Quietest 10000 Watt Generator

A generator works as a power output. A 10000 watt generator, whether it is a gas powered generator or a dual fuel generator, is a reliable power source for any situation.

This includes power surges, power outage, natural disasters, job sites, running a huge RV or food truck, house generator for backup running essential appliances such as a washing machine.

There are so many uses for a 10000 watt generator.

With so many options available, it can be a hard task to find the quietest generators. Nobody wants a noisy distraction, but it’s only natural that with so much power, there’s bound to be a noticeable sound!

We have been on the hunt for the seven quietest 10000 watt generator devices out there and put together a list with the results.

The 7 Best Quiet Generators


Gentron GT10020

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Key Features

Main Highlights
  • -An electric push start button which is super handy. It makes the generator user friendly, simple, and efficient as you can turn it on and off as and when required with no hassle at all.
  • 7 outputs including 4 120V grounded outlets, 2 twist-locks at 120/240V, 1 12V battery charging output.
  • 10000 watts peak and 8000 watts running power.
  • 15 HP/420CC, are great specs for a 10000 watt generator. You can power a lot of appliances with these figures.
78 Decibels

You have to accept that there’s some noise with such a powerful watt generator. However, 78 decibels is on the louder end of the scale from the generators on our list.

It is quieter than a lot of 10000 watt generators, but there is definitely room for improvement.


With an 8 gallon capacity, this is a fairly impressive sized fuel tank. The GentronGT10020 is gas powered, so you have to factor in the cost of gas.

You can expect around 11 hours of run time with a full tank of gas, and properly filled oil levels. It’s also capable of running multiple appliances, as you’d expect from 10000 watts.


  • 4 Stroke Engine: 4 Stroke engines are considered better for the environment than the alternative, 2 stroke engine.
  • Portable: You have the option to attach heavy duty wheels to the generator body. No heavy lifting, and a fully portable device!


  • Still Loud: At 78DB, it’s not the quietest 10000 watt generator out there. You should expect some noise, that might be irritating but nothing major.

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A-iPower Electric Start

A-iPower Electric Start


Key Features


A versatile inverter generator with an electric start. It is one of the quietest generators on our list, and one with the most efficient engine on a tight budget.


A-iPower runs on gas, with a 10.5 G fuel tank.

All in, when running on half capacity, it can keep going for about 11 hours. Quite a respectable run time, and enough power to support all of your appliances in a variety of scenarios.

Heavy Duty Wheels

The 9.5-inch wheels are durable, smooth, and steady. This is a really portable generator combined with the easy to use tilted handle. You can move the generator conveniently and quickly.

There’s no worry of damaging it as you don’t have to lift it up, it just rolls along smoothly. It’s also one of the smaller generators on our list.


  • User Friendly: A major pro with the A-iPower is how accessible it is. Everything is clearly marked and labeled up ready to go. It is easy to pick up and therefore great if you’ve never had a generator prior to purchase.
  • 420CC/16HP: Another competent engine that is ready to power multiple outlets and generate a large amount of power.


  • Louder than Some: This device also emits around 78DB. Which is, again, louder than some on the list. However, still a great achievement for a 10000 watt generator.

Honda EB 10000

Honda EB 10000


Key Features

Main Highlights
  • 73 Decibels makes this a quieter generator than other 100000 watt ones. Though the sound will still be noticeable, it won’t impose.
  • 630CC is a mega sized engine with a lot of power to back it up. Despite all of that horsepower, this is still one of the quietest 10000 watt generators on our list.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection so that you have added peace of mind. If the machine detects unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, which can cause death in humans and animals, it shuts down automatically.
  • Electric start gives you a handy button that saves the hassle of having to manually pull start the generator engine.


  • 7 Outlets: With 7 outlets, you can get power to more than enough appliances or tools. Run time is slightly decreased when working at full capacity.
  • Portable: Wheels and folding handles are the two features that help you move this generator if needed.


  • Shorter Running Time: 7.5 hours run time, which is not high up there compared to other machines on the list.

Duromax XP12000E

Duromax XP12000E

Key Features

Main Highlights

  • Dual fuel generator, which means it runs on gas and propane fuel. That means you get a choice and have more options should you run out of one fuel source.
  • 8.5 G fuel tank, which translates into around a nine hour run time. Not too shabby. It has a large watt output and can provide power for big outlets and small ones.
  • Automatic shut down if low oil levels are detected. The generator will shut down automatically, run by sensors, in order to protect the mechanisms and maintain the overall health of the generator.
  • Electric start which ignites the engine with a simple push button. This is very handy in an emergency, and it limits the amount of stress and makes the whole process very A-B-C.


  • 457CC: This is a lot of power. Think, powering a house type of power. You wouldn’t need to worry about your freezer food melting, that’s for sure.
  • Efficient: Idle mode, is an automated feature that shuts down the engine when it detects low usage. This saves on fuel, oil, and battery life and preserves the life of the generator for longer.


  • Heavy: The weight of this quiet generator can somewhat stunt the portability.

Pulsar PG1000B16

Pulsar PG1000B16

Key Features

Main Highlights

  • Dual fuel generator that can be run off gas or LPG. There is even a really handy switch that enables you to flip between the two fuel sources with no effort at all.
  • The fuel tanks themselves are around six gallons, which gives you an overall run time of roughly 12 hours. All in all, quite impressive.
  • 420cc engine, which is more than enough for a job site or any natural disaster. It could definitely power a huge RV or any food truck.
  • A portable generator, which is always a bonus. And, the PG10000B16 is fully portable. It weighs in at 209 lbs, which is not light but not the heaviest generator on this list.
  • The strong and well made wheels, and easy to grip handle bars on either side mean that you can move it around with ease.
  • Circuit breakers, these are an important safety feature that is necessary with a 10000 watt generator. They make sure that the generator doesn’t suffer from a power overload.
  • If they sense a surge, the automatic sensors quite literally break the circuit and power shut down.


  • User Friendly: The overall design of this generator is very user focussed. If you’ve never had a generator before, finding your way around this one wouldn’t be a challenge at all. Everything’s marked clearly and obviously.
  • Plenty of Outlets: An impressive seven outlets means you can provide power to a lot of different types of things at the same time.


  • Heavy: This is one of the heavier generators on the list. It would be a struggle to lift it solo.

Duromax XP12000 EH Dual Fuel

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Key Features

Main Highlights

  • Dual fuel generator, which runs on propane and gas. The tank is slightly smaller than the other DuroMax model on our list, 8.3G compared to 8.5G.
  • However, that doesn’t really affect the overall capacity. You won’t get the same versatility with single fuel models.
  • Mx2 power boost doubles the voltage (120 to 240). If you need a boost for a bigger load or more power, this is a great feature. It can be particularly handy for RVs.
  • 457cc, again a respectable figure here. The engine can handle whatever you want to throw at it. It is well suited for a job site given all the features it has, including the horsepower driving it.


  • Idle Control: If the DuroMax senses a period of unuse, the engine will simply power down. Save on fuel, battery life, and oil with this feature.
  • Portable Generator: This generator is definitely portable, though on the heavy side. It has sturdy wheels and an easy to grip metal handle to help you pull it or push it along in a power outage situation.


  • Shorter Run Time: The engine, on a full tank of fuel, can run for around 8 hours. This isn’t the most durable that we’ve seen.

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Durostar DS10000E Gas Powered Generator

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Key Features

Main Highlights

  • Gas powered, which tend to be louder than propane tanks. Though, this one still makes the list with its respectable 75DB.
  • 439cc, one of the more powerful engines so far. It is small, but it certainly delivers in terms of backup power for whatever situation.
  • Idle mode saves energy and fuel. It means that you won’t have to fill the fuel tank after a period of misuse, for example, you leave it running for longer than needed.
  • It also knows exactly what to do in terms of powering down after inactivity registers.


  • Light: This generator weighs in around 129 pounds. The weight, combined with the heavy duty wheels and firm handles make for a very maneuverable piece of kit.
  • MX2: MX2 essentially doubles the voltage with a push of a button. It is surge protected, and circuit breakers are included.
  • So you don’t have to worry about dangerous amounts of electricity backfiring as safety measures are already in place.


  • Single Fuel: The only thing that could make this generator better is a dual fuel tank.

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Westinghouse WGen 9500DF

Westinghouse WGen 9500DF

Key Features

Main Highlights

  • A dual fuel tank that is easy to access and easy to refill. LPG and gas can be easily switched between with a flick of a switch making this not only versatile but user friendly as well.
  • Electric start, which is complemented by the remote start feature. No messing around, it just starts straight up no hassle at all.
  • 457cc, which is one of the biggest engines on the list. Combine the engine with the 6.6G fuel tank, and you get around a 12 hour run time.
  • The 20lb propane tank, however, gives you a slightly lesser run time of nearly 8 hours.


  • Big Wheels: The bigger the wheel, the easier it is to wheel about. You can tilt the generator with the handle and move it about easily, making it a fully portable generator.
  • 74 DB: This is one of the best quiet generators with low noise we’ve seen so far. It definitely beats other generators in terms of the noise level.


  • Less Output: There are fewer output sources than other generators.

Quiet Generator Guide

Generator Fuel

Dual Fuel Generator

A 10000 watt dual fuel generator runs on not only propane fuel but propane and gas fuel as well. You may find yourself questioning whether or not these generators are fuel efficient.

Well, they are and they aren’t.

Fuel efficiency is important in order to protect the environment. Dual fuel doesn’t mean that you use gas and propane at the same time, more that you can choose which type of fuel you use and when.

Certain appliances will need more power than others.

These are a good choice for smaller generators that can easily fulfill the power needs of the entire house.

Propane and Gas fuel

Aside from dual fuel, there are also propane fuel, gas, and diesel.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding what type of fuel to go on. When it comes to power outages, you require a fuel type that can keep the generator running for as long as you need.

Fuel Efficiency

Don’t overlook the size of the fuel tank. The bigger the tank, the higher the fuel level and therefore, the longer the run time.

Though, it all depends on the size of the engine (how many CC/HP), and fuel efficiency.

Propane is better than gas for the environment, for example, but it is nowhere near as fuel efficient. Propane does make the quietest generators, though.

Inverter Generators

An inverter generator automatically adjusts in line with power output.

This means they don’t run full tilt all the time. Inverter technology results in low oil usage and lesser fuel used, as the engine is only using enough power to do what is needed.

Inverter generators are considered to be the quietest devices with clean power.

Portable Generator

Portable generators, as the name suggests, are machines that you can move around. This is particularly useful on job sites, and when using one in the home.

A portable generator will typically come with big wheels, big enough to support the weight of the machine.

Alongside the wheels, you need to make sure there is a strong handle that you can grip when pushing about.

Even the heavier generators will be portable with the right accessories!

Transfer Switch

Transfer switches may be overlooked when purchasing a generator. But it is recommended to install one.

What does a transfer switch do, you ask? Well, all it does is changes the power source.

If your power goes out, a transfer switch can move the power from the generator to your power box.

Doesn’t that sound magical?

Typical Noise Level

Noise level is measured in decibels. The best quiet generator can expect to produce a low decibel figure.

However, even the quietest generator is going to make some noise. Generally speaking, a standard gas powered generator will make more noise than say a dual fuel generator or a propane one.

You can expect noise levels to be anywhere between 55 and 80 DB on a 10000 watt device. The noise level is louder when working on full power and supporting lots of outlets.

A quiet generator will normally have a lower watt, and the quietest generator typically has around 4000 watts.

We’re not interested in those. 10000 watts can still produce a quiet generator, never fear.

Parallel Capable

Whether or not a generator is a parallel capable means whether or not you can run it simultaneously alongside another generator, either identical or of similar ilk.

It is a way to get extra power by increasing the watts.

You can buy generators up to around 20,000 watts, which in simple terms is more than you could need in a normal setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run In A House?

100000 watts is quite high. So, you get quite a decent amount of power for your money. A generator with this sort of watt can provide backup power in a range of scenarios.

Natural disasters leading to power outages, a job site or construction site with lots of tools to power, an outside festival, and so on.

Does My 10000 Watt Generator Need A Circuit Breaker?

In short, yes. Circuit breakers are an additional safety feature that provides overload protection. It is a way to ensure that should a fault occur with your generator, you are protected from electrical fires and worse.

Wrap Up

All of the 10000 watt generators on this list provide a lot of power with a quieter sound than their competitors. There are some with low noise, and some with reasonable DB levels for their overall power capacity.

If you are looking for a super quiet generator, you may need to consider purchasing a machine with lower watts.

However, quiet generators are easy enough to come by if you know where to look!

A portable generator with an electric start running on a half load can be extremely quiet.

Typical noise levels from a 10000 watt generator range up to 78DB. You don’t want to go any higher, as the noise level above that will be very annoying.

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