Advice for New Moms (and a Drypers Baby Club Contest!)

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This contest is CLOSED. Winners will be chosen by Drypers Baby Club and will be announced on the blog by next week. Thanks to all who joined, and good luck! When you're a new mom--especially here in the Philippines--you're bound to come across a gamut of advice on how to raise a child. When I learned I was going to be a mom, I was excited, thrilled, and ... Continue Reading

Good news: Moms’ new digital playground is here!

Your new digital playground,

This entry is sponsored by Drypers Baby Club, When I was pregnant, I was an information junkie. I couldn't NOT read up on how to have a healthy, happy pregnancy. I  remember scouring books and websites for information on what to eat, how to exercise, how to look good, what to believe, and what myths to shatter. Thank God for the Internet, ... Continue Reading

Signature Satchel: The FV Limited (not it’s actual moniker) {Review}

Introducing... the FV Satchel in natural (lol)

In her style bible, The One Hundred, Nina Garcia's #40 style essential is the "investment bag." In her opinion (and which the whole world agrees with, at least those who are truly stylish), there are four which stand the test of time as classic and classy pieces: The Chanel 2.55, the LV Speedy, the Gucci Jackie O, and the Hermes Birkin. Now, I'm no ... Continue Reading

Another piece of online real estate…


So I bought another domain for my online bio & résumé.  I figured I should get to making an identity site sooner or later, especially since writing is my chosen line of work. While I love writing on and it is my personal space, it's not for everyone, especially clients who aren't into reading about my recipes, reviews on red velvet cake, and ... Continue Reading

“So what?!”

One of my biggest peeves is this apparently Pinoy trait of always (or often) finding something to criticize. No; rather, it's the unconscious tendency to make a negative, degrading remark as opposed to saying something up-building or positive. I realize that this is prevalent in even the most intimate of gatherings, like family reunions, birthday parties, the ... Continue Reading



      I've never gotten used to my baby being ill. I suppose it's because he started getting sick only recently. It was only midway this year that he was struck with dengue. He's been down with an on-and-off fever the past two days, and it's been draining. I don't like it that his normally bright eyes are sullen; although, ... Continue Reading