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Are you creating a brand or a website, blog or shop, or maybe going through a rebrand? I know how daunting it can be. Having someone on your side who has experienced these countless times is essential to be able to get it right, and get you the brand or website you are in love with. If you want to start your dream brand, website or blog, but you —

  • are confused and don’t know the first thing about starting, or
  • don’t know how to create a Brand or Concept, or
  • would like step-by-step help in creating a website and blog that will be strong, confident and filled with great content, from Day 1

… then let us help you!

The Digital Diva website & blog experience for businesses and bloggers is a collaboration between Make it Blissful and Fancy Girl Design Studios, Singapore. Since 2012, we have been helping small businesses and bloggers to create their digital platforms, from the design of their websites right down to their content strategy.

Martine De Luna of Make it Blissful is a Digital Platform Coach and knows exactly what women are looking for when it comes to landing on a potential vendor’s website, blog, and social media outlets. Patricia Alix – Villa of Fancy Girl Design Studio, is a seasoned digital designer and illustrator with the ability to bring any concept — logo, brand identity, website or blog — to life.

Our Digital Diva branding experience can help you create an awesome website that activates your business and positions it online. It can also help you build the blog you’re dreaming of, one that can help launch your ideas into the world, create a platform for your potential or current business, even help you create a community around your unique, beautiful message to the world.

Some of our Digital Divas (client work):

The Digital Diva Service will help you:

  • Become the Editor-in-Chief of your brand and online platforms (website, blog, shop);
  • SIMPLIFY your websites functions, your blog’s Categories, special Features, and user experience — so people will love to come back to your site each time;
  • PLAN for your content for your blog and its social media counterparts — so that you always have fresh, creative content to offer the world;
  • ELIMINATE content creation burnout so you can maintain your blog & even your social media channels blissfully, with more ease and joy;
  • Become CONFIDENT in your copywriting skills by providing you with brand voice templates and even content templates to use, so that you don’t just have a website or blog, but the materials you need to build up and promote your platform!
What you’ll receive:
  • Clarity: A clear understanding and plan to launch your blog based on your brand objectives
  • Coaching calls: Three (3) 60-minute consultation calls on Skype, and summaries of our Skype calls;
  • Content Consulting & Strategy, which is an intensive that will help you
    • craft the story behind your brand (Brand Persona & Customer Persona);
    • instantly help you create a visual representation of your brand (Design Brief);
    • plan the desired user experience of your website (Site Plan);
    • a well-crafted About page for your website (Bio);
    • create blog & social media content for your brand, so that you can consistently promote it
  • Website design & development, using Genesis for WordPress, a powerful yet user-friendly platform that your website or blog will be based on that you’ll be able to use to easily create website pages, blog posts, even shop sections;
  • Coaching during website creation process: I will be coaching and advising you during the design development stage of your website, so that we can implement your user experience on to the website that will be created for you;
  • A 30-page How to Use WordPress EBook, so that you know how each little part of your website or blog works.

Build the digital home you’ve always wanted for your business or brand — filled with content you love to create, and serving your passion or business in the way you’ve always dreamed. Just send me the answers to the questions below, click on the payment button, and book your Digital Platform Launch Service, today. Let’s get started!

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