Blissful bites, with a few shortcuts

Blissful bites, with a few shortcuts

mondelez foods

Feeding a family while caring for a new baby has its ups and downs. I have to say, sometimes I need more “ups”! I often don’t have the time to prepare meals these days, and if ever I still need to make sure those meals are made thoughtfully, using as many things as I can from scratch. I know my family appreciates anything I make anyway, and they would really be fine with me opening things from a can and frying them up for lunch or dinner.

But I’m a firm believer that we are what we eat as a family. And, even if we can take shortcuts here and there, I still want to make sure we eat well.

So I compromise. I usually prepare the main components of our meals from scratch, and then rely on trusty helpmates — like these recent favorites from Mondelez Philippines — to make my preparations a bit more blissful.

mondelez foods

For the hubby: Easy cheesy ham sandwich 

My husband loves a good hearty sandwich. And since he’s convinced that no sandwich is ever complete without mayo, I have to make sure we have some of that eggy goop on hand. What’s brilliant is that the new Eden Mayo gives me a two-in-one hit with its Cheesy Mayo: a creamy mix of mayo and cheese, in one easy squeeze pack. It went great on this ham sandwich, one of our quick and easy snacks at home when we’re craving take-out. (Beats a greasy burger any day, if you ask me. Cheaper, too.)

mondelez foods

For me: Smoothie bowls with Oreo

Smoothie bowls are my thing. I crave them weekly, alternating them with my oatmeal breakfasts, and usually have them on my green juice days. Once in a while, I’ll spike them with a bit of sugary goodness, because life’s too short to not indulge once in a while. I topped by latest combination of vanilla yogurt, berries and bananas with the new Oreos in Coconut Delight — yum! Not bad for an occasional treat!

mondelez foods

For the kid: Slushies 

My kid has been loving citrusy drinks of late. To keep him well hydrated while still appealing to his penchant for exciting drinks, we made slushies using the new honey lemon flavor from Tang. Mixed with some nice fresh local fruits like pineapple, bananas, and a little vanilla yogurt, and you have a smooth, silky afternoon dessert. (I imagine it makes great popsicles, too.)


How do you add a bit of bliss to your snacks and treats? Perhaps you might want to try these new selections from Mondelez Philippines! Visit today for their full range of heritage snacks and renowned brands.

Recipe: Berry Yogurt and Orange Juice Smoothie with Flaxseed

I love summer: going swimming, taking trips out of town, and ice cream indulgences that never have me traipsing on the guilt path. But being in a tropical climate all year-round can sometimes have me wishing for cooler weather more often than not! These days, we’ve been experiencing such searing temperatures, it’s crazy. It’s during times like these that I bring out the big guns.

There’s nothing like a morning smoothie to start me off on summer days like this. Berries are few and far between here in Manila, especially since our tropical climate isn’t ideal for these delicate yummies of nature. My dad happened upon some fresh, organic strawberries coming from Baguio, a province north of Luzon where climates are more temperate, and brought home about a kilo of these babies. Woot! I opted to get frozen, organic blueberries from the grocery store, just so I could indulge in one of these summer smoothies. I mean, it’s better than going halfway across town to Jamba Juice!

Click to read more, and for the recipe!


Lusciously Smooth: Rawlicious Green Smoothies {Review}

Lusciously Smooth: Rawlicious Green Smoothies {Review}

Dainty Mom’s Going Green” feature highlights people, places and products that inspire and challenge me to live a more green and earth-conscious lifestyle. Today, I’m talking about RAWlicious, an awesome company that makes yummy, ready-to-drink green smoothies.

I’ve been making green smoothies for myself for the past few months now. It all started when I began researching on the benefits of eating raw foods. It seemed to me that green smoothies were the fastest way to make sure you got your daily dose of fruits and veggies, especially since I’m a smoothie fan anyway!


The truth is, lately, I’ve been delinquent in my daily smoothie-making. I got busy one day, and then I totally forgot to get back in the rhythm of things.


And then… an answered prayer came, in the form of five bottles:

Rawlicious Super Green Smoothies


Angela Lichauco of Rawlicious (whom I actually met before during one of my sporadic trips to Legaspi Village Market) asked me if I’d like to try out their line of freshly-made, ready to drink smoothies. I thought it was absolute providence, seeing as I’d neglected my smoothie-ing for about two weeks already. Or maybe it was the universe sending me a sign.


I can tell you this: Sampling these smoothies was a sign that I had been missing out on a lot during my hiatus from the raw.


Why Rawlicious? (A short Q&A) 

I was able to gather some answers from Angela regarding the line of raw smoothies and juices they produce:

DaintyMom: Can you explain how you got into making these green smoothies?

Angela (AL): When I was living in the states, green smoothies were already out in the market, that’s where I saw them first. Since my boyfriend & I follow a healthy green lifestyle, we incorporated the drink in our daily diet. Then after coming back from Costa Rica (studied organic agri.) I didn’t want to go back to working in a hotel that’s why I decided to make green smoothies into a business.

DaintyMom: What’s the deal with the catchy names of your smoothies?
AL: The names are real names of people. They were all my good friends in Costa Rica. I wanted to dedicate the drinks to them. 🙂



Rawlicious has a menu of delicious smoothie choices with a variety of wellness benefits.


DaintyMom: When orders are made, how soon are the smoothies created so that they’ll be ready for delivery?
AL: They are made in the morning of the delivery because it has to be fresh.
DaintyMom: If I have empty plastic bottles, can you refill those? Or should I recycle them? (And if so, do you accept the empty, washed bottles?)
AL: This is what I will do: Once the bottles are delivered to you, transfer them to a glass bottle. It’s just better for keeping, glass is my preference. Then wash/rinse the empty plastic bottles and return to us. We do not reuse them, instead we bring it to a recycling facilities for proper disposal and recycling. (The reason why we do not use glass bottles is because the motorcycles won’t be able to handle the weight of the glass bottles. The plastic bottles are easier for transporting. The bottles we use are PET bottles, we get it from a supplier who also supplies bottled water.)


Three Days of Green: A review of my Rawlicious ride

Since Rawlicious smoothies are made fresh upon ordering and are not heat-treated, they must be consumed within three days of delivery. The smoothies were delivered to my place on Tuesday afternoon, so I set myself up to try them from Wednesday to Friday. (I was sent five 350 ml. bottles, which are not regularly available, only as trial portions. The suggested daily consumption of green smoothies is 1 liter; the Rawlicious smoothies come in 500 ml. and 1-liter bottles.)