Long Looks, Last Glimpses

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I've been waiting since February for Memories Captured to return. (Thanks, Galit and Alison, for hosting this.) I can't believe how fast the months have gone by. Now that it's back, I look forward to sharing my mom-moments with fellow bloggers who've chosen to capture their memories through photos and words. My son is three and a half as of this writing. ... Continue Reading

You can never be too late to capture memories.


One of my blogging goals this year was to "take back the blog." For me, that meant separating work from pleasure, which I've done — quite WAHMdefully, I should say. I wanted to have more space to write about my stories, my life outside of the work-at-home theme the blog carried on for the past two years. I wanted to go back to my bliss, and I'm enjoying the ... Continue Reading