So many signatures of love – Johnson’s Baby new video TVC

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Remember my video from a couple of months ago, about Vito’s and my “signature” moments? We shared about “our colorful moments” for the Signatures of Love - Johnson's Baby campaign: My son’s approaching the four year-old mark, but in many ways, he’s still my baby. He’s growing up fast, and with his growth comes many changes, both for him and me as his mom. … [Read more...]

Rhiza Sanchez-Oyos of Chasing Dreams


Welcome to Mom Bliss, my regular feature on Dainty Mom that sheds the spotlight on ladies who are living their best lives, according to their definition of "bliss". Today, my guest is one of those bloggers I immediately fell in love with, because of her creativity, her passion for life, and her love for God. Meet the super-talented Rhiza Sanchez-Oyos, of … [Read more...]

What’s your signature of love?

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Have you seen the latest commercial by Johnson's Baby called Signatures of Love? (Click here to view it!). It's gorgeous. In fact, whenever I watch it, I feel like looking back at the photos of my little Vito's bath times, when he was a teeny tiny baby. My baby was so cute in the bath tub, or in any kind of water, haha! I remember how his eyes would beam each … [Read more...]

Moms Know Best: My Top Tips for Home Safety (Share yours, too!)

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This post is brought to you by Wilkins Distilled Water. (Photo by Nicey Arafiles Photography) I guess you could say I’ve “loosened up” as a mom when it comes to many things about my child. For instance, I let him play on the grass in my mom’s huge garden, sometimes with bare feet. Or, I let him play rough with his cousins, and don’t worry too much if he gets … [Read more...]

Body, Baby, and Planning a Pregnancy {Anmum Mommy Circle}

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I want to have another baby soon. Yes, there, I said it! To tell you the truth, I've been thinking about having another baby for quite a while now. Of course, my husband and I have talked about giving Vito a little brother or sister, but not right away. Well, it seems like — for me — two years and ten months since my firstborn is the threshold: I'm in … [Read more...]