Ashley Pahl of She Makes a Home

Ashley Mom Bliss

I'm pleased to bring you another edition of Mom Bliss, where I interview inspiring moms who are testaments to a life they truly love. This edition, my guest is Ashley Pahl. A fellow Blogging Your Way course mate, Ashley is a handmade stationery designer, blogger, and mother of two girls. She is the woman behind Ashley Pahl Paper Goods and founding editor … [Read more...]

Imperatively happy reminders for the work-at-home mom

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest   I consider this my credo this past year.  I love how every thing here is imperative: "Keep on" "Do" "Be." These words are motivational magic to a mom like me. As someone who seems to land herself in a mountain of multi-tasking on a daily basis, I find myself ready to take on a whole day's … [Read more...]