Life List

View of Moscow at night, from 30,000 ft in the air, en route to Taipei from Rome.

(This shot I took from the plane as it was flying over Moscow was one of those things I never expected I’d be able to do. And yet, it happened, en route to Asia from my trip to Italy in 2012.)

Have you ever published a list of things you really want to accomplish? Well, you should try it. After the success of my 4 Before 40 List (which I made for a blog contest) I decided to publicize the rest of my bucket list — which I had saved in my Hotmail email address from when I turned 23. (It has now been safely transplanted to this blog.)

I’ve decided to call this my life list, taking after Ms. Maggie Mason (of Mighty Girl fame, the original “life list” girl). And, as part of my Go Mighty goals, I’m sharing the list with you all for the first time.

These are in random order, and I’ve crossed a few out already. The rest, I leave up to destiny, God and time.

Get married. (April 2008)
Own a home. Preferably one with a garden.
Have a son. (November 2009)
Have a daughter.
Get LASIK eye surgery.
Write a book. 
Write an article for a well-known home & living magazine like Good Housekeeping, MS Living, or the like.
Draw and sketch seriously (again).
Teach my son how to paint.
Open up a specialty paper & ribbons shop.
Put up a small cafe-slash-creative learning space for moms and kids.
Be the editor of a magazine.   (Sept 2010-present)
Learn how to grow my own vegetables at home.
See Michaelangelo’s David. (I went to Florence, but didn’t have enough time to wait out the long lines!)
Visit France. (August, 1995. Spent two weeks in Paris!)
Visit Italy. September-October 2012. Thank you, CalChews, for sponsoring this. I love Tuscany!)
Visit the famous Uffizi museum. (the Uffizi Museum, Florence, Sept-Oct 2012. Thank you, CalChews, for sponsoring this.)
Visit the equally-famous Louvre and see the Mona Lisa. (I went to Paris when I was 18, and missed going to the museum because I wanted to hang out with my friends.)
Visit Rome. (I’d like to visit more of it, though. I was in Rome for less than two hours!)
Have a photo in front of a Roman monument.(The Colosseum — a dream fulfilled.)
Visit Greece.
Visit Malaysia (and eat real laksa in Kuching).
Visit Japan.
Visit these Australian cities:  Sydney | Melbourne | Perth | Gold Coast
Visit the Netherlands (and get photographed tulip field).
Watch the Olympics, live.
Finally visit the United States — New York, if possible.
Watch a real Broadway musical.
See the Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon, or anything just as spectacular in the U.S.
Go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Go to a real Las Vegas casino.
Go to Disneyland: LA | Florida | Hong Kong | Euro Disneyland
Vacation in Palawan.
Go to Singapore (my second home) with Vito, where my husband and I met.
Go to Hong Kong (my childhood home), this time with my family.
Take a photo and get an autograph from a real Hollywood celebrity.
Interview one of my idols, like Nigella Lawson/Giada di Laurentis/Samantha Brown, even just via email.
See a world-famous band perform live, before they retire.
Start investing (January 2012)
Make blogging and coaching my full-time career. (Almost there! Not quite.)
Attend a big blogging conference in the U.S., in the next two years.
Attend a TED talk or conference.
Meet one of my blogging mentors/idols.
Hold a mom & women’s blogging conference in Manila, my home town.
Start regular WAHM-meetups in Manila.
Hold workshops for Dainty Mom readers.  (October 2012)
Begin a blogging business, preferably one that provides creative blogging solutions for blogging belles. (Almost there!)
Teach creative writing.
Complete my life coach certification.
Host a “Favorite Things” annual of my own, on Dainty Mom. Like, the BIG kind.
Write my first eBook.
Learn yoga.
Learn and master non-sleazy Internet marketing.
Learn how to paint — properly!
Learn how to drive. (Gulp.)
Learn how to whistle.
Learn how to sew.
Learn calligraphy (which I used to do in school, long ago.)
Learn graphic design for desktop publishing (Editing layouts does not count!)
Learn how to make coffee and espresso like a pro (December 2012, but need to learn more!)
Learn interior decorating.
Learn how to arrange flowers from a pro.
Go to makeup classes. That is, classes that teach you how to put on makeup. (I did finish school, folks.)
Own a pair of ridiculously expensive, prestigious designer shoes.
Own an aqua or red refrigerator. Like, a big-ass refrigerator, you know.
Buy and sleep in a four poster bed with a Tempur mattress.
Own a designer bag, just to experience what it feels like. Preferably Chanel, because it’s dainty.
Lose the baby flab a.k.a potato pouch.
Go to the spa once a month, for an entire year.
Spend an entire weekend at a spa.
Own a DSLR.
Become an awesome photographer.
Take one good photo every day, for a year (and maybe blog them).
Fly first class. 
Start a charity to benefit children or women.
Sponsor a child through school.
Make enough money to tithe generously to the church, for good works.
Make enough money for a year so my husband can take time to do something he loves.
Design and renovate my kitchen.
Re-purpose a piece of furniture for the house.
Have a walk-in closet. 
Master math, before Vito has to take it seriously in school.
Teach my son how to write.
Teach my children how to be gracious, generous and kind.
See Vito (and future children) married, settled and happy as adults.
Refurbish my mom’s house.
Save enough for a secure and meaningful retirement.

Do you want to make your own life list? It’s an excellent exercise. Try it, and then leave a comment below, with the link to your list.