What? You Blog All Day? (and other raised-eyebrow comments I get)

bliss defined

I just came from a blogging-entrepreneurship class earlier today, and realized a lot of things about myself as an online writer. I wrote this entry a couple of weeks ago, but I somehow couldn't finish it. After today's class, this post has finally been put into perspective, and I feel like I can now publish it. -- Martine, July 13, 2012. Has this happened to ... Continue Reading

I’m Booked Through May!


This May has been crazy busy so far -- and the month just started. Whew. I've signed on to do new projects with new clients, and have a couple more meetings this month with potential partners both for the blog and for my writing business. So far, "mothers' May" is looking bright for the blog, and on the work front. The first half of this month has been ... Continue Reading

Back from the Beach, and Back to Blogging

beach family

Well, that was an awesome four days at the beach! My family and I are super-charged after a much needed vacation. My husband and I also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary -- woohoo! Yes, we went to Boracay, and it's as beautiful as people has said it is. It was my first time to go, as it was my son's. Catching the awesome sunsets each day; playing in the ... Continue Reading

My Online Writing Job

I've been freelance writing for about three months now. Well, I was doing it on and off for about a year, but only began accepting regular jobs this past summer. To date, I have two regular sources of income on the side, added to my regular job at a tutorial center.Having a job on the side has definitely benefited me in more ways than financially. It hasn't ... Continue Reading

The Secret to Writing Well

According to a favorite teacher of mine, the secret to writing well consisted of two things: constancy and passion. The first is a given: To write well, you need practice. The second is more of an innate, driving force rather than a state of mind. With constancy, you strive to be grammatically correct, follow proper writing conventions; you stick to the ... Continue Reading

Writing for keeps.

Ever since I began freelance writing aside my regular job in an effort to augment our family income, I've become attuned again with the writer in me. Since I work full-time as a tutor at a progressive learning center, and I haven't had much time to write in the past seven years. However web writing has lent itself well to me albeit some minor setbacks when it ... Continue Reading