About Us

When it comes to purchasing household items and electrical appliances, there is a lot to think about. From the specs of the items to the price, these are two most important things to consider. However, there is something else that I think is essential to take note of, that many people overlook before purchasing. 

This is the noise level that an item produces. A lot of people do not think to check the noise levels of something, only to find themselves frustrated when their blender disrupts their quiet kitchen, or their AC is running so loudly that they cannot hear cable TV. 

Hi, my name is David Cooper, and I have a keen interest in all things soundproofing. Five years ago, when I purchased my first family home, I quickly discovered that my home itself has soundproofing issues. I decided to get handy and help improve this myself, which was a success.

From here, I have always attempted to purchase the best noise canceling and quietest electrical items and appliances as possible, to keep the peace and quiet in my home. I love testing out new and innovative products to find out whether they live up to their expectations.

This is why I decided to set up my site, Make It Blissful, to educate others on the importance of quieter products and the correct soundproofing techniques.

This site is the ultimate guide for those looking for the quietest and most blissful products and items for their home.

David Cooper