New do! (and a mini-review of Studio 546)


So after reading some recos by Chuvaness, I decided to try out Studio 546 on the 5th level of Shangri-La Mall last week. I wanted to see if there was a salon closer to home that could work for me, or rather, work with my untamed mane. See, I have the coarsest, thickest most disagreeable hair that ever saw a Denman. Without a blowout or regular treatment, it ... Continue Reading

Re-post: Cooking Classes by Glam-o-Mama & Tiny Spoon (Oh Baby!)


I'm re-posting this from Jenni Epperson's blog: A wonderful cooking workshop for moms who want to know how to make all-natural, yummy-tummy food for their babies, toddlers and preschoolers. I'm definitely going to book a spot!Read on for more details:Hi Glam-O-Mamas!We are excited to invite you to join our Nutritional Cooking Classes/Seminars for your ... Continue Reading

Mompreneur: Lesley Leveriza of Make Believe Productions


This is a new addition to Dainty Mom entitled "Mompreneur," where I feature an amazing working or work-at-home mom. In featuring these awesome ladies, I hope to empower other moms out there with stories of real moms who have taken what they love to do and turned it into a living. - MartineI first met Lesley Leveriza back in 2000, when we were both youth ... Continue Reading

My Yummy Valentine


For the past few years since we've been together, Ton and I usually celebrate Valentine's Day the night before or the day after; it's our attempt to really be alone, away from the crowds who go for the proverbial candlelit dinner out. But this year, we decided to celebrate on V-Day itself with a lunch date over at L'Opera at the Fort. The choice to have it ... Continue Reading

Chef Tatung’s Home-Style Gourmet Tripping (Review)


I first met Chef Tatung in Pancake House, Greenhills early last year. I was one of the coordinators for my brother's wedding, and the meeting was a menu brainstorming session for the wedding reception. Tatung was a good friend of the bride-to-be's father, and I had previously been told by the affianced couple about his wonderful food. Their wedding would ... Continue Reading

Shusaesh Farm Inc, Organic Veggies Delivery {Review}


I'm always on the lookout for organic this, organic that. It's not that I'm an environmental activist or any sort of eco chic type of person, though I do believe in sustainability and protecting our environment through whatever means possible. It's mostly because I believe that eating clean, fresh, unadulterated food is part of a healthy lifestyle, one that I ... Continue Reading