Becoming Minimalist: Can It Be Done in a Fast Paced World?


By Vanessa Salas of Shed, Mom As the resident self-professed minimalist around these parts, my answer is an unequivocal YES! We don't need to eschew all of our worldly possessions or trim them down to 100 objects or less to be minimalists. We don't have to hie off to the mountains and live off the land and never eat another bag of Cheetos, ever. There's ... Continue Reading

Tackle it Tuesday: Dining Table Desk Purge


It's my first time to post on "Tackle it Tuesday," thanks to the Ultimate Blog Party 2011! I just think it's an awesome idea, especially since we can learn so much from fellow moms about how to manage our homes better. What did I tackle today? My work space! You see, I don't have my own desk. The dining room table doubles as my desk, being that I only really ... Continue Reading