All is well.

All is well.


Well, that year went by quickly, didn’t it? Which won’t be the case for this upcoming blog post. It will be looooong because I’m going to compound a “what-the-heck-I’ve-been-up-to” post and a “thank-you-2015” post. ‘Won’t blame you if you don’t stick around though, haha! No hard feelings!

Ok. So I haven’t been back to the blog since the beginning of December, which is by my standards a mortal sin. But the fact is, I just couldn’t manage to blog during the holidays.

Yesterday, I was at a meeting with my very good friends and fellow bloggers Frances and Ginger, and I admitted that I had let my blogging fall by the wayside this year. Make that blogging and work, since my work comes from my being a blogger. After a slew of teaching stints, workshops, collaborations and gatherings this mid- to late 2015, I was officially tired. That, and I was also completely rapt in motherhood and making a home.

It’s been a rough last part of 2015. Midway through the year (around July, I think), I started to feel different about everything: family, work, blogging, connecting. A lot of it had to two with being a mom of two, which is something I thought I could manage but clearly I could not, even if I tried to make things work. I discovered that my baby is a high-need child, which caught me completely off guard and sent me from a semi-type A-put-together personality into a hapless wreck. Seriously, everything pretty much got sidetracked because I couldn’t handle everything. It reached a point where I wasn’t delivering the results I should have for my clients, because I was trying to motherhood and work, well, work out.


This year was an adjustment for me. I was humbled to the core by things not going the way I planned, by people losing their faith in me because I had let things go, by family situations that were beyond mine or Ton’s control.

*Takes a deep breath* It’s tiring just remembering it all!

Remember how I had great plans for 2015? How launching the Blissmakerie in late 2014 was so exciting? How building up the blog community would mean more opportunities for Make it Blissful to grow and touch others? Well, it all had to take a back seat to my biggest project, of course: my kids and my husband.

2015 was the year I wasn’t the blogger. I was MOM. Not mom blogger! Just “mom.” I can’t tell you how many days I lived (and still do) in yesterday’s house clothes or stretchy pants. I must have missed out on more toothbrushes and long showers than I ever have in my entire life. I learned how to write client projects and blog posts on my mobile phone, with a nursing baby on one arm (whose little frisky fat fingers would fiddle with my nipples). I lived in nursing clothes (thanks,!) and I maybe hit the salon twice in a span of ten months. I haven’t had a proper facial, body scrub, heck even a shower that’s lasted more than five minutes. On days when I can, I get a home service massage by my mom’s very able masseuse, and each time I do I need to tune out the baby’s cries for me with some spa music streaming from Spotify.

Goodbye, old home and blissful workspace! I still haven't set up my new one, huhu!
Goodbye, old home and blissful workspace! I still haven’t set up my new one, huhu!

Somehow I managed to shop for gifts for my immediate family, wrap them, even set up our Christmas tree. Prior to that, Ton and I managed to move out of our flat of five years into a new (though temporary) home, here in my family’s compound. It was a move prompted by common sense more than anything: My husband had force-resigned from his work at home job of eight years, and we would be a one-income household now. Paying rent didn’t make sense anymore! We had to act fast, think practically, live on less while setting up a small business we’d been wanting to launch this year but hadn’t. And so, the end of October/early November saw the launch of my husband’s new cold brew coffee business, Shophouse Coffee. Every time I think of Shophouse, I think about what pushed us to start it and I feel humbled, too. More than practicality, starting a business meant starting something from the ground up and making it thrive — nothing easy about this at all!



Shophouse Coffee Co. is my husband’s new business. Please support it!

New, clingy but super cute and chubby baby. Two-kid situation. Unable to work efficiently for a straight hour. Unhappy clients. Sick days. Husband who lost job. Moving homes. A new business still finding its way. And peppered over all that, blog events, gatherings and workshops that I produced, one-on-one blog clients I mentored.

When I look back and reflect on all these — the things that made up my 2015 — I feel exhausted. I am also happy, but mostly humbled, sometimes sad, and always tired! The apparent setbacks, however, I’ve come to see as lessons: difficult ones, yes, but they have pruned me and have changed me for the better. I may not have fulfilled my intended projects and plans for 2015, but I gained experience through failures, obstacles, and trials of faith.

I still hold 2015 as one of my best years, even though it was filled with adjustments and changes, even losses and regrets. I needed them, even if I don’t understand why they had to happen. I’ll just begin again in 2016, right? New year, new hope. (Sorry for the Star Wars reference, haha! And yay, I got to watch the movie even if I paid for Krista’s ticket, hahaha!)


Vito turned 6 and we had a Marvel-themed party, just a week into moving to our new home.

I’ll write again about 2016’s plans and intentions, but I just had to give you an update on what’s been going on. You can be sure I’ll write what I’ve been learning lately, especially about the move, the new business, the new things in store for the blog. Until then, I just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and new year! (Yes, for Catholics like me, Christmas season is until Candlemas on February 2! I’m keeping my tree up, lol!)

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who read the blog, attend the workshops, post to our #makeitblissful community on Instagram, leave comments after blog posts, write in emails of encouragement and thanks… You really are the best, and I am blessed over and over because of you.

I wanna thank those who make MiB possible: The Blissmakers who contribute articles here; my assistant Rikka, who makes sure the Facebook page is running smoothly; my tech partners Jenn and Marge, whom I can always go to for help when the site freaks out; Pat, my collaborator and partner at work; all the collaborators this year who partnered with the Blissmakerie events; the #makeitblissful_Mods, who moderate and curate the content for our Instagram community.

We had a great 2015. Happy old year!

Here’s hoping 2016 will show us new things, new friendships, new collaborations and communities! Happy New Year!

“Behold, I make all things new.” 




blissful at home

No, that isn’t a typo in today’s title. I have a point. It has to do with (1) my back and, (2) the art of “braking.” I suppose this type of blog post is what they call a “brain f**t” but I can’t bring myself to call it that. So let’s just call it another “study” in the art of making things blissful. OK? Ok.

I pulled my back the other week, see. It all began when I had a meeting at a cafe nearby, and had to bring Krista with me. I was alone, and waited for my husband to pick me up after my meeting was through. And so I carried Krista around in my sling, maybe for a good 40 minutes. I didn’t notice it of course until we got home and my shoulders ached. So I scheduled the home service masseuse to come and work on me that night, to relax me a bit.

Well, turns out I will never ever hire that masseuse again, because while she was massaging me she manipulated a nerve in my lower back, causing a small tearing of the muscles. I only felt it keenly, however, when I reached down the next day to pick up Krista from her high chair during Sunday brunch. Immediately, I felt this piercing pain course through me. It was awful, enough to keep me hunched over. I hated it!

For the next few days (well, whole of last week, actually!), I was mostly hunched over and wincing in pain. I couldn’t do anything around the house, and I felt so utterly useless. Thank God I had no important matters to attend to outside the house, but even doing the daily chores was torture. Here’s a glimpse into the mess in the kitchen, sigh!


What’s worse is that I couldn’t take care of both kids a hundred percent of the time, with my usual faculties. I was instructed by my physical therapist to not lift anything, especially the baby (who now weighs a hefty 18.7 pounds at 6 months old). You can imagine how hard this was for me and her, being attached at the hip almost every day. (She is a high-need baby.) When it came to nursing, the only way to safely do so was to lie down on my side and nurse the baby that way, but everytime I’d go on my side, my back would twitch in pain. I seriously had no comfort, whether I sat down or lay down. It was awful!


I received an email from my friend Maricel during the middle of the week, which gave me much comfort. She related the same kind of back problems that she used to have, and her empathy made me feel a lot better. Part of her email mentioned taking a rest, catching up on reading and just really slowing down and waiting for the healing to happen naturally, in time.

I back-read on some of the blogs I’d written in the past, like those about slow living and being less-hurried. Of course, the posts spoke keenly to be because it was like the injury pulled the brakes on my life, forcing me to just stop and be injured. What a weird thing to say, but it’s true: It’s like who I was in that moment was saying to just “be” in this state of helplessness and dependence on my loved ones and caregivers.

So that’s why I say it’s been a “back-braking” week.


As of this paragraph, I’m much better. It’s been almost two weeks since the stupid strained muscle and nerve-pinching, and I am doing well. There is still a bit of back strain whenever I forget to stand up for a time, which explains the short spurts that I’ve been writing this blog post! I also have to go back to doing my back stretches to avoid sciatica, stretches that I’ve been lax about, hence, the injury. (OK, ok, so the masseuse isn’t to blame for my out-of-shape #mombod. I have no excuse for it!)


Being injured and unable to do my usual tasks is always humbling. It was like a force beckoning me “halt!” and step on my brakes abruptly. It wasn’t just about schedules being screwed up and conveniently ordering take out. It was really a wake up call for several things, like slowing down (again, forever!) and getting back in shape (mea culpa!). I’ve actually been tapering down on work and on-location meetings in the city (too stressful to go through the traffic in Manila), but I realize that balance with the working at home also needs some “braking,” some thoughtful “stops” to our current methods. With every change that happens for the kids — Vito needing more attention in his homeschooling (despite how intentionally relaxed we are about it), Krista needing more attention now that she is on solids and starting to crawl —, changes also need to happen for Ton and me and the way we work and run the household.

Braking, when it’s in a moving vehicle, prevents, safeguards, protects. I’m seeing the parallel in our home and family and work life, too. My forced brake because of the back injury was protecting things like our family dynamics, the quality of rest that I needed. Now that I’m out of that hellish pain, I can look back at things with some kind of gratitude.

OK, now that I’m recovered, it’s time to get down to the real deal of strengthening my core again, working on my exercises again, and adjusting to the pace of life right now. I’ve had time to think and take stock. Now it’s time to live my next stage of normal.

Has an injury or illness ever forced you to “brake,” too? What insights did you have? Let’s talk about it in the comments, maybe?

Taking a writing time-out so that I can write

Taking a writing time-out so that I can write

writing tips for bloggers

I have been in sort of a writing slump, if you can believe it.

If you blog regularly, you need stuff to write about each week. That can be hard, I know. You know what’s even harder? Getting into the zone to write something worthwhile.

I’ve been challenged about my blogging productivity ever since life changed five months ago. I used to be able to squeeze out blog posts three times a week, as a habit. I used to have something to say, something smart or intelligent (at least to some people). I kind of got sidetracked by the busyness of home and second-time-new-mamahood, but this week I was able to really write blog post that was just about family, and it made me feel great. See, I miss writing for the sake of just writing. Not as a blog coach, not as a digital content consultant.

It’s hard to sometimes reconcile myself with both. It can get overwhelming, honestly! Just today, I was dealing with lethargic Internet connections in my in-laws’ place, and I felt like I was getting left behind by blogger friends who seemed to be (1) busier than I, and (2) churning out blog posts like they had time enough for a holiday. Rather than deal with sloth-like data speed, I just decided to catch up on some rest (because I’m under the weather right now — thanks Vito and Krista, for the germs.)

I got home this afternoon, ready to jump into whatever emails I had to read and work that I had to catch up on. As soon as I popped onto Gmail, Facebook and Instagram, I felt overwhelmed.

There was just too much information.

Too many emails to open up. Too many posts on Facebook to engage in. Too many (appreciated, adored, respected) blogger friends and business friends to share with, connect with and cheer on. (Don’t even get me started on Snapchat and Periscope. No, I’ve not added to or updated mine — where’s the time??)

Creating a status update that’s worthwhile, or a Instagram post that’s worth posting, or a blog post worth reading…. Whew. Creating can wear me out. There’s just so much to create on a regular basis, in all different formats. Yes, I teach this stuff and these habits as a blog coach, as a content creator. Yes, I enjoy what I do. But honestly, there are days when it doesn’t feel fun.

Timing out of writing to write

I’m actually not one to get burned out easily. I guess it’s because I actually practice some degree of slow living, even slow blogging. But despite the relatively chilled out way I live my life, there are days when the fun around my work fades and I feel like I’m just churning and churning in a way that gets me to the burnout state. When that happens, I know I need a bit of self-care.

This doesn’t always mean the spa or retail therapy. For me this could be reading, meditating, playing with my kids, baking, decorating, doodling or writing, specifically journaling.

OK, why would I journal if writing is already something I do for work?

writing tips for bloggers

It’s different. Blogging, for me, is work already.

But writing — journaling, poem-writing, freewriting — is one of the best ways to boost my creativity and go back to what my writing really feels and sounds like.

You know how some people are notebook, pen and paper people? I’m not talking about stationery hoarders. There are people who still write on paper as some kind of self-care or therapy or creative outlet. I’m one of them. 

Perhaps you might want to try it. In fact, I challenge you to try journaling — writing with pen and paper, and not on your blog — old school style. Check out the prompts below, and join in. I bet you’ll also discover some insightful blog topics, even stuff for your Facebook and Instagram social media updates.

Some writing prompts for journaling

Today, there are two things I’m really grateful for…

Something I read in the news this week got me thinking…

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a…

I’ve been blogging for some time now, and I’ve been thinking about it lately…

This week, my biggest challenge has been….

I remember the first day I started this small business…

Blogging has taught me a few things, and lately I’ve been learning about…

If I could design anything for the world, I would…

This weekend, I think I will try…

I remember something funny that happened in high school…

Tips to help you write for self-care

1. Use a notebook or journal that you love. I remember how much more I enjoyed blogging when I was able to do it from a Macbook Pro. In the same way, a beautiful notebook or journal inspires me to write! Remember this when you choose something for your journaling.

writing tips for bloggers

2. Use a pen that you love. We’re so into calligraphy and hand-lettering these days, and we use all sorts of pens for those types of writing. Journaling is the same: Use a pen that you’d love to get out each day and write with. (I recommend Kikkik Loves or a Parker pen — good mid-range pens!)

3. Get in the zone. Write away from your desk, away from your phone and laptop. Go outside, sit on the veranda, connect with nature, go to a cafe and don’t be tempted to turn on your data or wifi. Make yourself a drink you love (if you’re at home), or order something you’ll enjoy, like a long black specialty coffee (yes, I am craving). Put yourself in your “writing mode” by creating a space you love.

4. Let go of your inhibitions. Writing for pleasure and self-care can feel weird in the beginning. This is because we usually see writing as such a formal discipline. But writing can be likened to an artist letting lose with a paintbrush or a lump of clay, and can help you express your innermost parts in very satisfying ways. The rule when journaling is to just “let it all out” and connect with the most honest part of you, your soul. Try freewriting for a bit and see where your words can take you. Be silly, if you want to. There are no rules. The point is to set yourself free to express your thoughts, dreams, goals, musings, whatever.

5. Read, then write. For me, reading a book or an indie magazine (not glossies, for some reason) is great for getting me into a “thinking” state or zone, which in turn helps me write. Maybe reading can be a helpful trigger to you, and provide with something to reflect on or provide commentary for as your start journaling.

I challenge you to journal for self-care sometime. Have you ever tried it? Do you think you can make a regular habit of it, if it’s your thing? What are your inhibitions about writing for pleasure? 

Patience and the process

Patience and the process

unschooling thoughts philippines

The other week, my son wanted to know how bread was made. After many trips to the supermarket, a lot of snack sessions in places like the French Baker and Sonja’s and Bread Talk, he was curious about the process enough to ask me to teach him. He made sure to remind me daily to buy all we needed: yeast, flour, baking soda, sugar, oil, salt, and milk. (We were going for a basic yeast & milk loaf from a recipe I’d learned as a kid.)

There are many lessons a child can learn from breadmaking. Unlike baking cookies, there’s a lot of waiting involved — something that a preschooler has a hard time dealing with! I explained the process would take a total of 3 hours, which to him was a lifetime compared to the 30 minutes it takes to bake our chocolate cookies, from bowl to oven to plate.

He agreed to wait. And so we began.

unschooling thoughts philippines

Mixing the ingredients was the first step. I let him measure out each one to make the dough. “It’s important to follow the recipe properly when we bake,” I said, stressing the importance of taking things slow and deliberately measuring the right quantities, or the bread wouldn’t come out right. And so, we dissolved the yeast in a bit of boiling water; we measured the flour, the milk, the salt, the sugar, and I let him mix the mixture until he “felt tired.”

At this point we were only less than ten minutes into the process, but I took over since the dough was coming together and a bit challenging for him to mix. At least with my son, he shows that he is willing and eager to learn about things that interest him. Teaching him about the dough rising due to the yeast; the step of kneading the dough to let air in (which would make the bread soft); the second “rise” to let the bread set: I saw that he appreciated each step.

unschooling thoughts philippines

Patience and the process. If there is anything I want my son to know when he is learning about the things around him (the food he eats, where and how his clothes are made, his toys, etc.), it’s that nothing comes about without someone putting the hard work into it.

“It’s easy to eat our bread every morning when we buy it from the supermarket,” I explained. “But can you imagine how hard bakers work to make us our bread each day, so that we will just have an easy time eating it?”

The baking session was meant to drive home that point: Patience and the process pay off with a yummy ending. He understood it, and after tasting the fruit of his labors (and waiting through the 2 and a half hour process of letting the dough rise, kneading it and letting it rise again), he was able to enjoy his bread more. He had his first slice plain and warm, and the next with some eggs later on that day.

unschooling thoughts philippines

In teaching my son to bake a loaf of bread, I also learned a couple of lessons myself, mostly about my son and the way we’ve decided to let him learn things. I related to him how the yeast “wakes up” the other ingredients for the dough, how the yeast “eats” the sugars in the dough while it “sleeps”, creating the bubbles in the dough that make our bread soft and yummy.

He picked up well on it, but I think it will be good for us to bake some more to reinforce the lesson. But I find that he initiating the lesson made it so much more meaningful a learning moment to him. It is this “meaningful learning” that I cherish during these unschooling episode we’re in. In the past year, he’s picked up on quite a few things, like writing sentences on his own, using inventive spelling (starting January 2015), creating his own “superhero” stories, using mini sketchpads, telling time to the hour, and reading level 1 “I Can Read” readers, and the Kindergarten sight reading list, all on his own and enjoying them so much that we often buy two more copies each time we head to the bookstore (which is often)! Much like a lump of dough left to rise and expand, so is Vito’s knowledge and awareness of the world around growing gradually.

It’s not so much that he knows how to read and write. Of course I’m happy (and relieved!) that he does.

But what is most important is that he stays hungry, stays curious. (See what I did there? #stevejobsreference) It’s that his mind expands each time he learns something new, and hopefully, so does his awareness of the people and places and situations that shape his worldview.

I hope that he keeps on being hungry to learn. Not so much about how to study — not yet, anyway — but how to ask more questions, how to delve deeper into a topic that fascinates him (which today, was the skeleton), how to never stop expounding on what he knows. Just like the yeast that “gobbles” up sugars and expands the dough in the loaves we make, I hope Vito will keep on gobbling up these learning moments and grow wiser, deeper as a person. I remind myself to never tire of his constant questions and to see them as coming from a little mind that wants to get bigger and bigger, curiouser and curiouser.

May I never be a reason for him to want to stop being the inquisitive, sometimes naughty, but the always observant sponge of a learner that he is. May I have the patience to enjoy the process he is going through, because this is also a life lesson that I will be learning for the rest of my life.

Rebooting in progress

martine de luna blogger

My messy desk! More on this today on the blog…

Well, as you know, there have been so many changes in my life since the arrival of Krista! They are all delightfully sweet, and even though I am happy to have a sweet baby girl, I’m also super tired all the time! Whew!

I’ve yet to really find my groove. The last five months of her life caught me off guard, no matter how much I thought I had prepared for her arrival. I mean, of course I know two kids is a lot to handle, but nothing has really prepared me for it. These days, I’m often working at night, like now, while she is on her longest stretch of sleep. (Of course, this means I never get any sleep! OK, four hours at a time, maybe…)

And so, I find I have to take a step back, assess how things are at home and at work (which I do from home), and really come to terms with what needs some changes. After talking to my husband and taking a good look at myself, I’ve found that I need to —

1. KonMari this place.

Seriously, after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up twice, I’ve actually got to get my ass moving and do some real discarding and life-altering tidying. I don’t know at this point how I’m going to do this with two kids in the house, but I’ve absolutely got to do this. No excuses. I regularly get rid of clutter, yes, but the house still feels messy and full of stuff no matter how much I throw away. Hopefully KonMari is true to her promise. What I’m doing about it: Last week, I started with my clothes, per the book — tops, then dresses, then shoes and innerwear. Because I’ve got two kids and a husband to think about, I’ve not been exactly following the “one big discard” rule, huhu. So, I’m thinking I should write about everything on the blog, to keep myself accountable. Would you enjoy following something like that?

2. Revamp my work site.

I recently joined one of my mentors’ blogging challenges, so that I could dust off the almost-forgotten, my work site. (Bet some of you didn’t know I had a work site, right?) Well, I’ve been channeling all the work through Make it Blissful the past few months, but this place is a blog, not a full-service biz site. I still need to create a dedicated space just for blog coaching and business services. What I’m doing about it: Like I said, I’m blogging there again, trying to crank up the old engine and make it useful again. In the mix are more speaking and teaching events, and hopefully by early next year, my online course on blissful blogging.

3. Exercise.

OK, this is more of a “wish” right now, since I have no clue how to work out when I’ve got the most attached baby on planet Earth right now. But I do know what I want, and that’s to lose the belly folds and the dangerously obvious arm flaps. Yes, arm flaps!! I’ve never had arm flaps before, and they are scaring me. Not so much because they look awful, but because my body isn’t getting any younger. In less than four years, I will be forty. I don’t want to deal with early hypertension or high blood pressure, which runs in my family — yikes. What I’m doing about it: I’ve asked Ton to be my workout buddy in doing some HIIT-esque workouts in our parking garage downstairs of our building. The gym just isn’t ideal for us right now, not without anyone to watch the kids.

This is it, for now. I’ll probably find other things to reboot as I do 1 to 3 on this short list! But these are enough to begin with. It’s mid year, and I still have, what, six months left before I do a self-assessment again? Prayers lifted, that I’ll be able to check off at least one or two off this list… please, God? Please? Thank you.

What’s on your mind, now that the year is on its second stretch?

Blogging can launch the work you love: The Blissful Blogging Workshop

Blogging can launch the work you love: The Blissful Blogging Workshop

blissful blogging

Former blog consulting clients, Carmel and Audrey, are now my newest Blissmakers! Let me tell you about their collaboration that re-launched my Blissful Blogging Workshops after a nine-month hiatus.

Two years ago, I held my first workshop in Kuppa Roastery. It was called “Write On, Mom,” and it brought together 10 or so mommy bloggers for a writing workshop. My goal then was to teach some creative writing techniques to bloggers who wanted to tell better stories through their blog posts.

Since then, I’ve had nine more workshops on blogging. I even got to teach last summer at the Enderun College (which I’ll be doing again this September —more on that in another post!), and gave talks with companies like Thomson Reuters and Co.Lab, among others. I’ve also coached many bloggers from all over the world — in London, Ibiza in Spain, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, and of course, from other provinces here in the Philippines — all from the comfort of my workspace at home.

It all sounds like a lot of work, and it is! But ironically, blog coaching has permitted me to have a slowed down life, a home-centric life. You could say that blogging is an enabler of the kind of work I enjoy, and the life I prefer to live.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

The Blissful Blogging Workshops are a tangible example of a kind of work that I enjoy doing that plays to my passions, plays to my strengths. Between 2013 to 2014, I held them almost every other month, tweaking each workshop a little bit each time so that it would fit the audience in attendance. Each time, I’d try to make things a bit better, more meatier, more satisfying for those who would attend.

This one — held in Tweedlebook Cafe last June 28 — saw me coming back to the workshop scene after taking a long leave. During that leave, I had some time to rework the workshop, just in case I wanted to do them again. Sure enough, when Carmel and Audrey requested to plan one with me as their speaker, I had the arsenal ready. I was excited to be back!

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

One aspect of my workshop is my frankness and honesty in sharing about the difficulties of blogging, especially blogging successfully, with “successfully” meaning the lifestyle of blogging. I’m always upfront with workshop students that “successful blogging” is a matter of perspective. (In my way of seeing things, my blogging has been successful because I can do work that I enjoy, from home, around my family and a flexible schedule that lets me put my family first. More than the basics of blogging from the heart and all the technical stuff I shared, what mattered most during the workshop — as with all my other workshops — was the “why” of blogging and how it relates to a person’s beliefs and worldview. I’m always taken aback by my own lessons when I talk about this at workshops!

Why? It’s because I reaffirm these lessons to myself. Each workshop I teach on blissful blogging is like a man-in-the-mirror moment for me, a self-assessment and check to see that I am still walking my talk and not bullshitting anyone.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

GROUP SESSIONS: Each group was assigned to brainstorm and conceptualize a blog, from ideation to launch.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

I suppose that’s why I enjoy teaching this particular workshop so much! I feel like I’m a student, too. And nothing creates a better teaching environment than when a teacher feels knowledge being pulled from her, only to feel new insights flowing right back in.

Seeing other women so excited to change the face of blogging; being around such creative souls and passionate hearts; meeting the faces behind the Instagram avatars and blog comment sections; these are what make my blogging workshops blissful, for me. I end up so spent and tired after each one (because it’s exhausting to talk and teach!), but I am always re-energized. I’m always excited to make Make it Blissful even better, and the next workshop even more fun.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

The yummy spreads by Tweedlebook Cafe, our host for the event.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

A class photo!

Helping people and teaching techniques for how to blog better: This is really a passion of mine. These workshops help me to be grateful for this passion, and to work harder to make the lesson content better and better. I know I’ve still got a lot of learning to do on my own, but teaching what I know — from the mistakes I’ve made, the current realizations I’ve had, the trends I watch — is a privilege and a blessing.

I’m thankful for collaborators who get the heart of the blissful blogging movement. Carmel and Audrey started off as clients, but I have found true “kindred spirits” in them. Thank you, girls, for making this workshop happen! You guys are amaaaaazing!

Here’s to more blissful blogging workshops, to more collaborations and inspiring gatherings!

Please read Carmel’s and Audrey’s blog posts about this Blissful Blogging event, on their blogs:

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