before starting a blog

Set up a Blog in as little as 20 minutes, with this Step-by-Step Guide.

STEP 1: Choose a name for your blog.

You need a unique name for your blog! Get your creative juices flowing and come up with a list of names. (If you need some help in choosing a name that fits your “brand” as a blogger, inquire about Blog Coaching.)

Next, you will need to check on the availability of the names you’ve come up with. Simply go over to GoDaddy and enter in the name of the domain you’d like to buy. GoDaddy will notify which names are available and which are taken. When you see the available options, you’ll be given a choice to continue on and purchase the domain name, which start at around $15 per name, per year.

STEP 2: Get hosting for your blog name.

If the domain name is your blog’s “address” on the Web, then hosting refers to where your website is built on: It’s the “lot” where your “house” (your blog) is. In order to make your website visible you’ll need to purchase hosting. I recommend using Hostgator. Click on the image below to get your very own hosting plan — it only takes a few minutes!


STEP 3: Install Wordpress.

After purchasing your domain name and placing it on a hosting plan, you’ll need to install some blogging software. I recommend WordPress, the best platform for blogs. (If you chose Hostgator, you’ll have a quick-install option in your hosting dashboard — easy!). If your web host doesn’t have this option, then the Customer Service can walk you through the setup process.

STEP 4: Get a design for your blog.

Design is SUPER important for your blog, because it’s what makes your blog visually special and unique. I would personally recommend the following design marketplaces:

  •  StudioPress Themes for WordPress — One of my favorite website for ready-to-roll layouts for websites and blogs. Choose a theme that will be the “look” for your blog.  (In addition to a StudioPress theme, you must also purchase the Genesis Framework.) Once you have purchased your theme, it’s time to install! For quick steps on how to install it, go to the StudioPress FAQs.
  • BluChic Themes for WordPress — I also love the BluChic themes, because they are already pre-designed to be flexible with your women-centric branding and logos. Click here to visit Bluchic.



(If you want to customize a StudioPress theme so that you have a unique-looking blog, we can help you do that through our Digital Diva Branding Experience: a full service branding, copywriting, and website design package for bloggers.)

STEP 5: Learn how to use WordPress to manage your blog.

Product - eBook How to Use WordPressYou can also download my FREE “How to Use WordPress, Easily” e-book, so that you can easily manage your WordPress blog, whenever you need to! Download it: Make it Blissful’s FREE How to Use WordPress, Easily e-book.

STEP 6: Take the FREE “Blissful Blogging” Lesson.

I have a 4-part, free lesson series on how to write a meaningful blog. You can find them in the links below — everything you need to begin writing, taking photos, sharing your blog posts and more: This series includes tons of great tips and strategies on how you can create a blog that you can feel happy about, that doesn’t stress you out(!), and that meaningfully connects with others so that you have excellent content, authentic readers, better traffic, and overall happy vibes. 

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