The Blissmakerie


The Blissmakerie is a gathering of women who wish to inspire others to “make things blissful”, through a display of their businesses and brands in a communal setting. It brings together creatives, bloggers, small business owners, working women, even moms. It encourages collaboration over competition, and inspiration leading to action. At the same time, it helps small businesses to market their products, both during the event and through the Make it Blissful blog, after the event through sponsored post features.

What you can expect at a Blissmakerie:

  • Inspiring women from different walks of life
  • A gorgeously-styled venue, set to inspire your senses
  • A hearty and beautiful meal, by our wonderful event partner
  • An soul-stirring talk & testimonial by our guest “blissmaker,” (a woman who followed her bliss, whether in business, through an advocacy, or a passion)
  • A Blissful Box: A curated box of delightful, handpicked items from brands that are practical and pretty yet truly inspiring

Past Blissmakeries

Blissmakerie 2014: United

Blissmakerie 2015: August

Blissmakerie 2015: November

Blissmakerie June 2016


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