How to start writing about life again on your blog

write about copy

I was in this habit last year: Every post seemed to just be a sponsored post, or a contest. Yawn *rubs eyes*. Not that those were bad. It was just what I felt was right back then, what I should have been doing. I would look at other mom bloggers, and they seemed to be blogging about events, products, contests, brand ambassadorships, and whatnot. Hey, I was … [Read more...]

Have You Given a Mom-Blogger Hug Lately?


Trust Grace to always manage to put a smile on my face. After coming from a tiring weekend (which involved two days of caring for a sick tot), here she comes Monday morning bringing sunshine into my email inbox. She wanted to share a graphic that she lovingly made to "award" blogs that have inspired her, both popular and lesser known (like yours truly). I … [Read more...]

Back from the Beach, and Back to Blogging

beach family

Well, that was an awesome four days at the beach! My family and I are super-charged after a much needed vacation. My husband and I also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary -- woohoo! Yes, we went to Boracay, and it's as beautiful as people has said it is. It was my first time to go, as it was my son's. Catching the awesome sunsets each day; playing in the … [Read more...]