Write On Workshop: Crepes, creativity, and more

Write On Mom Workshop

The 2nd "Write On" Workshop — a creative writing workshop for inspired women — was held last Saturday at La Creperie Maison. There were ten ladies in attendance, all of whom were eager to become better writers, more inspired bloggers. I had the privilege of moderating the session, wherein we talked about being the "editors-in-chief" of our blogs. Why the … [Read more...]

Write On, Mom – Thinking Editorially (New Workshop)

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I consider writing to be my life's work, along with advocating and equipping women who want to work from home. It's just my heartbeat. This is why I decided to start my life list project, the Write On, Mom workshops this year. The first workshop was a runaway success, with many of the moms doing an awesome job of crafting their "heart stories" through their … [Read more...]

Blessed and Enough.

Blessed and Enough

During our Write On, Mom creative writing workshop, we were tasked to write about our fears, joys, to explore our inner depths and commit them to a blog post. Like my fellow writer-moms, I'm taking on the challenge, and so this post is dedicated to my fellow mom-writers from last week's workshop: May we, as Hemingway says, keep "bleeding," so that we can (as … [Read more...]