7 Ways to Love Yourself Back This Year

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By Ruth Wong of MomMe Circle & The Mommy Cafe, Singapore If I were to ask you what you like versus what you dislike about yourself, chances are, quite a number of you will end up with a longer list of what you don’t like than what you do appreciate about yourself. The fact of the matter is, many women, myself included, struggle with self-love in … [Read more...]

The Blissmakers of FLOW: A trinity of passions


This is a collaborative interview I did with the gorgeous women of FLOW SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreats. I asked them to talk about their bliss, which has inspired me a great deal throughout the years. I love how they've been able to activate their passions into a truly purposeful, lifestyle business where they can all literally do work that they love! — … [Read more...]

Pre-birthday Pampering with the hubs at Toccare Spa Makati

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We have to make our "me times," my husband and I. We each have our own way of relaxing. For me, it's definitely going to the spa and getting a body scrub and a long, relaxing massage. For him, it's playing American football and going to the gym (and then, getting a massage). So if there's one thing in common that Ton and I have, it's our love for body … [Read more...]

The Week That Was – Doses of Happy


Greenbelt, Makati, October 1, 9AM. I rather liked my outfit, and it was a good thing I did. Because the week that would follow wouldn't be a walk in the park. I'm usually resilient when it comes to taking up extra duties, both at work and around the home. It's that part of my that likes to be "in control," I guess: I like to do things a certain way, and I … [Read more...]

Beyond Yoga: Yoga for everyone! {Giveaway}

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I had my first Yin yoga class last Friday. And I'm so glad I did! I haven't felt this relaxed and tension-free in a long time, even if I regularly get massages. There's a world of difference when you get in a totally empty, totally freeing zone; when your mind is free from distraction, and your body just — literally — goes with the flow. And when you get to … [Read more...]