Blissful bites, with a few shortcuts

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Feeding a family while caring for a new baby has its ups and downs. I have to say, sometimes I need more “ups”! I often don’t have the time to prepare meals these days, and if ever I still need to make sure those meals are made thoughtfully, using as many things as I can from scratch. I know my family appreciates anything I make anyway, and they would really ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Berry Yogurt and Orange Juice Smoothie with Flaxseed


I love summer: going swimming, taking trips out of town, and ice cream indulgences that never have me traipsing on the guilt path. But being in a tropical climate all year-round can sometimes have me wishing for cooler weather more often than not! These days, we've been experiencing such searing temperatures, it's crazy. It's during times like these that I ... Continue Reading

Lusciously Smooth: Rawlicious Green Smoothies {Review}


Dainty Mom's "Going Green" feature highlights people, places and products that inspire and challenge me to live a more green and earth-conscious lifestyle. Today, I'm talking about RAWlicious, an awesome company that makes yummy, ready-to-drink green smoothies. I've been making green smoothies for myself for the past few months now. It all started when I ... Continue Reading