Recipe: Easy Chicken & Pea Stew


We used to have this stew all the time growing up. It's true comfort food for me. Now, I can make it for my family! I made some adjustments on the ingredients though, to make the dish a bit more healthy (i.e. wholewheat instead of white flour; half the amount of olive oil; olive oil-based butter; low sodium chicken broth instead of chicken cube). It's an ... Continue Reading

Wanted: Mommy Friends

Does the title sound like an ad? Yes, it's true: I want mommy friends. Sure, I love my friends, those whom I grew up with and shared my most intimate secrets, joys, pains and triumphs with. But after being a mom for over a year, I've been on the lookout for a while for moms who, like me, are trying to balance work (in my case, working at home), motherhood, ... Continue Reading

Busy Sunday


Today is one of those Sundays that feels like a weekday... no, maybe like a Saturday.It's my sister-in-law's baby shower. So today, I will be cooking with my mom, preparing our family home's lanai (terrace) for the event, which will be this afternoon.Can I just say that I love that invitation? My other sister-in-law designed it:The theme was inspired by ... Continue Reading

Giveaway: Mustela Stelaprotect Cleansing Foam


I realize that it's been a while since I dropped by to blog. Yikes. And to think this March my blog will be one year old. I need to step up! And so, I have decided to make up for my lack of updates by way of a giveaway, the first on Dainty Mom. Throughout the last few months, nice people and generous souls have given me gifts. I think it's only ... Continue Reading

5 Things I Like About the Nail Spa {Review}


I am a nail spa whore. Pardon the term, but I am. I've been to several around town, but I have to say that, for the overall experience, my favorite spot to date is the Nail Spa in the Edsa Shangri-La Mall. I've since been thrice, and I plan to make a regular habit of it! I love the idea that every time I hit the Nail Spa, I'll come out feeling relaxed, ... Continue Reading


So, our refrigerator broke down. AWESOME (sarcasm intended). I began to notice there was a problem when, just a day ago, I placed a bowl of milk in the freezer to ice up for a bit (I like my milk super cold when I eat it with cereal.). Usually, the milk gets chilled to an icy goodness after five minutes or so. That night, I noticed it took longer, and ... Continue Reading