, our goals, businesses, blogs, aren’t working out, simply because there is one thing in the way: Our selves.

“Self” can be a dangerous and toxic thing. Often times when we make mistakes and fail to learn from them, it is because of self: selfishness, self-hate, low self-esteem. Sometimes, self causes us to by-pass our potential successes and victories because we don’t want to work hard for them, we don’t want to sweat it.

Don’t let self keep you from going forward, past your mistakes and lessons. That’s being selfish. (I was being selfish!) Instead, keep working on making yourself better, making your blog or business better — unless you know in your heart that it is time to stop, “kill” it off and start over.

After all, resurrection only comes after death, after the lowest of lowest points.

You will never know until you try.

Have you had to “kill” off a part of you that wasn’t really letting you “live”? What did you do? What are you doing about it right now, if you (like me) are going through a shift?

Food, fun and flatlays at Early Bird Breakfast Club

Food, fun and flatlays at Early Bird Breakfast Club


I enjoy taking photos, and I think it’s pretty obvious! Just look at my Instagram feed, and you’ll see that I am normally snapping away on any ordinary day. I guess sharing photos is my creative expression these days! I don’t journal consistently anymore, nor do I have an updated scrapbook. But when pick up my DSLR or play around with the photo apps on my phone, or gather together things for a vignette or a flatlay, I am still creating, still having fun.


Instagram has really become a community outside of blogging for me, l because I regularly spend time on the app. It’s allowed me to make friends from other parts of the world, and through it I also meet some pretty great companies and brands, too. I always enjoy a blissful collab, and last April 1st, Make it Blissul had the opportunity to collaborate with a very Instagrammable company: Early Bird Breakfast Club. I was so happy to collaborate with them on a fun workshop that married our mindsets of “making things blissful” and of starting each day beautifully.





Together with Early Bird Breakfast Club’s creative team, Make it Blissful came up with a gathering concept that would fuse idea of “food and flatlays.” It was a food styling and mobile photography workshop, to be attended by existing groups of social media influencers who were already friends. Why friends? Because it’s more fun to create moments and capture them when you already enjoy the people you’re with! Not to mention, the food served by EBB was (as always) picture-perfect.




To provide the prop styling accessories, I called on my friends and colleagues from Salt and Pepper Studios (a prop styling & photography studio). This dynamic duo, Jafe Enriquez and Loren De Guzman, specialize in food-related photography and styling, and I have worked with them on social media content for clients, so I knew they’d be perfect for the workshop. Jafe and Loren created a “prop buffet” for the workshop guests to use when conceptualizing their flatlays.





Here are some scenes from that flatlay workshop. As you can see, each group had very different concepts for their flatlays, which was great because we had such a variety of shots posted to Instagram! (You can check those on the #FoodAndFlatlaysPH hashtag.) Salt & Pepper Studios also took all of the official photos — aren’t they an amazing team?! There are over a hundred photos, so I can’t post them all here, but here are the ones I got of our teams in action!















After everyone took their flatlays, we enjoyed our meal! We had a choice of Chicken & Waffles, Chicken Tocino with Egg & Rice, and one of my personal favorites, the Bacon & Egg Nest! Of course, everything came to a sweet finish with my absolute favorite dessert here, the Yin & Yang Champorado, aaaaah! I want some right now! Here they all are coincidentally, in the winning flatlay below, by B’ley Villiones of @blogalag and @manilaeatup.


Thank you, Kendrick and Ellen Co of Early Bird Breakfast Club and Antidote Branding (Nikki Diyco and team), for choosing Make it Blissful as a workshop host. It’s really been a goal of mine to work with your beautiful business! Here’s to more opportunities to collaborate. (An aside: Our family LOVES Early Bird Breakfast Club! Yay!)


Thanks, Jafe and Loren for spicing things up with your props and photography! It’s really fun working with your ladies, and I look forward to our future projects together!

Thanks to the following bloggers and Instagrammers who came all the way to join us! Please check out their accounts and also the hashtags #foodandflatlaysPH #beautifulbreakfast and #saltandpaperstudios to see the flatlays we all created during the workshop:


tenthousandthspoon / jaydelemon – Jayde de Jesus
blogalag / manilaeatup – B’ley Villiones of Manila Eatup
thebaldbakerPH – Cy Ynares
mytummycraves – Seanta Reyes


artsyava – Ava Zabat
ashleydy – Ashley Dy
anagon – Ana Gonzales
wheninmanila / arlenebriones – Arlene Briones of When in Manila

larkvain – Karl Presentacion

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 2.10.18 AM

For more photos of this workshop, hop on over to my Facebook Page: Make it Blissful with Early Bird Breakfast Club, April 2016

Early Bird Breakfast Club’s newest branch is located in Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It’s the prettiest branch, my my opinion! Next time you’re headed South, stop by! Follow their official Facebook page and stay updated on Instagram @earlybirdbreakfastclub

Upcycling with Class

Upcycling with Class

Upcycling materials

by Audrey Angcos of Cheerful Journey

Some call upcycling as ‘salvage art’- taking something that would otherwise be thrown out and making it into something better. It helps put our ‘creative juices’ into good use. It is like hitting two birds in one stone! Aside from doing our share to lessen the garbage that adds to the mountains of trash in the landfill, we will also have a new object that is made with love and can be put into a good use.

Let me share with you some of the upcycled materials that I made these past months.

From Bottles to Vases


These bottles were used as containers of fresh buko juice that I bought from the supermarket. Since the bottle is nice and big enough, I decided to upcycle it and make a pretty vase. I just painted it with gold and pink and now, it sits on one of the corners of my room.

Gold and pink vase

I just added some handmade paper flowers to complete the look! What do you think?

From Empty Containers to Travel Essentials

candy can

These empty candy containers sit on my dresser for few weeks already. Then, as I was packing for an out of town trip, a colorful idea appeared! With the use of paint and fabric tapes, I transformed these candy containers into something that I can use whenever I travel!

Q-Tips and Hair Pins Holder

I always have dozens upon dozens of bobby pins. However, I always misplaced them! Hence, whenever I need to use some bobby pins for my hair, I will turn into a detective and search each crevices of my dresser just to find some. This tin candy container is a good size that fits my bobby pins! I just painted it to make it more dainty and I had an instant Bobby pin holder!

Whenever I travel, I usually wrap some Q-tips/cotton swabs in a piece of paper together with my toiletries. Whenever one of my toiletries would spill, my cotton swabs usually became one of the victims. What a waste! — Not anymore! This plastic candy container fits around 15 cotton swabs! I just put some fabric tape on it and it was turned into a nice waterproof travel essential. I don’t need to worry of spillage and I’m sure that it will keep my cotton swabs sanitised as well!

From ‘Common-Looking’ to ‘Something Striking’


Monogram letters can really spice up and personalize your table or corner. However, when I saw the price of the pretty letters, I could not say goodbye to my hard-earned money for that. Time to use my creative juices! I bought these recycled papier-mâché letters for Php5.00-Php10.00 each. I put my left over paints to good use then… I have my own monogrammed letter display!

Monogram display Ampersand display

Those are just some of the upcycled things that I made. Now, you might ask, how could you start upcycling. I am not a master of this trade, like you, I am also in the process of learning. Let me share with you some of the things that helped me upcycle things.

1. Look for Inspiration

One of the things that I enjoy doing online is creating Pinterest boards. Pinterest is bursting with beautiful inspirations! Whenever I see something beautiful and useful, I will just pin it to my board then revisit the board whenever I am ready to do a DIY project.

2. Don’t Throw Things that Can be Put into Good Use

Other people might see it as a clutter-hugging spree. This is not an excuse to live with clutter. You should know what to keep and what to throw – or else your home would end up like a junk shop. As for me, I only allot one box to hold all the materials to be upcycled. Whenever I see the item, I know within me whether it could be put into something useful or not. Remember, we want to make something useful and not to hoard trash in our homes.

3. Be Creative

Before buying something for the home, (new vase, new magazine rack, etc.) check first if you can make it yourself. DIY things are just a few clicks away! You can watch some tutorials in youtube or other arts and crafts websites. The materials that you need might already be within your reach.

4. Enjoy the Process

Rather than seeing it as a task that you need to do, try to look at it as a hobby that you will enjoy. Positivity will help you be more creative at the same time, enjoy the process of creating!

5. Share your Discovery

There are a lot of Facebook groups where like-minded individuals share their crafts and discoveries. This might be an avenue to meet new friends and to get new ideas.

As for me, there are times when I would meet with my friends (who also love arts and crafts) and we will just create things over a cup of coffee. 🙂

You could also give some of your upcycled items to your friends (who will appreciate it) as a gift! Knowing that you made it yourself will make them appreciate the gift all the more!


How about you? Are you also into upcycling?

What are the things that you were able to create? You might want to share some of your tips with us.

Don’t forget to share it by commenting below.