Write On Workshop: Crepes, creativity, and more

Write On Mom Workshop

The 2nd "Write On" Workshop — a creative writing workshop for inspired women — was held last Saturday at La Creperie Maison. There were ten ladies in attendance, all of whom were eager to become better writers, more inspired bloggers. I had the privilege of moderating the session, wherein we talked about being the "editors-in-chief" of our blogs. Why the … [Read more...]

Write On, Mom – Thinking Editorially (New Workshop)

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I consider writing to be my life's work, along with advocating and equipping women who want to work from home. It's just my heartbeat. This is why I decided to start my life list project, the Write On, Mom workshops this year. The first workshop was a runaway success, with many of the moms doing an awesome job of crafting their "heart stories" through their … [Read more...]

Love Your Home: Lessons I Learned from The Spoiled Mummy


Since my husband and I don't do the whole February 14 shebang, I spent Valentine's day lunch with The Spoiled Mummy Grace Barbers-Baja. (Oh, don't worry. Ton took me out on Saturday for our weekly date, and made sure I had my fill of Singapore Surprise and Vanilla Bourbon tea at TWG. Thanks, babe!) Now, Grace was actually a client of mine last year, when … [Read more...]

I’m on Mommy Talks at Mommy Journey!

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I'm a guest today at Chris's blog, The Mommy Journey, on her Mommy Talks series. This season, Mommy Talks will be featuring work-at-home moms. Yay! I'm so blessed to be featured — thank you, Chris! Christine Amador was one of the first mommy bloggers I began following, when I started blogging about three years ago. She actively joins blog parties, and … [Read more...]

Photography and Tea with Mia of A Matter of Taste


Blogger get-togethers are always fun, especially when they involve good food and great company. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to enjoy the company of two of my favorite bloggers, who have now become good friends. Today, I'll talk about the first meet-up I had, which was with Mia Marchadesh-Jaranilla, of A Matter of Taste. Mia and I started off on a … [Read more...]