Blog Love: Boss Lady Dreams

Blog Love: Boss Lady Dreams

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My guest for today’s Blog Love is a lady who is all about being a fully-equipped and purposeful lady-preneur. Meet Stephanie Williams, a biz coach for women who want to scale their business ideas and grow their empires. I love her mission over on her blog, Boss Lady Dreams! And she is, like me a blog coach and social media consultant. Learn more about her advocacy for female biz owners, and her heart for living (and working) with intention. 

1. Tell me a bit about yourself, as a woman.

I’m probably one of the most resilient women you’ll ever meet. I’ve been through a lot, struggled a lot, but I know how to persevere. When others might look at some of my experiences as failures or obstacles, I look at them as opportunities for improvement. I’m creatively driven, and I’m just like you: looking to reach self actualization for a kick ass life. I don’t want to be on my deathbed chanting my regrets… I want to leave this world knowing that I lived an awesome life and gave my kids the same thing.

2. What made you want to begin Boss Lady Dreams?

I started BLD because I was in the midst of running a handmade skincare business, and I was making mistakes left and right… it was unbelievable and I would often be ashamed of making a mistake. At first, I looked at it as if I were failing in my business. Then, I learned that it’s not about actually making mistakes, it’s about what you learn from them and how you bounce back. My blog is dedicated to teaching new female entrepreneurs how to think strategically. I want to give them actionable information that is created specifically for NEW entrepreneurs. When I was brand new, I often found myself running into content that wasn’t tailored for newbies like me, so I want to put my relevant perspective out into the Internet.

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3. We often hear the buzz words “boss lady” and “girl boss” and similar terms of empowerment for women. What makes your blog or message distinct from these?

My version of a bosslady is different, because I’m different. I’m not a millionaire, I don’t even have a product for sale on my site! I named my blog Bosslady Dreams because being a fearless female is what I aim to be. Unlike others, I’m still on my journey to being a bosslady, I’m not there yet. But I want to document my journey so that others know it’s possible. We often see the end of the journey… when people have finally made it big, then they share their success, but not their struggles. I often share some really personal stories with my email list… they know some of the harder times I’ve been through, and they’ll remember them when I have made it big.


4. What are some challenges you’ve faced as a blogger in your niche?

Oh my gosh, so many! First, the niche is super saturated. This makes me really nervous to sell digital products because I know EVERYONE is selling digital products. Networking is a bit hard for me, too, but I know it’s important so I’ve got to get over it and make it happen.

5. Take us through a typical day (or week) as a blogger?

No day is really typical, but I try to focus the beginning of the week on scheduling tweets, pins, and my newsletters. I really want to have an active presence on Pinterest because it’s my number one source of traffic. I spend about two hours a week on Stumbleupon because that’s given me pretty decent traffic, too. The rest of the week, if I’m not creating content for the blog, I’m reading other marketing blogs or books, or revisiting my strategies to see what is working and what isn’t. I recently started taking my own photos for my blog so that takes up a ton of time!

04Williams_SWP_0346. What are some of your favorite things to do, outside of the blog?

Eat ice cream, swoon over pretty Instagram pages, thumb through a good book, and DIY projects. I’m obsessed with adding glitter to anything I can! I’m actually going to be starting a mason jar garden with my kids soon, too!

7. Where do you see your blog, down the road, and what are your hopes for it?

Honestly, I also see myself becoming a leader in the niche. It’s important for me to try my best to help women who were just like me when I started, because new female entrepreneurs need the help. I love when people email me and say, “Your workbook really helped!” or “This tip you gave was genius… why didn’t I think of that?” I just want to help women see that they can achieve any goals they want! I’m hoping that down the road, my blog will be able to provide me with the income I need to live a good life… I have a small family, two boys and a loving boyfriend, and we deserve to live better lives than we had growing up. Plus, I really want to pay off my student loans!

Connect with Stephanie on her social channels!
Pinterest: bossladydreams
Instagram: @bossladydreams
Twitter: @bossladydreams

Blog Love: RJ Dancel of The Millennial Panda

Blog Love: RJ Dancel of The Millennial Panda


This is a guest post by RJ Dancel of Millennial Panda. She is one of the interns here at Make it Blissful, managing our @makeitblissful Instagram account, and also contributing in any way to the community. I immediately clicked with RJ because her blogging path is so similar to mine! Be inspired by this personal essay of hers, her first contribution to the blog. Thanks, RJ!

I got pregnant when I was still in college. Imagine waking up 7:30 am to take your midterms while feeling nauseous, and still recovering from going to a full day of class the day before. Bobby (my boyfriend) and I never expected this to happen. One moment we were partying the night out at one of the hippest EDM concerts in the country, and the next moment we see two lines appear on the pregnancy test. Instead of going to clubs on the weekends, or taking a spontaneous out-of-town trip, I had to stay at home and see my friends enjoy their millennial lives.

Our lives changed forever. My dreams of becoming a corporate drone, of being a full-on career woman, of migrating abroad to pursue further studies — all gone. Bobby was still figuring things out on his own ‘cause of his odd (and stupid) family situation (basically his parents kicked out a year before I got pregnant and has been living under my parents’ roof ever since). I felt so hopeless. I was a graduating pregnant college student living together with her out-of-school boyfriend who solely depended on my parents for support. Imagine how sad that is. Others have it worse, but in my world, I felt like I hit a dead-end.

The moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I had to step up. Put my dreams on hold, and create a sustainable future for my boys. I strived and graduated with a degree in Management and Philosophy, marching at graduation six months pregnant.

3 (2)

I took a break and decided to go into freelancing while waiting for our son to be born. I started writing for different companies internationally, and eventually found a local website that I could contribute. Writing was never the vision — but out of necessity and my hidden passion for it, I decided to go for it.

From the moment I graduated (March 2015) until August, I was feeling drained. Tired every night trying to balance the work-at-home mommy life. I never got to go out, never had time for myself, lost time with Bobby. My life literally revolved around writing for others so I could earn for my little family.

One day, one of my closest friends, Adi, gave me this weird idea of starting a passion project for myself. She told me to start a blog. I found the idea funny cause I mean, c’mon, at that point, I was doing so much writing — how the hell could I start a blog and maintain it? Why should I pour my time and effort to something I felt wouldn’t grow? Who would even listen to my stories? I was just a random newbie millennial mom trying to make my way through life and doing damage control for all the problems my family and I have been facing.

Adi then told me, “RJ, you deserve a break. You deserve to do something you could possibly love. Share stories that would inspire people. Share your ramblings on how life is hard. Your life is an inspiration in itself. Imagine, you went through college as a troubled soul with bipolar disorder, destroying anything on your path… and now, after a few years, you’ve grown into this respectable woman — a driven, hardworking mother that hasn’t lost touch of who she is. I don’t even know anyone that we know that can pull off what you accomplished.” 

Her words brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been following bloggers ever since I was high school, and I never thought of doing one because (1) I was insecure with how I wrote, (2) I can’t afford to pour my time to something that wouldn’t produce income for my boys, and (3) I felt like no one would read it.

One night in September, after finishing my online jobs, I logged in to WordPress and created a [crappy] blog site called Mommy Panda Adventures. I wrote my first story on my birthing experience. Unbelievably, people actually read my post. My friends were surprised to see the path I’ve chosen. The path I was unexpectedly put on.

Four months into my newfound life as a work-at-home newbie mom and blogger, I’ve met the best, and most inspiring people I could ever meet, including Martine (who I’ve been following since college). I’ve rebranded into The Millennial Panda after all of the insights and learnings I’ve gathered from all the individuals I look up to (that are now my friends, yay!). My life took an unexpected turn. I made the sacrifices that I had to make in order to secure a future for Bobby and our son. I’m not as sustainable as I want myself to be, but I love what I do.


It is in this little wins, and humble beginnings in life that I see what makes things… makes life blissful. Despite the issues my family’s still faced with, whenever I write my heart [and mind] away and see my son playing in the corner, I feel utmost joy. I don’t mind missing parties, concerts, impromptu adventures, or drinking ‘til my liver’s gone. I don’t mind hearing my friends telling me, “RJ, you keep on staying at home and missing out on all the fun. Hang out with young people naman.” or “Last night’s drinking shindig was super, it’s a shame you weren’t there.” I think I’ve finally outgrown my young, wild self and transformed into something beautiful — a mother, a writer, an all-around empowered woman.

Don’t worry, it’s not as if I’ve fully deprived myself. I still have fun once in a while. But at the end of the day, I go home to my little boy, and as I watch him fall into slumber, I log into my blog, and write my heart out once again. Things were never planned this way, but its life’s unexpected routes that can turn something seemingly perfect to something imperfect, but blissful.

How about you? What humble beginnings did you go through to achieve something incomparable in this world? What’s your story behind your bliss?

Blog Love: Audrey Angcos of Cheerful Journey

Blog Love: Audrey Angcos of Cheerful Journey


Welcome to another Blog Love edition, where I feature women who have found their bliss through blogging. Let me start off 2016 with one of our own #blissmakers’ blogs: Say hello to Audrey Angcos of the blog, A Cheerful Journey. She was one of my clients last year, but we became good friends, and eventually, she became one of the Make it Blissful collaborators through the Blissmakerie. Get to know what makes her truly cheerful, in today’s feature.

1.  Tell us a bit about yourself, as a woman. Let us get to know you better!

Hello! I’m Audrey. I work full time at the Senate of the Philippines. Aside from my 8:00a.m to 7:00p.m. work, I also serve as one of the board members of the Reading Association of the Philippines. This organization helps promote literacy all over the Philippines. I also blog at I love to explore and learn. I want to achieve my full potential as a person. I love beautiful and dainty things.

I was raised in a conservative and loving family. Growing up, my parents always remind me not to compare or compete with anybody. Rather, I should become a better person by competing with myself.

I was trained to give my best in everything that I do. Lately, I discovered that I love to organize meaningful events. It started with the Blissful Blogging workshop that I co-organized last June 2015. Then I became one of Martine’s collaborators on the first public Blissmakerie last September 2015. Then I organized the ‘Make it Blissful with Luminisce” event last November 2015 and the “Skinvestors’ Treat” came last December 2015. Those events are just proofs how God blessed me with the right people, the right situation, and the right determination.


Whenever I have the time, I do arts and crafts, sing, or read self-help books. I also love trying new restaurants and whenever I’m at home, I am fond of experimenting with new recipes.

2. How did you come to start a blog of your own and why?

I started blogging in 2011 by accident – or let me say it was a coincidence. I love writing poems. However, when I lost my notebooks that contain my original compositions (because of flood), I decided to start a blog where I could put my poems. I initially use a free wordpress domain ( It was a pleasant surprise when my blog started to gain readers. Then I started to get invitations to do product reviews and restaurant reviews. Then last March 2015, I re-launched my blog as

3. Tell us what you think is special or valuable about your blog.

I created with the intention for it to be an oasis on the daily hustle and bustle of life for normal people like me. I want to help others see the beauty of life that no matter what situation we are in, there is a silver lining that we need to see that would help us to keep going.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 8.03.41 PM

I believe that life is a journey. With the saying “Life is like a coin, you can spend it in any way you want, but you can only spend it once” my mantra goes, “Life is a journey and we only have a one way ticket. Hence, we better make it a cheerful journey.”

This lifestyle blog is an amalgamation of authentic and genuine reflections, product and restaurant reviews, events, adventures, and creative pursuits.

4. What comes to mind, for you, when you think of “bliss”, as a blogger? What makes blogging “blissful” for you?

As a blogger, bliss happens when I was able to impart positivity and good will to my readers. My blog is a combination of serious and light articles.

Blogging is not that easy. However, when readers take the time to write or send me an email to let me know how my blog made a difference in their lives or how my blog helped them get through a hard day, then that makes my blogging really blissful!


5. What are some lessons you’ve learned so far as a blogger? Can you share some with us?

As a blogger you need to know your intention on why you are blogging – you need to have the right intention. Why? Because there are times when you get tired and ask yourself why do you blog, you will go back to your mantra, to your intention, and that will keep you going.

Just like in life, before you do something or make a decision, your need to know your intention for doing certain things or making certain decisions. Life is not a bed of roses, there are bumps and antagonists along the way. However, if you are at peace with yourself and your Creator, no one and no situation can pull you down. Rather, you will use those bumps and negativities to strengthen you as a person, which will eventually make you achieve your full potential.

6. What do you have planned (or in your dreams) down the road for your blog?

Oh, I am such a dreamer! I want to improve my blogging skills. I want my blog readers to look at my blog as an oasis where they could get positivity and authentic reviews, where they could learn and gain friends and be in a positive community.

I want my blog to come to life through meaningful and intentional events in accordance to the different facets of my blog. I know that I still have a long way to go but as I said, we only have a one way ticket in this life’s journey, I would dare to dream, and work on making those dreams come true.

Connect with Audrey! Follow her on her Instagram accounts @audreyangcos and @cheerfuljourney

Quiet makeover time.

Quiet makeover time.


Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new Make it Blissful blog design, launched today this fine September. I don’t really make a big deal of the redesigns that we do here, mainly because it’s become a regular, annual event (and something that people expect around this time of the year!) In fact, people were asking questions about it the other day, when I posted a photo of myself on Instagram hinting at some new things to come.

mayad studios

Courtesy of Mayad Studios

But this time, I wanted to tell you more about the process of this redesign! I messaged Patricia Alix-Villa of Fancy Girl Design Studio, about a month ago, and said that I wanted to schedule the MiB redesign for September. I had already prepared a Pinterest board for her, with my color pegs, layout preferences for some of the site’s pages, and some other ideas. Pat knows me so well, so in no time, she reverted with this gorgeous board, combining images from my Pinterest board and the palette for the new version:

mib new board

Can I just say I love this shade of pink so much? And now we have the new color of pink for the major elements of the site. You can see this bubblegum pink on the navigation bar, the category icons, the sidebar, any buttons on the site. It’s my new favorite shade, and I think I will need a sweater or a bag in this shade!

The new homepage is the best thing of all! Patricia loves to experiment and challenge herself with new design formats, and I am often her willing guinea pig. She had this idea for a checkerboard concept for the homepage, which would give equal importance to the featured photos of each blog post and their copy. Here’s what she created:


new make it blissful

Header: The header features a vignette that I had my friend Love Ocampo style. The original photo was not used, because it had some depth and resolution issues, so I had to re-shoot the image the day after the original shoot! I was so scared, hahahaha! I actually re-created her concept on my bed, using two illustration boards, some diffused light coming from the bedroom window, and my Fuji X-A2 taking the shot while stacked on books! Yup, that’s how we make things blissful here. The logo is also simplified to a one-line format, and I resurrected the tagline, with a bit of a twist to read “Delight in an imperfect, inspired life.” (How do you like the photo I took??)

Navigation: I didn’t want to clutter the navigation with too many categories. After all, the trends moving forward all point towards simplicity and less clutter. There is simply a “blog” option on the menu that drops down so you can view the categories.

Feed: The home page feed features alternating text and images, to form a checkboard effect. Also, in my blog’s rule book, I only use featured images that are breathable and light in color. I want the homepage to create a soothing, calming effect, that’s why. To the bottom of the feed, you’ll see page numbers, which take you backwards through the blog posts.

Email Opt-In: I have a NEW offering for those who sign up for my blog’s email updates (that is, you get my recent blog posts once a week in your email inbox, plus other special letters I only send by email.) I’m giving my “How to Use WordPress, Easily” ebook for free. I used to sell this in my Shop, but now, it’s FREE! That means if you follow this book,  you can actually set up your own blog or website by yourself. (Sign up for my list if you want this!)

Featured Categories: I only have five categories, broad enough to span a number of topics. These are along the bottom of the feed, after the newsletter signup. When you click on those, you get taken to the most recent post in that Category.

Instagram feed: My recent Instagram photos are fed directly to the homepage, as they were in my former layout. When you click on these, you get taken directly to my Instagram account.

Category view: The new design puts importance on the Categories of the blog. When you click “blog” on the responsive, self-adjusting navigation bar, the blog’s logo shifts to the left-hand side, and you can view the drop down of categories. They used to be “blogging, living, inspiring, blissmaking and learning.” I’ve made them more specific now: Online Life (blog & social media articles), Pleasures (lifestyle & wellness), Inspiration (blogger features, interviews, creative articles), Work & Learn (career, working). They can be viewed in these category view. Patricia made these dainty icons for each. Here’s a screenshot from the category “Pleasures,” which houses all home, living, beauty, places, products, celebrations and holidays (all things I take pleasure in, by the way). See the little house icon? There’s also a description of each category so that you know the specific topics! No need for a gazillion categories this way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 7.45.28 PM

Finally, I fixed my “Work with Me” page and placed all my collaboration and service options on one page. Here, you’ll be led to my different Blog Coaching services (Launch, Therapy and Critique), and  you can also book me for on-the-blog services, specifically sponsored post options and ad options. I’ve decided to include photography options on the sponsored post offering, which means I’ll also take care of doing your product styling if you want your product or service featured in a sponsored post.

work with me blog coaching

I also have a page for the Blissmakerie, which will be updated when there is a new event to register for. Right now, it gives you an overview of the gathering’s main points. Please also check out the new layout of the About page, the Contact page, where the lovely people of Mayad Studios’ Beginnings took some portraits of me blogging. (Thanks, Marga, Sam, Kat, Jenn and Cynthia for making me look that way! I felt pretty!)

I hope you enjoy this fresh take on Make it Blissful as much as I enjoyed working on it with Pat! (Thanks, Pat!) Let me know what you think, OK?

make it blissful header

Product Details of Cover photo: Vases from Plantarium  |  Notebooks from Pantone, Aranaz  | Ceramic ampersand pot from Craftsmith  |  Knit scarf from Light Lifestyle  | Mug from Martha Stewart Everday  |  Bliss Apple from La Pomme for Make it Blissful |  Succulent by The Floralist  |  Photography by me, Martine, based on a concept by Love Ocampo




Blogging can launch the work you love: The Blissful Blogging Workshop

Blogging can launch the work you love: The Blissful Blogging Workshop

blissful blogging

Former blog consulting clients, Carmel and Audrey, are now my newest Blissmakers! Let me tell you about their collaboration that re-launched my Blissful Blogging Workshops after a nine-month hiatus.

Two years ago, I held my first workshop in Kuppa Roastery. It was called “Write On, Mom,” and it brought together 10 or so mommy bloggers for a writing workshop. My goal then was to teach some creative writing techniques to bloggers who wanted to tell better stories through their blog posts.

Since then, I’ve had nine more workshops on blogging. I even got to teach last summer at the Enderun College (which I’ll be doing again this September —more on that in another post!), and gave talks with companies like Thomson Reuters and Co.Lab, among others. I’ve also coached many bloggers from all over the world — in London, Ibiza in Spain, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, and of course, from other provinces here in the Philippines — all from the comfort of my workspace at home.

It all sounds like a lot of work, and it is! But ironically, blog coaching has permitted me to have a slowed down life, a home-centric life. You could say that blogging is an enabler of the kind of work I enjoy, and the life I prefer to live.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

The Blissful Blogging Workshops are a tangible example of a kind of work that I enjoy doing that plays to my passions, plays to my strengths. Between 2013 to 2014, I held them almost every other month, tweaking each workshop a little bit each time so that it would fit the audience in attendance. Each time, I’d try to make things a bit better, more meatier, more satisfying for those who would attend.

This one — held in Tweedlebook Cafe last June 28 — saw me coming back to the workshop scene after taking a long leave. During that leave, I had some time to rework the workshop, just in case I wanted to do them again. Sure enough, when Carmel and Audrey requested to plan one with me as their speaker, I had the arsenal ready. I was excited to be back!

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

One aspect of my workshop is my frankness and honesty in sharing about the difficulties of blogging, especially blogging successfully, with “successfully” meaning the lifestyle of blogging. I’m always upfront with workshop students that “successful blogging” is a matter of perspective. (In my way of seeing things, my blogging has been successful because I can do work that I enjoy, from home, around my family and a flexible schedule that lets me put my family first. More than the basics of blogging from the heart and all the technical stuff I shared, what mattered most during the workshop — as with all my other workshops — was the “why” of blogging and how it relates to a person’s beliefs and worldview. I’m always taken aback by my own lessons when I talk about this at workshops!

Why? It’s because I reaffirm these lessons to myself. Each workshop I teach on blissful blogging is like a man-in-the-mirror moment for me, a self-assessment and check to see that I am still walking my talk and not bullshitting anyone.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

GROUP SESSIONS: Each group was assigned to brainstorm and conceptualize a blog, from ideation to launch.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

I suppose that’s why I enjoy teaching this particular workshop so much! I feel like I’m a student, too. And nothing creates a better teaching environment than when a teacher feels knowledge being pulled from her, only to feel new insights flowing right back in.

Seeing other women so excited to change the face of blogging; being around such creative souls and passionate hearts; meeting the faces behind the Instagram avatars and blog comment sections; these are what make my blogging workshops blissful, for me. I end up so spent and tired after each one (because it’s exhausting to talk and teach!), but I am always re-energized. I’m always excited to make Make it Blissful even better, and the next workshop even more fun.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

The yummy spreads by Tweedlebook Cafe, our host for the event.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

A class photo!

Helping people and teaching techniques for how to blog better: This is really a passion of mine. These workshops help me to be grateful for this passion, and to work harder to make the lesson content better and better. I know I’ve still got a lot of learning to do on my own, but teaching what I know — from the mistakes I’ve made, the current realizations I’ve had, the trends I watch — is a privilege and a blessing.

I’m thankful for collaborators who get the heart of the blissful blogging movement. Carmel and Audrey started off as clients, but I have found true “kindred spirits” in them. Thank you, girls, for making this workshop happen! You guys are amaaaaazing!

Here’s to more blissful blogging workshops, to more collaborations and inspiring gatherings!

Please read Carmel’s and Audrey’s blog posts about this Blissful Blogging event, on their blogs:

“The Blissful Blogging Workshop (and why I had a great afternoon)” on

Blissful Blogging (Part 1) on Cheerful Journey

Blissful Blogging (Part 2) on Cheerful Journey

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Blog Love: Bethany Morris of The Free Woman

Blog Love: Bethany Morris of The Free Woman

bethany of


Blog Love is where I feature a blogger or a blog that I admire. After a long hiatus, I’m so pleased to resurrect this feature again (hooray!) with my guest for this month, Bethany Morris, creator of the inspirational women’s site, The Free Woman. I first “met” Bethany via Instagram, inspired by her beautiful images and motivational posts. We connected over email, and continued our conversations there, only to discover that we both have a passion for collaboration, especially among women. I hope you’ll enjoy this short interview with her about her blog journey.


Who is Bethany Morris? Tell us a little bit about your blogging journey.

Hi! I’m a twenty-something woman from Melbourne, Australia who loves coffee, community, storytelling and laughing. My blogging journey really began while studying Journalism where I had to create and maintain a simple blog. I learnt the basics in blogging, HTML coding, and graphic design. After graduating I decided to take blogging more seriously and purchased a personal domain name – For the next few years I used that site to learn the ropes of self-hosted blogging, creating regular content, establish an online portfolio, and build incredible connections through online blogging classes. And then in June 2014 I launched The Free Woman.


What inspired the vision and outreach of “The Free Woman”? Could you tell us about your intention in beginning this community?

The idea and concept of The Free Woman has been brewing since I was a young girl. I had a love-hate relationship with magazines – loving the magazine and storytelling aspect, yet hating how they represented women and made them feel ‘less-than’. So creating something that celebrates and values women in a holistic light has been a plan for years. The modern woman is not one-dimensional, but multi-faceted and free to bloom into the beauty she was created to be. And TFW intends to drawn from, inspire, equip, empower, celebrate, encourage and contribute to these facets of her character and life.


There are so many intention-minded women’s communities coming out of the woodwork and into the blog scene. Where does “The Free Woman” fit into the big, global blog scene and community movement? 

More than ‘fitting into’ the global blog scene, I think it’s more about complimenting that which is already established and moving. What I particularly love about these communities coming out is that they are all an expression of someone else’s revelation and are going to resonate with different audiences that TFW won’t necessarily reach or appeal too. It’s about complimenting and championing, rather than competing and comparing. It’s also about staying true to your mission and values.

The Free Woman - v1


Tell us a bit (briefly) about what we can find on a regular basis at TFW. What can readers expect and look forward to when they go here, and how may they participate with their own images (do you have rules, themes, etc.)?

You’ll find content revolving around the five facets of who TFW is: Inspired, Honest, Radiant, Influential and Aware – both the practical and inspirational that will equip and empower you to do something. In terms of participating with images, we’re always on the lookout for feminine hearts that capture life and people beautifully, and are also living life as a ‘free woman.’ Simply send us a hello with your images, or take part in the #solovelysofree Instagram feed.


We’ve been following your #solovelysofree campaign/thread on Instagram. Tell us the story behind this, and what may be your plans for this, if any.

I absolutely love this hashtag! So, a few months into TFW launch I was thinking of a hashtag and refreshing the tagline to something that embraces not only what TFW is, but also who the women are in this community. I wanted it to be about freedom, partnered with something feminine. After playing around with a few variations and words, it became what it is now.

Going forward we’ll be launching a series on the website called ‘So Lovely, So Free’ – stories of women who have found freedom and are tapping into their unique feminine heart. While posting pretty pictures is fun and inspiring, there is more to her life. This series will be opened up to the public, not just contributors, and those who would like to share their story (within guidelines, of course). When a woman knows she’s lovely and free to be herself and do what only she can do, there’s great strength, humility and influence in that. And that’s to be celebrated.



What’s on your wish list for TFW?

Oh, so much! Obviously for TFW to continue to grow and evolve with women joining the movement. More than an online space and community, its purpose has always been to create an offline expression of that too. We’ve already rolled out mugs, which have been really well received and an excellent conversation-starter, but there is more coming that is representative of each of the five categories (and not just product or merchandise-wise!). So exciting things will definitely be unfolding in the near future.

Visit Bethany’s site, The Free Woman today! Follow her on Instagram @erinloechner, and remember to “like” The Free Woman on Facebook, too.