Recent thoughts on mom blogging


I dug up this post from my drafts, after months of not hitting the "publish" button. This is because lately, I've been talking with several moms about "the state of the mommy blog."  Just yesterday morning, I was talking with a lady who made some keen observations about mommy blogs, and how they've changed, for better or for worse.  It was enlightening to … [Read more...]

Blogging has to be joyful for you

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This is inspired by my mentor Holly Becker's post on Last week, Holly of decor8 released one of her not-so-often-published posts on the matter of blogging. Now, I take Holly's opinion on this matter to heart, because it's something that's pressed on my mind pretty much this whole year. It's why I made my blogging resolutions and why I put more … [Read more...]

Links You’ll Love – Random reads for the week

Links You'll Love - featured

This has been quite a busy week for me. Apart from helping a client launch a new project, I had to deal with some domestic matters that got me semi-stressed: Our fridge conked out! Yup, bye-bye ref. Still, it was a good turn of events in the end, because I had been contemplating getting a bigger fridge anyway. Our 8.5 cubic foot ref had seen us through almost … [Read more...]

Blog Love: Deepa of Currystrumpet


Welcome to another edition of Blog Love! I'm super excited about my guest today, because I simply fell in love with her blog the moment I logged on to it for the first time. Deepa Paul-Plazo is the author of, a blog that is filled with lifestyle, travel, photography and design inspiration. (Incidentally, it was through Deepa that I learned … [Read more...]

Writing Your Story

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Preface: This is one of those posts that you just have to write because you've been thinking about it, ruminating over it, and you know that somehow, someone out there knows and feels what you're trying to say. Thank you, Faulkner, for today's quote. I think I'm going to make that my reflection for the rest of this month! +++++++++++++++++ I am somewhat of … [Read more...]