Of Milk and Cookies, and Mommy Treats {Review}


I love milk and cookies. I credit my love for them to my mom, who is an amazing baker of chocolate chip cookies. She can make them crunchy if you like, or chewy, but whichever way, they are absolutely to die for. I can eat six or seven in one sitting, and even more when I wash them down with an icy cold glass of milk. (She also makes a mean apple pie with ... Continue Reading

5 Job Ideas for Potential Work-at-Home Moms


I will say it again for the nth time: I love being a work-at-home mom. It's not for everyone, I'll admit, but it's working for me so far. And there are so many options for work in terms of what you can carry out at home. For me, it's obviously freelance writing. However, in my conversations and Net chats with other moms, I've discovered other work options ... Continue Reading

My February To-Do List

Work never seems to stop for the work-at-home mom. In my case, I work round-the-clock, being that I have a job that lets me work whenever I please (most of the time). Now that the first month of the year has officially made its way out of 2011, February looks to be even more packed than I originally planned!Here's a snippet of what's on my to-do list for the ... Continue Reading

If I were to become an entrepreneur, I would create a place like THIS!


My husband once asked me if I wanted to run a restaurant. I replied with a definite "No," of course. I'm a writer; why would I want to run a restaurant? Added to the fact that it's a high-stress job requiring a set of management skills that I know I do not inherently possess, running any sort of establishment that requires me to keep an inventory of ... Continue Reading