How to Manage Blogging, Babies and Business

managing blogging with kids

By Marilen Faustino-Montenegro of As I look back at the seasons of my life — pre-motherhood — I can't help but long for the luxury of time I had back then.  Things were so simple and I never had to share my time with anyone; no one depended on me.  A day consists of the gym, a modeling pictorial, a quick meal and even sometimes "killing time".  I … [Read more...]

Why I’ve been able to “WAHM it” for four years

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Being a work-at-home mom has been a deliberate lifestyle choice for me the past four years. The shift didn't happen immediately, though. I had to weigh many pros and cons. (And believe me, some of the "cons" are pretty intense! I actually wrote a post on the pros and cons very early on in my bloggy life. You can read those old entries here and here.) One … [Read more...]

The ‘R’s’ of mommy restoration

self worth

  Note: The quote above is from my mentor and friend, Jess Lively, who has been instrumental in helping me craft a kind of lifestyle and business that I love. The post below is a version of a previous post I wrote a couple of years ago for the now defunct collaborative blog, The Mom Renewal Project, where I used to be a contributing … [Read more...]

Tuning out in the time of Facebook, Instagram, and WAHMing

have the courage

This is inspired by Toni's post. I was hardly online last weekend. And with good reason, too. You see, I've been "shutting off" each weekend; unplugging, more like it. I turn off the notifications on my phone so that I don't get alerted when a Tweet or a Facebook update or an email comes in. (Yes, unlimited data can be such a time suck!) In fact, there … [Read more...]

It’s May! What happened? Plans, goals met, et al.


It's May tomorrow. Just like that, and one-third of this year has gone by. Has it really been four months since I wrote about my goals for 2013? Before life whizzes past me again, let me do a recap of the last four months, in a nutshell. I'm grateful to have checked off at least one of the items on my blogging resolutions hit list for this year! My "Plans, … [Read more...]