Mompreneur: Holly Hanna of The Work at Home Woman

Mompreneur: Holly Hanna of The Work at Home Woman

Dainty Mom’s “Mompreneur” feature is where I interview an amazing working or work-at-home moms. In featuring these awesome ladies, I hope to empower other moms out there with stories of real women who have taken what they love to do and turned it into a living. Today’s featured mom is Holly Hanna, the award-winning business blogger behind the widely successful blog, The Work at Home Woman, one of the most influential women experts on working from home. 


DM: Why did you decide to become a work-at-home mom? What were some of the steps you took to becoming a WAHM? 

Holly: My employment journey started when I was very young, from delivering papers, to babysitting and working fast-food, I always had a some sort of job and made my own money – it gave me a sense of security and independence.

But when I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew that I couldn’t stand to put her into daycare. So I furiously saved money while I was still employed full-time as RN Clinical Research Coordinator, and with support from my husband, I was able to transition easily into being a full-time stay-at-home mom. But after nine months of play-dates and a dwindling bank account, I felt the urge to make some money and use my brain.

Not wanting to leave my daughter’s care up to someone else, I searched high and low to find a legitimate work at home job. I bounced from site to site, sifting through information and scams, only to come up empty-handed. It was at this time when it dawned on me, that I needed to create a comprehensive website, where women could find all of the information they needed to work at home in one place.

To fund this endeavor, I started working part-time (at home) as a Social Media Manager for American Writers and Artisits, Inc (AWAI). I found his job through my networking efforts.

DM: Your blog, the Work at Home Woman, is one of the best online destinations for WAHMs. Can you tell us how you started the blog? 

Holly: After I had my lightbulb moment, I went to work doing a bunch of research and writing content for my website. After I had 20+ pages written, I contacted a graphic designer to design the site for me. It took me approximately 15 months to research, write, design and finally launch.