My 5 Favorite Tools for a Simple Kitchen

My 5 Favorite Tools for a Simple Kitchen

It was a comment on Prerna’s blog that actually spurred me to create this post on my 5 favorite tools for a simple kitchen. Anything that has to do with kitchens and organization gives me an adrenaline rush–woohoo! As an off-shoot to my comment on that blog post, I decided to expound on a few of the things in my kitchen that help simplify my cooking and organization. (I’m also posting a few pictures of these tools “at work” in my kitchen.)

1. Pressure cooker



I have a trusty 4.5 L WMF Perfect pressure cooker, and it’s become one of my favorite kitchen tools! It’s great for so many things, such as:

  • making stocks (I make stock as much as possible to avoid buying canned soups or stock cubes);
  • stews;
  • pot roasts;
  • soups and broth-y dishes, like nilaga or Hainanese chicken rice

Using the pressure cooker for stock-making saves me precious hours and gas! No need to have the stock brewing for six hours, as you would normally do (more…)