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Make it Blissful began as “Dainty Mom” in 2010, and evolved into a blog for creatives in 2013. Today, it’s become a resource for motivation and personal development, so that we can all learn how to #makeitblissful, in every aspect of life. 

Spark joy in your home: “Claudemari”

This is a guest essay from Claudine Gamboa, the Philippines' first KonMari consultant-in-training. When I was a young 10 year old, I would get into a series of what I thought to be decluttering. I would stay up all night when everyone was asleep and do this ritual of...

Blooms and Brews

Blooms and Brews

All photos by Lightkeeper Studios I just had the most fun doing my first collab with my husband! Well, our most fun collabs have been our kids (haha!), but what I'm talking about is the recent Blooms & Brews Workshop we had this April 30th at the Mateo's...

Working in Freedom.

Working in Freedom.

One of the things I'm grateful for is that I can work at home. Actually, I can work from pretty much wherever I want, if I wanted to. But for me, I like doing the jobs I do from the comfort of home. Especially now, Manila being what it is now with the traffic...

Beauty with intention.

Beauty with intention.

It was such a treat to collaborate with the beautiful Cristina Madara on her newest concept, The CBeauty Lounge, an experience of customized beauty. We held it last November 28th in the Benefit Cosmetics branch of BGC Central, which turned out to be the perfect venue...

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