DaintyMom Was at the 2nd Babywearing Meet!

Got the invite via Facebook, but forgot to confirm, heehee, so I just showed up!

Ever since I stumbled upon next9.org online during my preggie days, I'd resolved to one day "wear" my baby. Fast-forward to the present: I'm still wearing my baby, and finally, rubbing shoulders with like-minded moms. And I finally was able to do this--literally--during the super-jam-packed Babywearing Meet last July 2, 2011!     The ... Continue Reading

Book Love: “Simple Food” {Review}


I've been following Shannon of Nourishing Days.com ever since I found it during a blog hop. I love how she and her family are truly going back to the basics, the bare necessities of life: traditional, real food, shelter, clothing, and more practical ways of doing things. While their lifestyle may not be entirely possible in the concrete jungle that is Manila, ... Continue Reading

Love me, please!


I'm on Bloglovin. Yay! Yes, that's the Eiffel Tower. I've been there, and it's pretty awesome. So if you want to stay updated about where else I've been, what else I do, or if you just want to be nice and follow my blog, then do click on Le Tour Eiffel, s'il vous plait! Merci!   ... Continue Reading

My 10 Commandments of Dishwashing


I have certain rules when it comes to dishwashing. It's a chore I'm rather OC about, mainly due to a very stringent and germ-conscious year of IGCSE Home Ec in middle school. But I've applied what I've learned through the years, and I have to say, all of it makes a lot of sense! I've made some additions to the process though, which I humbly call my "10 ... Continue Reading

Win a Custom-made Alati Necklace! {Contest}

view from the top

My super talented, uber-fashionable friend Gabriela Tatad is definitely an artist in her own right. I always admired her for her effortless style, her "be real" attitude towards life, and her ability to send me into fits of laughter with just a quip!   Last year, Gab launched her custom jewelry line, Alati. I wrote about my own Alati piece here. I ... Continue Reading

Tackle it Tuesday: Taming the Toy Boxes

The fact that it's ¬†been a while since my last Tackle it Tuesday post means that I've been delinquent in some of my organizing, tsk, tsk. Still, the fact that I'm back here writing this entry shows that I'm still a work in progress when it comes to organizing, so I think I deserve a pat on the back for that, right?     Today's task: My ... Continue Reading