3 Blog fire-starters to get you writing right now.

3 Blog fire-starters to get you writing right now.


While I’m taking some time of this blog to work on it and relaunch it into a purely business blog, I thought I’d still pop in from time to time to share some tips for blogging. After all, I’m still working doing blog coaching!

I know we all have good intentions and we want to stick to a consistent blog posting schedule, especially if we are running a business. Sometimes though — no matter how well we plan — there are sometimes days or even weeks when we can’t seem to write a post worth publishing. I’ve been there plenty of times! I always plan to write at least twice to thrice a week on my blog, but even though I’ve got an editorial calendar set up, a chockful of blog post ideas, lots of drafts waiting to be finished… and yet, nothing. (It’s actually like this for me now, during this blog sabbatical! Hence, the sabbatical. Hehe.)

But allow me to share a few ways I get myself going when I am struggling to write a blog post. Maybe these will help you like they’ve helped me get out of a blogging rut!

1. Free write.

“Free writing” is a writing exercise I used to do in high school when I would be assigned to write a 5-paragraph essay each week during English class. The point is to just write without thinking. You just write and stop thinking about the writing, stop obsessing over it. In other words: brain farts and word vomit, in millennial terms, hehe.

You can totally try this out, here’s how: Set a timer for 10 minutes and just write. Seriously, set it and keep writing about the first thing that comes in your head, and keep writing even if you go off topic. When the time is up, you will have done two things: (1) You would have gotten your mind to think about a certain topic, and you will have a rough draft of something you can edit and publish, or (2) you would have written something that could have spawned a better topic than the one you originally began writing about.

Do it. Turn off your mobile phone and don’t check social media. Just write.

2. Get deep, or get out.

If you have no ideas, no spark, then do either of two things: Get deeper into what you’re doing or get out.

This works. With me, if I have gotten the juices flowing after free-writing, I either get deeper into the piece and start to edit, change words, etc., I’ll turn on a podcast like The Lively Show or something that will spark more interest into the topic I’m writing about. I might read another article online to get more inspiration or read an old blog post of mine that’s somehow connected to the topi. I’ll go and research some new tangent or angle to my topic. When you “get deep” into writing a blog post, you immerse yourself in a bunch of things that will help you finish your post, so that you create something fresh to share with your readers.

Alternatively, if you’re tired of going deep and soaking it all in; if you’re reevaluating your topic or your blog direction or something just isn’t clicking, then it’s probably time for a break. It can be as a big as a blog sabbatical, where you step away from the way you’ve been blogging OR it could mean stepping out of the workspace, away from the laptop and doing something physical. Maybe you need to hit the gym, take a walk, leave the house and have coffee and read a book somewhere. Whatever it is, do something completely removed from the blog post you’ve been working on (or even the blog entirely). When you do, have a time to release yourself from all the thinking and processing.

With me, it’s taking time off from blogging, going back to actively homeschooling and fixing our home, and dealing with a limited number of clients so that I can have time to rehash Make it Blissful into something fresh, something sweet.

3. Ask questions (and answer them on the blog).

After some time (or some weeks maybe) and you feel like you’ve shaken off whatever rut you were in, go back to your blog. Maybe hit up your Facebook groups, ask questions among your readers, and look for a question someone asked you and create a blog post around that. This is the easiest way to create content when you can’t think of anything to write. Listen to your audience, keep it simple, help them take a step forward. (My friend Frances does this on her blog, through a monthly feature she calls “Dear Frances” where she answers a question from a blog reader. Brilliant! She has content.)


So right now, I’m doing all three as I’m on this blog sabbatical. I’m free writing away from the computer and getting some journaling done. I’m getting deep into research and inspiration, looking for new ways to write and new topics to blog about (and trying not to get overwhelmed). I’m just getting started asking questions from among my readers, and they’ve been really helpful. I’m confident after this break, I’ll come back with a bunch of articles worth reading!

What about you? What blog firestarters from among these three do you find helpful? Care to give them a try? 

Imperfection revolution.

Imperfection revolution.

I’m taking a semi-sabbatical from the blog to focus on a rebrand and on the remaining projects I have under “Make it Blissful.” Oh, don’t worry, I’m just here. In fact, we have lots of events that we are processing and working towards: blogging workshops, writing workshops, and a few more homemaking workshops, too.

I’ll be around, but as things get more busy on the family side, you’ll start to see me integrate some more posts on lifelong learning, “hack schooling” and unschooling, our journey as entrepreneurs (especially with our art space and our coffee business). There’s just too much going on right now, and personally, I need to achieve some space and ample time. I need to go on a personal retreat, really, and get into the heart of where Make it Blissful is going… because believe me, it’s going to places it’s never ventured into before.

Onwards from the pivot…

You might recall the blog post I wrote a couple of months ago entitled “Pivot.” I am still in that place where things in my life and business are being re-aligned. As things have been snowballing, it seems like I’ve just been going at projects and gatherings with lots of energy and zing. The truth is… while I do LOVE creating gatherings and collaborations on the ground, a part of me still craves that location-independent and freedom lifestyle that will allow our family to move forward with how we want to raise the kids and grow our businesses.


It’s obvious that, for me, the lifestyle blogging/brand ambassadorship/endorser era of the blog is over. It is not a sustainable lifestyle for me, nor is it one that will allow us as a family to really pursue the adventures we desire to experience.

And so, I’ve been looking for the right mentors to help steer my little ship to the right course, and I am happy to say, I believe I’ve found the right shipmates for this part of the journey. More on that when I’m out of the storm.

Admitting imperfections

One of the greatest breakthroughs I’ve had thus far is a collaboration with Fire & Wind Co.’s Ashley Beaudin and her #TheImperfectBoss campaign. Last week, I was in the company of 400+ entrepreneurs from around the world who rallied towards social media for a groundbreaking. It was the birth of a new community within the global community of women entrepreneurs. Last May 16 to 18, we were all encouraged to show the unedited and uncensored realness of being an online entrepreneur, and man did the skies fall (and the tears, for sure!).

These were my confessions.


After publishing these confessions on my social media feeds, I was welcomed with a flood of encouragement. I got text messages, Viber messages, emails and Facebook messages from the most unexpected people and friends, all of whom related with what I had posted. Some of these confessions were firsts for me, and known by only a handful of friends. You all know that I love posting what I feel is a happy thought, a blissful moment and a pretty thing, but juxtaposing these images with such raw confessions was liberating. Yes, the people who post pretty things on their Instagrams have shitty things going on in their lives, too — and I’m one of them! I won’t be substituting the well-lit, thoughtful posts on my Instagram feed for ugly shots, though. That’s not authentically “me.” But this new movement of struggling entrepreneurs was an honest jab at a social media-driven culture that is obsessed with image and reputation.

Being real and vulnerable isn’t about how daring you are in slapping your crap moments on to your feed. It’s about keeping true to your excellence as an entrepreneur or blogger or creative, but always ALWAYS looking to touch the hearts of those who follow you.

Thank you, Ashley, for making me a part of this. (And thanks for loving the Philippines, teehee! Hope to see you again the next time you’re here.)

This sabbatical from blogging is part of being an “imperfect boss.” I’ve never been more busy providing blog coaching, and here I am, not blogging. But I am seeing it as a good thing, because after this season is over, I will be back to blogging, but with a renewed purpose. It’ll be a business blog, not a lifestyle blog, for one thing! So while I’m rehashing my site and its offerings, I’m still teaching several women how to blog better, to blog towards their passions and to create jobs they love. It’s what I’m good at, it’s what I can keep on doing.

And after this rebrand, you’re going to see some serious mindset shifts, blogging revamps, and all-new “blissmaking” here. You can linger on to see the old articles and the past events… I enjoyed them all! But I’m even more excited for what’s to come, because it’s not going to be about me, me, me. (Blogging can do that, make one narcissistic! Mea culpa.)

See you on the other side.

For updates on the NEW Make it Blissful / Martine De Luna website, please subscribe to our NEWSLETTER (the signup form is down below, just before the Instagram feed near the bottom of the site). You can also keep in touch with me on Instagram @martinedeluna

Blog Love: Boss Lady Dreams

Blog Love: Boss Lady Dreams

fb profile photo

My guest for today’s Blog Love is a lady who is all about being a fully-equipped and purposeful lady-preneur. Meet Stephanie Williams, a biz coach for women who want to scale their business ideas and grow their empires. I love her mission over on her blog, Boss Lady Dreams! And she is, like me a blog coach and social media consultant. Learn more about her advocacy for female biz owners, and her heart for living (and working) with intention. 

1. Tell me a bit about yourself, as a woman.

I’m probably one of the most resilient women you’ll ever meet. I’ve been through a lot, struggled a lot, but I know how to persevere. When others might look at some of my experiences as failures or obstacles, I look at them as opportunities for improvement. I’m creatively driven, and I’m just like you: looking to reach self actualization for a kick ass life. I don’t want to be on my deathbed chanting my regrets… I want to leave this world knowing that I lived an awesome life and gave my kids the same thing.

2. What made you want to begin Boss Lady Dreams?

I started BLD because I was in the midst of running a handmade skincare business, and I was making mistakes left and right… it was unbelievable and I would often be ashamed of making a mistake. At first, I looked at it as if I were failing in my business. Then, I learned that it’s not about actually making mistakes, it’s about what you learn from them and how you bounce back. My blog is dedicated to teaching new female entrepreneurs how to think strategically. I want to give them actionable information that is created specifically for NEW entrepreneurs. When I was brand new, I often found myself running into content that wasn’t tailored for newbies like me, so I want to put my relevant perspective out into the Internet.

website screenshot

3. We often hear the buzz words “boss lady” and “girl boss” and similar terms of empowerment for women. What makes your blog or message distinct from these?

My version of a bosslady is different, because I’m different. I’m not a millionaire, I don’t even have a product for sale on my site! I named my blog Bosslady Dreams because being a fearless female is what I aim to be. Unlike others, I’m still on my journey to being a bosslady, I’m not there yet. But I want to document my journey so that others know it’s possible. We often see the end of the journey… when people have finally made it big, then they share their success, but not their struggles. I often share some really personal stories with my email list… they know some of the harder times I’ve been through, and they’ll remember them when I have made it big.


4. What are some challenges you’ve faced as a blogger in your niche?

Oh my gosh, so many! First, the niche is super saturated. This makes me really nervous to sell digital products because I know EVERYONE is selling digital products. Networking is a bit hard for me, too, but I know it’s important so I’ve got to get over it and make it happen.

5. Take us through a typical day (or week) as a blogger?

No day is really typical, but I try to focus the beginning of the week on scheduling tweets, pins, and my newsletters. I really want to have an active presence on Pinterest because it’s my number one source of traffic. I spend about two hours a week on Stumbleupon because that’s given me pretty decent traffic, too. The rest of the week, if I’m not creating content for the blog, I’m reading other marketing blogs or books, or revisiting my strategies to see what is working and what isn’t. I recently started taking my own photos for my blog so that takes up a ton of time!

04Williams_SWP_0346. What are some of your favorite things to do, outside of the blog?

Eat ice cream, swoon over pretty Instagram pages, thumb through a good book, and DIY projects. I’m obsessed with adding glitter to anything I can! I’m actually going to be starting a mason jar garden with my kids soon, too!

7. Where do you see your blog, down the road, and what are your hopes for it?

Honestly, I also see myself becoming a leader in the niche. It’s important for me to try my best to help women who were just like me when I started, because new female entrepreneurs need the help. I love when people email me and say, “Your workbook really helped!” or “This tip you gave was genius… why didn’t I think of that?” I just want to help women see that they can achieve any goals they want! I’m hoping that down the road, my blog will be able to provide me with the income I need to live a good life… I have a small family, two boys and a loving boyfriend, and we deserve to live better lives than we had growing up. Plus, I really want to pay off my student loans!

Connect with Stephanie on her social channels!
Pinterest: bossladydreams
Instagram: @bossladydreams
Twitter: @bossladydreams

Life, blogs, changes, and what matters most.

Life, blogs, changes, and what matters most.

life changing magic of tidying

Hello, everyone! This blog post is coming at you several days late. I couldn’t manage to finish it, with all the juggling I’m doing on a daily basis! But first of all, I want to give some updates about where I am right now:

1. Family. It’s no joke to mother two children of different ages and needs. My eldest is a tall, lanky six year-old who is a budding comic strip illustrator (at least to himself), a maker of toy inventions and imaginings, who is starting to get interested in big boy hobbies like basketball. (Gulp!) Meanwhile, my 14 month-old daughter gets everywhere, getting curiouser and curiouser each day, which is both a delight and a tiring thing for me! My husband is working hard on getting his specialty coffee business off the ground, and is usually busy at popups, coffee tastings, and networking after 8 years of being homebased, like me.

2. Work. I’ve been producing workshops left and right since the start of the year, and also doing website coaching and social media consulting for a number of clients. This is where I find myself most engaged, apart from raising the kids and taking care of my marriage, of course. I’ve been gradually fixing things and systems on the backend of Make it Blissful as a brand, and have been interviewing candidates for possible permanent positions in lieu of some inevitable changes.

3. Blog life. I’ve been invited to so many more events and engagements, but honestly I’ve had to turn down maybe 90% of them all because I’m producing my own events for my own partners, collaborators and clients. The “life of a blogger” aspect has become less of a key role, to be honest. And yet somehow, I don’t feel like anything is lacking for me, even if I am not as involved, as participative in the local blogging scene. I have, however, been contributing to magazines like Belong Magazine and The Perpetual You, two US-based publications (in digital and print formats), who have engaged my love for writing about the blogging craft and the intentional life.

Where are you at?

So now that I’ve explained a bit about me, how are you doing? (You can tell me in the comments!)

Me, I’ve been managing and watching the online communities that I care for on daily basis, aside from work and family. For some weeks now, I’ve noticed a kind of shift in energy, a collective feeling of breathlessness and discontent, especially on social media and the blogging scene, whether it’s among my countrymen and the impending national elections, or it’s in the creative business communities I participate in.

These last few weeks online have sometimes left me feeling like I am not producing enough, not launching things sooner, not contributing to enough conversations, not sharing my opinion more eloquently, not using the optimum tools and systems, blah, blah, blah.

This feeling of “blah” is even in my own blogging collective on Facebook, where I see less and less engagement and contributions from the bloggers, less of a response from those who have been working hard after a workshop or a training program. (Note: Well, since a majority of these women are from my country, I also assume that tax season and the demands of life during this election season are contributing factors.)


There really is only one simple thing to do when there is an overload of questions, hindered progress, busy-ness. And that is to—:

Stop, look, and listen to the changes…

… in the social & blogging scene, for context in this blog post.

Remember the #Instapanic a few weeks ago, when everyone freaked over Instagram’s changes? Things are again (as always) rapidly changing in the scene. It’s a fact. As I see it, it’s a good thing. Not blogging with fire anymore? Change things up, get critiqued, or take a break or do all! Not getting the social media engagement you hoped for because of algorithm changes and market switches? Change things up, too, adapt, test, assess, and try things out again & again.

How things work and how people consume media may change, but our goals, our dreams: These are still the same, and maybe growing, too.

If have been feeling overwhelmed by —

  • the pressure to blog regularly
  • the shifts in social media practices and the need to keep up
  • the new platforms and apps that everyone seems to be using but you need time to learn
  • the need for your blog or your business to “scale up”, which you feel lost about
  • a surge of work and projects that need your equal attention, but you can’t seem to give it to them —

(And, yes, all that I listed down above is all on MY plate!)

My advice is simple:

Go back to doing what matters most.

By that, I mean what matters most to YOU.

Me? What matters most during this season of Make it Blissful is to streamline systems and get this brand running like a well-oiled machine. It’s grown much in the last two years, ever since I stopped being an active mommy blog. For me, what matters most is that I still have time to spend with my young children; that my work will never compete for the work I am doing in them as their mother. We’re enjoying this season of their lives when the world is still a great big wonder. We want to hone in on this time, make the most out of trips and travels (locally only), of homeschooling/unschooling. And so it matters to me that the livelihood we choose as husband and wife supports this.

What about you, dear reader and friend?

People ask me all the time, “How can I grow my blog?” or “How can I start making my blog into a job, like you?” or “How can I work from home, so that I can be with my family?”

I can’t ever offer the best advice because we’re all changing, all different in our needs and wants and lifestyles. However, if we all go back to what matters most to each of us, then we will realize that the most important thing of all — in life, work, in blogging and growing a passion or a business — are the relationships we build and grow. Even though lifestyles may change; even though algorithms and platforms may adapt (so that we might, too), the most secure and constantly reassuring thing that matters the most is connecting with your community, you “tribe” or whatever. It can be as simple as a Facebook chat, or perhaps a phone call, a get-together over tea or coffee so that you can share about life, business, work and blogging.


Blog Love: The Little Observationist

Blog Love: The Little Observationist

Taken by Peter Hall, Dscreet Art off of Brick Lane (1)

Welcome to another Blog Love conversation! I’ve recently joined the wonderful Facebook group, Blogging Boost, and have met some pretty awesome bloggers there. I’ll be featuring some of the ladies I met there, starting with Stephanie Sadler here, who is the editor of the delightful creative blog, The Little Observationist. Immediately upon reading her blog, I knew she “got” the message of my own blog, Make it Blissful! We both love celebrating the small things and small luxuries, and rejoicing over the little details we often take for granted. Get to know Steph a bit more today!

1. Steph, tell me a bit about yourself, as a woman.

Hi! I’m Steph. I’m a full time social media strategist for an international education company by day and by night I’m a blogger at Little Observationist. I also run a shop on Etsy where I sell my photography prints and mini photo notecards, fill my time with a bit of freelance writing and love to work with small businesses on building better social media and blogging strategies.

I grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, New York, close to the famous Niagara Falls. After studying abroad in London, I decided to move back when I graduated… and nine years later, I’m still here, living with my Spanish husband Jorge and our mischievous cat Oakley.


This is Oakley. What a cutie!

About me as a woman specifically? I love that there are so many women now setting up their own businesses and becoming solopreneurs in order to find work that is flexible and fulfilling – and succeeding. I find myself drawn toward working with and connecting with these inspirational powerhouses.

2. What made you want to begin Little Observationist?

I’ve been blogging since 2002 on one platform or another. After writing a London-only blog – Little London Observationist – for five years, I wanted to branch out from my focus on the city. While I continue to share London content, I also create posts around other interests like travel and food.

I’ve always loved being a part of the blogging community as it opens up so many opportunities and has allowed me to connect with so many amazing people.

Little Observationist is also my platform for storytelling and sharing photography, two of my favourite hobbies.


3. Let’s talk about your tagline: What, for you, are “life’s little luxuries,” and how do you discover and document these as a blogger?

I think that the recent trend toward mindfulness is spot on. Observing the world around me is something I’ve been making a conscious effort to do for years and that’s when I find these little luxuries in life appear. They might come in the form of the blossoming Magnolia tree around the corner indicating the start of spring, in meeting someone whose story just has to be told, or having an entire afternoon ahead with no plans and a camera in hand. I love to take long walks, photographing the little details that catch my eye and then stopping for cup of tea and sitting down in a café or a grassy park with my mini green moleskine to jot down my observations while I’m out: sounds, smells, textures… just capturing the moment so I can write about it more accurately later.


4. What are some challenges you’ve faced as a blogger in your niche? 

I don’t see blogging as a competition. I think there’s space for everyone. And so the main challenge I’ve faced has been managing my own time so that I can blog quality content while balancing other aspects of my life.

I love the lifestyle blogger niche and I think each site is different in one way or another. I also edge into the travel blogger niche to an extent and dip my toes in as an occasional food blogger. My Feedly is jam-packed with bloggers I love from all of these different niches and beyond, each contributing something I find worthwhile to read.


5. I definitely agree with you about there being a place for everyone! But concerning you, in particular: Can you take us through a typical day (or week) as a blogger?

While I don’t run Little Observationist as a full time job, I do blog and create social media content full time for my 9-5. Between the three or four posts per day I set up for work and my one post each week on Little Observationist plus some freelance blogging on the side, I spend a significant amount of time writing, formatting, editing and photographing for posts as well as coming up with interview questions.

Most of my blogging for Little Observationist happens on a weekend. I love to take my camera out early on a Saturday morning, spend a few hours in the afternoon editing through images and then use the quiet hours early on a Sunday to write, edit text and pull in the photos.  

6. What are some of your favorite things to do, outside of the blog?

I love running around with my camera as much I can, traveling to explore cities and countryside I’ve never been to before, reading books, blogs and magazines, running along the Thames when motivation strikes, rummaging through markets, a bit of shopping, poking my nose around art galleries, drinking tea and of course spending time with the people who are close to me. Pretty much everything I love to do outside of the blog ends up on the blog eventually!

7. Where do you see your blog, down the road, and what are your hopes for it?

I hope to continue to build up content that people love to read and share and return for each week. I’d love to build up more of a community around the social media platforms I use along with the blog. I use this space as somewhere to share my photography, so one hope I have is that it might help me sell some prints or eventually have another exhibition. I have a few ideas in mind for new series and I’d love to one day have the time to write more often than once a week, but for now it’s mainly a place for me to share stories, reflect on life and remember to appreciate the little things.


Connect with Steph! Find her on her social media channels and if you like, subscribe to her blog, too: Instagram: instagram.com/littleobservationist  | Pinterest: uk.pinterest.com/stephskimo/  |  Twitter: twitter.com/LLOStephskimo  |  Facebook: facebook.com/littleobservationist   |  Facebook (London): facebook.com/littlelondonobservationist




reflect then blog

It’s the second year the site’s been wearing her new clothes. And it’s time to once again go back through the years and be grateful for what’s happened so far and look forward at what is to come. And what’s to come is another change… A pivot, if you will.

I’ve pivoted many times on this blog, each time dealing with a particular life stage.

I’ve been coming to terms with my role as a blogger of late. I started off as a mommy blogger six years ago this March. I entered during the “mommy blog boom,” with a goal to change the way I blogged so that I could somehow stand out and offer something different. You do, of course, know the story of how I got distracted and sucked into the whirlwind of “mommy blogger-ness”, and all its ins and outs, its perks and some small level of recognition, some nominations, too. In the end, it just never fit into the lifestyle I wanted for the family.

Things have changed, as rapidly as they do in this digital age. Today, I can hardly call myself a “blogger” in the commonly known sense of the word. I’ve written about how I’ll never be the best lifestyle blogger, and so I’ve always felt uncomfortable being called that or pigeon-holing myself into that niche, for lack of a better definition for the blog.

I do blog, but I blog to (hopefully) raise awareness for a message or idea that I want to get across to people. Yes, I do document my life from time to time, and hopefully, connect with others through my stories. But, after going in a certain direction — away from the mommy blogger style, specifically as Make it Blissful —, I found a whole new world of experiences: work to do, communities to build, gatherings to create, women to befriend, connections to cherish.

This is where I am now, where Make it Blissful is.

Don’t be “inspired” by how I live.

This blog isn’t even a snippet of what our lives are really like. I don’t owe that to you guys, and I’m saying that in a genuinely nice way, OK! I don’t mean for readers to come to this site and be inspired by how I live. God forbid! You’re your own life. You already know how to live it. I know how I need to live mine right now, and that’s with simplicity, frugality and prudence as we grow a small business, raise two kids, and enter our 8th year of marriage. I know we’re going to go through heartaches, unmet goals, unfufilled dreams, the joys, the moments of bliss. We’re also going to stir our morning coffee, do the laundry, take out the trash, iron our clothes, deposit checks in the bank, and work, work, and oh boy, work.

Guess what. You’re going to go through all that, too. That’s life. Everyone’s life is like this. A blogger might just publicize parts of her life for the world to read…. but that’s not what I want to do anymore, as if I needed to invite you to how I live, or work or do things. Now I personally enjoy my work and my life, but I don’t expect anyone to use my life as some sort of peg or example of how they should be living theirs.

So, I’ll continue to share what I’m learning, what I’m figuring out, what I’m struggling with in my thoughts. The contributors to Make it Blissful will likewise always contribute articles that are practical and uplifting, so that you can add them to you bank of ideas when you need a new way of doing things or of looking at things.

What “making things blissful” means

This site will continue to be for people who want to “make things blissful”, and that means —

  • those who want to live differently, perhaps have a slower approach to life and blogging;
  • those who believe in meaningful partnerships, collaborations and relationships, whether online, with brands, or with other people and communities;
  • those who believe in going against templates or societal systems or feel-good spirituality;
  • those who know what it means to “design their lives,” and not in the material sense of a “lifestyle blog”;
  • those who aren’t afraid to be misunderstood, because they are living in a way that makes sense to them.

As a brand, Make it Blissful will keep on —

  • creating boutique experiences for women to collaborate and come together, through gatherings, workshops, and our occasional Blissmakerie. These won’t be your regular blogger or PR events (We don’t need more of those). These will be gatherings that will only be attended by women who want to be there for themselves, for their own growth and personal enhancement. Floral workshops, homemaking events, creative gatherings, and yes, our blogging & social media workshops: All these fall under this intention.
  • helping women — whether they be brands, bloggers or small businesses —, to create websites that effectively bring their message and offerings to the world (not just limited to blogs)
  • connecting people through our hubs on social media, like @makeitblissful and @ihavethisthingforflowers, and whatever other new hubs are created, based on our passions as a community that loves learning together.

I’ll be writing more about the blogging, social media and community-building side of things, because my work encompasses these. Also because I really, really do like sharing about them! If ever I do write about my family, it’ll be connected somehow with a message or a lesson or an idea that is bigger than just what we did, where we went, or what we ate.

This really is the pivot here: This isn’t a blog just about Martine De Luna’s ramblings. I don’t need others to be interested in more than what I post on Instagram or the occasional social media update. I mean isn’t it refreshing to know that you don’t owe anyone what your baby or kid or husband is doing? I think so.

Re-read the bullet points again about what this site is for and what we’ll keep doing as a community, as Make it Blissful. We’re so excited for the other things in store for the rest of 2016; wouldn’t you like to join us?

And, thanks for reading up to this point. I’m excited for these changes, how about you?