Home Office Inspiration: White and Wonderful

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Source Sigh. I can only dream of white floors like this. In a place like Manila, these just aren't that practical, not unless I spend most of my day cleaning the floor. But it's nice to dream, and even nicer to have a breathable space like this. I am actually in love with the idea of the blackboard with the many compartments. I'd use those for letters, mail, … [Read more...]

Home Office Inspiration: Oh Joy’s One Desk, Two Ways

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I  haven't done a home office inspiration post in a looooong time, but I do keep my Pinterest board peppered with my current inspirations. Today, I swooned over this workspace setup by Joy Cho, one of my favorite bloggers. She presents two ways for dressing up this Office Depot desk, which has mid-century inspired design that I absolutely adore.  Here's … [Read more...]

Can You Really Follow Your Passion in Business?

can you run a passion business

By Ginger Palma-Arboleda of MommyGinger.com This is my first article for Makeitblissful.com and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Martine for inviting me to be one of the contributors. She knows that giving advice to those who want to delve into entrepreneurship and business is what I am most passionate about! When I was asked to choose a … [Read more...]

Home Office Inspiration: Making it Lovely’s Re-done Office

Source: Making it Lovely

You all know how I love pink. In fact, most of my home office inspiration pegs are pink or have touches of pink, such this and this. It's a quintessentially feminine color, and is said to evoke certain emotions, such the carefree days of childhood, at least according to the All About Color website's analysis of pink. (Apparently, desserts and sweets are said … [Read more...]

Home Office Inspiration: Made by Girl’s Pink and White Space


I love today's home office inspiration, for simple criteria: (1) It's clean, (2) it's elegant yet understated, (3) there's PINK everywhere! Yes, even without being obvious, Jen of Made by Girl (one of my favorite blogs!) has made a sweet workspace for herself at home. I knew after seeing this that I immediately wanted that chair and that painting on the wall. … [Read more...]