It Takes A Village: How to Make a Living While Making a Home

Source: M Darlings

I've been working from home fulltime for almost a year now. Prior to giving birth to our youngest child last year, I was already working from home part-time, reporting to the office only twice a week. I count myself truly blessed to have the current set-up I have now — balancing freelance writing/editing jobs, and PR and social media-related tasks (all ... Continue Reading

Happy Tummy, Happy Hubby?


By Denise Rayala of “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Though some women have already considered this line passé, I still believe that this will never go out of style. Go and Google ways on how to keep the fire burning between you and your spouse and you’ll find that cooking for him, feeding him, going out on a date with him ... Continue Reading

A Call To Preserve Childhood


By Mariel H. Uyquiengco of The Learning Basket I’m watching my children play here in the garden as I write this. Wearing jackets and rain boots this hot summer day, they frolic around our orange garden sprinkler. They pretend it’s raining and shout and run about so joyously. How do I make time stand still? Parents all over must want Father Time to stop or ... Continue Reading

Keep Calm and Track Your Teeth – Dental Baby Downloads from Xylitol

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I think Lotte Xylitol made the right choice in picking me to be one of their Brand Believer moms. Honestly, if there was anyone who was more obsessive about Vito's dental health, I'd be surprised. Unless you're my grandmother who's an award-winning orthodontist, or my aunt who is our family dentist. Vito brushes around thrice daily: upon waking up, after ... Continue Reading

What’s your happy place?

BGC with VIto

Say "Aaaaah"! A happy moment in the car last week. We were doing our usual Monday grocery rounds today. It's sort of become our routine, since we've always brought him to the grocery store with us, every single week. Grocery days are always a family affair, as I want Vito to imbibe some good spending habits when it comes to our household budget and ... Continue Reading

Thank you for being his hero.

little homie

To Ton — Thank you for being Daddy; the father of our son; his best friend. Thanks for waking up early on those days when I can't manage to crawl out of bed, so that our early-riser can have his breakfast on time. You've become the official connoisseur of grilled cheeses, scrambled eggs and berry-granola. Thanks for entertaining him with tickle time and ... Continue Reading