5 Ways to Make the Most of Being A Work At Home Mom {Guest Post}



The following is a guest post by Grace Pamer of Romantic Frugal Mom.

Without a doubt, being a work-at-home mom is a full time job. Daily tasks such as laundry, cooking, cleaning and taking care of little ones makes the day go by quickly. Sometimes you feel that whilst you spend a large quantity of time at home with your children, not much of it feels like quality time. Here are some tips to help you balance the work load so you can have more time with your kids.

1. Get organized.

The first rule of thumb is to make a calendar of household tasks and spread them out throughout the week – then stick to it. Sometimes we create more work for ourselves, not recognizing that some things can wait or be done less frequently. Getting organized will free up time for you that you didn’t know you had.

2. There is no such thing as perfection.

You have children and, quite frankly, people will wonder what you’ve done with them if your house looks like it did before you had them. Relax and accept that your home doesn’t have to hide the fact that you have kids! It’s ok to have a little clutter, some dishes in the sink or crumbs on the carpet. Just stick to your schedule and stop trying to keep an immaculate house with little “debris tornadoes” at home.

3. Incorporate children into daily household activities and make them fun.

Children love to feel useful and they thrive on praise from their parents. Even if your child is very young, you can give him or her a dish towel and plastic cup to try and dry, just like mom does. There are wonderful household toys for toddlers, like vacuums and pretend cookware, so your child can have quality time with you even when you have to do certain tasks like cooking and cleaning. There are even little grocery carts to make shopping for groceries a treat. (more…)