How To Make Time For You When You Wrestle with Balance

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By Cheryl Goodman of Not Just Yum Just a few weeks ago, I had a handful of moments where I was beyond overwhelmed. While it may be part postpartum, I knew it has got to be something else. I know because I have been in this space before far too many times. You know, the one where we try to do it all. This time around, I know there is no such thing. If such ... Continue Reading

More kids? No thanks, and that should be OK.


Ton and I were pretty, er,  sharp shooters planning both my pregnancies. Haha! There were no problems with how to make babies, we just didn't want a lot of kids. That is cool with us. Through the years, people have asked us, "When will Vito have a brother or sister?" and we'd always wonder why he had to have one. Was baby-making a competition? Was I ... Continue Reading

4 Ways You Can Raise Mighty Girls


  By Cheryl Goodman of Not Just Yum What does it mean to raise a mighty girl and how do you raise one to be such? Mighty girls are strong, powerful, and competent. They know who they are, what they love and what they are good at. They can make positive choices that reflects who they truly are. They can speak for themselves. Mighty girls are ... Continue Reading

5 Meaningful Dates for Moms and Daughters


  By Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage I believe in having individual dates not only with our husbands but also with each of our children. I am guilty of not being able to do this often as we always go out as a family. Having one on one time with our kids is very important as this is the time that we can talk about things in their lives that they ... Continue Reading

Why Family Dinnertime Is All the More Important

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By Tina Rodriguez of Truly Rich Mom "Mama, I like this — eating together with the T.V. off!" one of my children happily said during one evening. "Yeah, me, too, Ma!" another child chimed in. "This is fun!" We were all seated together at our tiny dining table, which was given to us—"pre-loved"—by a generous tito and friend from the Catholic community for ... Continue Reading

10 Ways To Teach Kids To Manage Clutter

how to teach kids to manage clutter

By Cheryl Goodman of Not Just Yum One of the goals we have been working on in our family is living intentionally. It is our desire to spend our time, energy and resources on things that align with our family values and make us happy. We have tried to create such by removing possessions from our home that are not essential to our vision of a blissful life. ... Continue Reading