Preggy Dailies: Stuff I use all the time!

Preggy Dailies: Stuff I use all the time!

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I’ve just entered my 7th month of pregnancy! Ack! I’m going to be a new mom again in about 10 weeks. It’s crazy, and I feel like the pregnancy has just whizzed by me. It’s been pretty uneventful, in terms of the pregnancy, though. I’ve been busy as ever with workshops, coaching and blog-building. No complications, which I am grateful for. But, as the third trimester officially gets underway, I feel the need to slow down and enjoy these remaining weeks. I have my glucose tests and third trimester ultrasound scheduled for next week — Week 30! — so it’s all becoming very real that my baby girl is soon going to be here.

This pregnancy has been minimalist, compared to the first one. I remember always wanting to shop during the first pregnancy, but now, I just want to stay home most of the time, or eat, and just find ways to stay comfortable. I’m probably the last person who’d do a “pregnancy style” list, or a week-by-week report on what I’m wearing. However, there are a few preggy companions I’ve had with Baby #2 on the way, and I thought it might be useful to share them with you! Some of these items were given; others I bought.

Preggy Daily Essentials

I call these my “preggy dailies” because I’ve been using these items everyday it seems, ever since the start of the pregnancy. Here’s a bit more about each.

Body Care:

philosohpy shower, shampoo & bath gel in Pure GraceI’ve loved philosophy ever since I discovered them years ago during one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” shows. I am a big fan of their best-selling Hope in a Jar, and these days, I am loving their Pure Grace line of bath & body care, especially this all-in-one bath, shampoo & shower gel. I love its crisp, shower-fresh scent, which is light and refreshing — perfect for these days  (Available in philosophy branches in Mega Fashion Hall, Greenbelt) •  I also love Mustela 9 Months’ Stretch Mark Cream, which I apply twice daily, after showering. (Available in Mustela retailers, check the Mustela Philippines Facebook page for branches.

Go-to style:

Wardrobe: I work from home, and once in a while I have to go out, so I love Elin’s line of multiway apparel that can be worn before, during and way after pregnancy. This Ellie tee is one of my favorites — I have it in various colors —, and I love their maternity-to-nursing dresses. (You can check out some Elin maternity styles I love here.) I don’t mind buying several pieces, because I know I can use them even after the bump period, even after my plans to breastfeed! Super value for money and style  •  Footwear: I own several pairs of Yosi Samra flats, which I’ve depended on for the past two years now. They’re so comfy, so practical, and pretty! Shop

Belly Armor® Belly Blanket:

I received the Belly Armor Belly Blanket as a gift during my first trimester, when I found out how essential it was. As a work-at-home mom who is on the computer and connected for most of the day, this essential is all-important to me! Belly Armor is a new product in the market here in the Philippines. According to their website, it is made of the highest quality baby-soft cotton, and is lined with a protective RadiaShield® Fabric that helps protect your child within against the risks of everyday radiation. (Available at Rustan’s, Babyland, and on the Belly Armor-Philippines Facebook Shop)